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John Grinder - Working with Alcoholism
John Grinder talks about his brilliant and unconventional approach for working with alcoholism and other addictions. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/
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New Code John Grinder
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The 5 Steps to Modelling geniuses
An extract from a live modelling seminar delivered by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair, where John puts forward the five steps to effective NLP modelling and unconscious uptake of the patterning of geniuses.
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The Swish Pattern in Action
In this video Michael Carroll talks about the Swish Pattern, an NLP technique to re-directionalise negative thinking. The Visual Swish technique enables us to quickly dissolve the feelings attached to unwanted thoughts and to deal with inadequate responses. In the Swish we replace the unwanted thought or response with a more useful and appropriate one because the Swish re-directionalises thinking. This is a valuable technique for managing your own thinking, states, and behaviours. Each time you use the Swish you are training yourself to instantly re-direct your thinking from inadequate topics to more resourceful ones. By using the Swish in your own life you develop your ability to maintain resourceful states, manage your responses to stressful situations, and engage in the behaviours you want.
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John Grinder NLP- Patterns in our Relationships
John Grinder talks about habits impact our relationships. Filmed at the close of a workshop on pattern detection. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/
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Back to Basics; NLP Fundamentals
John Grinder opens an NLP Practitioner course with two key NLP fundamentals. You can find more NLP video's like this here: http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/videos/
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John Grinder NLP ‘The Know Nothing State’
Many years ago the NLP co-creators discovered a secret that would change the world for ever. Even now 40 years later there is mystery around the ‘Know Nothing State’ and is taught in very places in the NLP World. In this privileged video you can learn directly from John Grinder himself, what the know nothing state, how people access it naturally and how it can be overused. This really is ‘must watch’ video.
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John Grinder & NLP Meta Model, the logic of Modal Operators
This short video demonstrates how John Grinder brought his linguistic brilliance to NLP providing the intellectual framework for the Meta and Milton Model. In this video you can learn from John how formal logic was a major influence on ‘coding’ the meta model, more specifically in this video the use of Modal Operators. John, as John frequently does, points to the limitations of ‘'rote' challenges in the meta model and proposes an understanding of recognising the effects of each pattern.
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Unconscious Assimilation with John Grinder
John Grinder teaches a modelling course. For more NLP videos visit: http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/videos/
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NLP - John Grinder NLP, Working with Unconscious Signals
Watch this short clip of John Grinder explaining about the applications of Unconscious signals. www.nlpacademy.co.uk
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The Know Nothing State in NLP
John Grinder (The co-creator of NLP and of New Code NLP) discusses the 'Know Nothing State' in detail along with the demon state and how this is used and contained.
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Stephen Gilligan Interview
Michael Carroll interviews Stephen Gilligan about his relationship with Milton Erickson and the 'Hero's Journey'. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/
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John Grinder NLP - What is anchoring? Spatial and tactile examples
John Grinder engages an audience by giving examples of anchoring, ranging from classic code tactile anchoring and the relationship with New Code spatial sorting. John also talks about the importance of calibrating the half second between the client experiencing the state and the client’s conscious recognition of the state shift.
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NLP: The Healer Within with John Grinder
In this video you can watch John Grinder conduct a live Healer Within demo with 5 people. Such demonstrations are superb as you can watch people access their signals at different speed and how different people respond to the questions at an unconscious level.
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John Grinder: Frames
John Grinder explains in detail how to use 'frames' to create a partnership between the conscious and unconscious minds to enable a reliable and precise communication systems to allow for 2 way communication between the conscious and unconscious minds ...
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John Grinder on Modelling
John Grinder, NLP Co-Creator, gives his personal view on modelling, the discipline that created the field of NLP. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/
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Conscious  Unconscious Processing
Milton Erickson said patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious mind. A major aspect of New Code NLP is developing the relationship between conscious and unconscious processing. In this film I explain the different aspects of the conscious and unconscious mind.
