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Gremlin Graphics - Sheffield
A lunch hour pilgrimage to the former HQ of Gremlin Graphics on Carver Street in Sheffield, UK. The 'Just Micro' store was way before my time here in Sheffield (2001-) but it's still nostalgic to see just where it was. Imagine, a cool 1980s computer store with a fantastic software house right above it (and connected by stairs I believe) - what a time to be alive in the city of steel :) Here's a link to a great video showing some of the work that went on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxd7EUo7-Dc&feature=player_embedded
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Special Reserve NRG Magazine
A look through issue 3.8 of NRG Magazine dating from June 1993 - the bi-monthly magazine sent to Special Reserve members. If anyone has any more issues, please let me know.
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My BBC Micro Model B with Turbo MMC SD Card Interface
A look at my newly upgraded BBC Micro. The Turbo MMC is a great piece of kit and comes pre-loaded with the BEEB.MMB file containing hundreds of BBC games. It also comes with detailed instructions but it really is easy to set up.
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BBC Micro Computer - RGB Scart / RF Comparison
My new RGB Scart lead and how it greatly improves my BBC Micro experience.
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Grandstand Talking Whizz Kid Computer
A look at the Grandstand 'IQ Builders' Talking Whizz Kid computer made by VTech and dating from 1989. This machine 'made learning fun' and gave all kids growing up in the 80s & 90s super high IQs. It runs off x6 C batteries or a 9v PSU. See NEStalgiaholic's original vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIK7OSWyuNY
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Amstrad CPC 464 Floppy Disk Drive Working
With a new belt fitted the FDD works great.
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AMX Desktop for the Amstrad PCW 8256 / 8512
Transform your Amstrad PCW with this mouse interface and Windows style desktop software program.
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Index Catalogue - Autumn / Winter 1993
A browse through selected sections of a classic 90s catalogue.
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Amstrad PCW 8256 / 8512 (CPC 6128 & Spectrum +3) 3" Disk Drive Repair Tutorial
A guide showing how to dismantle your PCW and replace the perished disk drive belt. This repair is also valid for the CPC 6128 and Spectrum +3.
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Amstrad PCW 8256 Computer, Games & Batman Footage
A look at the Amstrad PCW 8256 Personal Computer Wordprocessor. A 256k RAM memory computer that was launched in 1985. This was my first games system when I got it back in 1988. The video also features a look at the game 'Batman'. This computer system is very poorly represented on YouTube so I'll be doing more game reviews soon. Please get in touch if you have any PCW 8256 games you no longer need or want :)
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Sega Master System Joypads
A look at two different types of Sega controller for the Master System.
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Pickups, Long Lost Parcels, a Gift and a Manual Giveaway
Some recent pickups, two parcels that took 15 months to reach me, a generous gift from John (the Stig) and a Game Gear manual that's free to a good home.
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Unboxing my C64 which came with loads of games
My new C64 console, Games & Datasette- which had Mike Read's Music Quiz inside :)
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My Panasonic 3DO Collection and SNES Joypad Adaptor
A video of my Panasonic 3DO collection plus a look at the SNES joypad adaptor and a rather shoddy joypad mod.
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Amstrad PCW Tutorial #2 - How to use Mallard Basic & Duck Shoot Gameplay
A guide showing how to run Mallard Basic, type a program and save it for later use. Plus some Duck Shoot gameplay.
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Tomy Super Cup Football Game -1980s / 90s
A look at Super Cup Football by Tomy, the fantastic motorised footie game from the 80s / 90s.
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Flicks - Free Cinema Magazine Vol 6 No 11 - Nov 1993
A re-bought copy of the issue I picked up in Nov 1993 at the Cannon Cinema in Hereford when I saw Demolition Man, the fantastic Stallone, Snipes, Bullock, futuristic action film.
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Atari 7800 Capacitor Repair # 2
The 7800 is hooked up to the TV and is now fully up and running. I also show the ghetto PSU hook up in more detail.
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My Grandstand / Tiger LCD Games Collection & Gameplay Footage
A look at my LCD games from the 80's & 90's and gameplay of my two Grandstand mini LCD games.
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For R.E.A.L - 3DO Pickups # 14
Four more hard to find PAL 3DO games. Just 4 left to get now for a full81 game PAL collection.
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Amstrad PCW 8256 Computer - Review
A review of the Amstrad PCW 8256 Computer released in 1985. One of the cheapest home computers and the first thing I ever owned that you could play games on. Locoscript in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anmiw1ROZH4 A vertical shooter on the PCW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BPH9cf4bko
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Sega Master System 2 LED Mod
How 2 LEDs and a bit of clear plastic have given my Master System 2 a 'red ring of death' type power light. Here's Damo's original vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqfRphcdy78
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For R.E.A.L. - 3DO Games Pickups # 3  & My 3DO Setup
Some more PAL 3DO games, a quick look at my gaming setup and the intro to the FMV shooter Corpse Killer.
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Amstrad PCW 9512 Computer
My newly acquired PCW 9512.
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PC Format Magazine Demo CDs from 1994, 1995 & 96
PC Format cover CDs given away with the magazine in the mid 90s featuring lots of great playable demos.
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My Sega Game Gear Nostalgia - 1991 and Now
A newly discovered photo of my Game Gear I took in July '91 and a look at the Game Gear I bought for nostalgic reasons in 2002 - now as long ago as 1991 was when I bought it.