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PhotoReading an Overview
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Stephen Gilligan on Generative Trance
Stephen Gilligan teaches the first 10 minutes of day 2 of his Generative Trance seminar at the NLP Academy.
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The Conscious and the Unconscious Mind Part one
With Michael Carroll Here is a part one of a two episode series from Michael Carroll's hugely popular de-stress with Self Hypnosis DVD available at nlpacademy.co.uk
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John Grinder; Metaphorically Engaging the Unconscious
In this video John Grinder shares how you can metaphorically engage the unconscious mind. When a person listens to a metaphor it activates unconscious circuits. Grinder says, the use of metaphor is least manipulative off all the NLP tools because the unconscious of the listener will find an interpretation without the conscious being aware of the embedded message. John talks about the importance of precise composition and delivery variables to ensure your metaphor engages the unconscious
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NLP - John Grinder: The power of tasking
John Grinder in this live extract from a NLP Practitioner course gives an example of the power of tasking from a previous case study. This metaphor embodies John's view that NLP is done best out of the office and actually in the natural contexts people explore in their daily lives. Enjoy!! To learn more about coaching visit - https://www.nlpinthesun.com
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Close that Sale, NLP Style
An extract from Michael Carroll's top selling DVD 'Close that Sale, NLP Style'.
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John Grinder NLP: Isomorphic Metaphor
Metaphors are a key practice in NLP training and coaching. A metaphor (as used in NLP) is much more than telling a story. There are different form of metaphor constructs with specific variables depending on the intention for delivering the story. In this video, John talks about isomorphic metaphors with one to one mappings, and how to construct this type of story.
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Live Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction - Michael Carroll
In this video you can watch and listen to Michael Carroll conduct a pacing sensory awareness induction at a hypnosis certification. Michael combines the structure of famous Betty Erickson self hypnosis technique with an outside in induction. Michael then leads into Ericksonian suggestions to revivify a historic state the client desired to have more off in life.
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Self Coaching with NLP, Michael Carroll
In this video, filmed at the NLP Hub, Michael Carroll talks about the importance of state in self coaching and how to ask the question ‘what would happen if’ across all areas of your life. Michael also talks about how setting goals too soon in a coaching experience can be limiting as you are working at lower logical level than when your resources are fully activated.
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‘Trance- opening up to the positive future that wants to create itself’
In this unique video, Stephen draws upon the theory of U (Senge & Sharmer 2004) to describe how we experience change in our lives. Stephen says as we go down the U we are emptying out and letting go of attachments, and when you reach the bottom of the U you have reached a space where you are open to the ‘creative field’. This analogy fits very well with Stephen’s ‘Generative Trance’ work
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Positive Intention and 'Parts'
July saw John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll running the NLP Trainers Training for 3 weeks. It was a truly memorable and profound experience. In this video John Grinder shares some interesting insights on Positive Intention and 'Parts'.
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Hypnosis- The Milton Model Story- Part 2
Part two of the Milton Model story, sit back, relax and just notice what you experience.
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NLP: Starting a Coaching Practice
Michael Carroll presents part of his seminar 'Starting an NLP Coaching Practice.' Have you ever thought of starting your own coaching business? The video will give you some useful tools and ideas when planning or developing your business.
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NLP Time Scramble Technique with Michael Carroll
An adaptation of the fast phobia cures using the metaphor of a timeline. The client runs the timeline (quickly) through themselves at different angles and also left to right in front of them. With time speeding up and experienced at different angles the V/K synaesthesia is quickly broken. The phobia in this example is broken in less than 3 minutes
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Developing NLP and Training Skills
Enjoy this extract of John Grinder delivering a morning session at the NLP Trainers Training in Murcia. The topic is how to develop your Training style and presence to create a training context where excellence unfolds.