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For R.E.A.L. - 3DO Games Pickups # 2
A few more 3DO pickups to add to the growing collection.
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Repairing my Atari ST - Part 2
The new disk drive came today and now I've modified the eject button and fitted it the ST runs fine. R-Type seems to crash a fair bit but that's likely due to the age of the disk.
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My 1990s Rock & Britpop Cassette Tapes
A look at my original '90s cassette tapes - Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, Snap, Manic Street Preachers, Green Day & Britpop.
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Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 Not Completely Region Free
The 3DO is often quoted (and rightly so) as being region free but here is one exception - The PAL version of Wolfenstein 3D will not run on an NTSC Panasonic 3DO FZ-1. Interestingly the warning mesage calls the game 'Wolfenstein 3DO', a typo or perhaps a prototype name for the game? You also get a similar message when attempting to play the PAL version of Soccer Kid on an NTSC 3DO.
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Sharp Linytron  21" TV - Still using analogue signal
Remember the days of crappy indoor aeriel reception? A bit of Sunday afternoon TV on my 1978 Sharp Linytron.
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1990s Panasonic RX-CT810 Portable Stereo System
A look at my boxed Panasonic RX-CT810 Portable Stereo filmed with a 1990s Canon UC900 Video Camera. This was the stereo I owned between 1994 - 1999.
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Amstrad PCW 8256 Computer - Fixed
A replacement power board fixes my Amstrad PCW 8256 :) This is the first time I've played this game from an original disk since 1991!
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Grand Prix LCD Game by Grandstand
I have a quick burn on Grand Prix by Grandstand. This great little LCD game dates from 1988. It was made by Tiger Electronics and runs on 2 AA batteries.
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For R.E.A.L. - 3DO Pickups # 10
A stack of hard to find PAL 3DO games for the collection.
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My PAL Sega Saturn Playing Gale Racer
My modded PAL Saturn playing Gale Racer using my latest purchase - the Datel Pro Universal Adapter; found in the wild for £10 boxed. This is playing via RF as I couldn't find my SCART cable.
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All our 1990s High Streets (1997 Store Map of Chatham in Kent)
A look at a store map of Chatham High Street and Pentagon Centre dating from August 1997; back when UK city centres had proper stores not just an endless parade of mobile phone shops, pawnbrokers and Greggs.
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Vintage PC Pickups - 1995 & 1999 era Computers with Gameplay
I've just got three PCs - an Advanced Logic Research (ALR) X Evolution 133 Mhz Pentium running Windows 95, a 450 Mhz Pentium 2 PC running Windows 98 and a Compaq Presario 5410 (CM0204) also running Windows 98.
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Yobo FC-16 Go (Version 2) Portable SNES Review by UK Gamer
Here I review the Yobo 'FC-16 Go' (version 2 in charcoal) portable SNES and show how to play it in the UK and just what carts it is compatable with. It's a great piece of kit - check out stoneagegamer.com if you'd like to buy one. Also check out one of You Tube's coolest - Gamester81 for his far superior review.
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1990s Canon UC900 Video Camera
A look at a Canon UC900 8mm Video Camera I have in my collection. This particular camera has been owned by my family since 1997.
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Yobo FC 16 Go Portable SNES Region Mod - Part 2
Part 2 of my super easy mod that will enable the FC 16 Go version 2 to play Super Famicom and PAL Super Nintendo games. All tested games worked fine (Alien 3 just had dirty contacts). Tools required: Screwdriver & Needle Nose Pliers. Mod time: 10 Mins. Unusually although running at 60Hz, the console display (it can also be hooked up to a TV) shows black borders when playing NTSC & Super Famicom games. In the case of Super Mario Kart, the PAL version has smaller borders than the NTSC version! The only game I have had issues playing is the PAL version of Super Mario Kart, which displays some graphical glitching through this console. The NTSC version works fine though.
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My 3DO FZ-1 Console Repair
How I replaced 3 capacitors to cure my 3DO FZ-1's power fault.
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NEC TurboGrafx 50Hz / 60Hz Comparison
Comparing gameplay of Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition playing on a 50Hz PAL TurboGrafx and a 60Hz CoreGrafx.
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Classic 90s RM Nimbus Computer Game Worm - Play it online!
Please check out this fantastic online version of Worm for the RM Nimbus: http://xbattlestation.com/xbs/worm/worm.html
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My NEC Turbo Grafx collection
Here's a look at my NEC Turbo Grafx collection and a demo of Blazing Lazers on my handheld Turbo Express console.
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Radiator Failure -  keep your most treasured gaming items on a high shelf!
A radiator can fail in this way without even being knocked so keep this in mind when laying out a games room. The jet of water from this hole shot 4 feet across the room!
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ZX Spectrum 48k Power Supply Quick Repair
Just goes to show - check the simplest explanation first.
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Atari 7800 Power Supply Mod
I show how to hardwire a 9v Sega Power Supply into the 7800 to bypass the weird two-prong power jack.
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Amiga 500 Floppy Drive Problem
The A500 now has power and video out but the floppy drive makes a racket and doesn't read any disk.
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Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus - Update
The disk drive is now working; plus a look around the insides of the 6128 Plus. Here's my video on how to replace the rubber belt in a 3" drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww0XwhDtq8c
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