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Coaching Capriciously with Dr John Grinder  - An unordered approach to change work
In this remarkable video, NLP co-creator Dr John Grinder shares his unique style of coaching using a non linear style incorporating Classic NLP, New Code NLP, Provocation and Linguistic Challenges. You will enjoy Grinder's mastery in creating a context where unconscious change and high performance is generalised. Follow John Grinder on Facebook - https://nlpacd.me/jgfb To learn NLP Coaching directly from John Grinder NLP Practitioner and International Coaching Certification - https://nlpacd.me/pwc International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP (existing NLP Practitioners) - https://nlpacd.me/icc
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NLP John Grinder, Spontaneously occurring Signals
In this video John unpacks a question from a student who has an SOS signal in a visualisation exercise. The unconscious communicates usually through body sensation when it wants to get the attention of the conscious mind. John Grinder recommends you pay attention to the ‘spontaneously occurring signals’ that occur and work with them to establish the message from the unconscious.
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Contextual Changes with John Grinder
#JohnGrinder #NewCodeNLP #NLPintheSun #NLPAcademy In this video you can listen and watch John introduce a new activity whilst unpacking a previous exercise. Such overlapping exercises weave activities together in the learners minds. The content John is explaining is states associated with contextual triggers and how with New Code NLP change processes the new states become unconsciously associated with the historic cues Find out more about our New Code NLP courses with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic ad Michael Carroll taking place in Sesimbra 2019 https://www.nlpinthesun.com
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NLP - Level one Coaching, Michael Carroll
In this video Michael demonstrates in role play how to loosen a client's map of the world by challenging Meta Model patterns, shifting perceptual positions and creating multiple descriptions by manoeuvring through representational systems.
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Stealing Anchors from informal leaders with John Grinder
John Grinder shares some nuggets on how to deal with resistant people in the training room by stealing anchors from informal leaders. Filmed live at the NLP Academy Trainers Training during one of John's famous open frame sessions.
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Parts are useful until you start believing in them
NLP co-creator John Grinder candidly answers a participant’s question on parts in NLP. John takes the student and the group on a verbal and non verbal journey pertaining to ‘parts’. He explains the differences in how personalities spontaneously split after trauma resulting in schizophrenia and the artificial splitting parts of our lives to function in certain contexts which may (or may not) negatively impact another context of life. As John says in NLP, parts are useful until you start believing in them.
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Insights into Perceptual Positions from John Grinder
Perceptual Positions feature as a process for getting insights into the world from different perspectives. In this video talks about how you can use perceptual positions for greater self-awareness, calibration of others and how you can move to a higher logical level to gather more information in any context of choice
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Hypnotic Selling
How techniques that originate from hypnosis can be highly effective in sales. Michael Carroll, International NLP trainer, shares his vast experience.
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NLP- An Interview with John Grinder: Part One
Part one of a series of interviews with John Grinder hosted by Michael Carroll. In this extract John discusses language acquisition of our mother tongue and acquisition of a second language. This is related to the four day First Fluency Spanish seminar using NLP modelling for accelerated learning and rapid rapid language development. See this link for more details. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/courses/view/first_fluency_spanish_use_nlp_to_learn_spanish_in_four_days/
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NLP Double Disassociation with John Grinder
The March NLP Premier Practitioner course at the NLP Academy, John Grinder demonstrates a double disassociation process to work with a phobic client as part of a larger metaphor about how to work with clients who have an overly strong association to the context. http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/
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Introduction to New Code Trainers Training
This months video was filmed at our 2009 New Code Trainers Training where John Grinder shares some interesting points as part of his opening.
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Video of the Month; Sanctuary, featuring John Grinder
In this video filmed live at NLP Practitioner course you can watch John Grinder explain the Sanctuary process. Sanctuary is a New Code NLP pattern to work with conditions where a client accesses a state so quickly they lose choice, or so slowly they do not detect the change until they are deeply immersed in the state. Another gem from New Code NLP.
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NLP - Grinder, Freud, Framing, Representational systems
Enjoy this bite size chunk filmed at a Practitioner program whereNLP Co-Creator John Grinder discusses a number of topics in a short space of time including representational systems, Freud, not imposing content, framing and discussion with senior managers, all in 3 minutes.
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Frank Pucelik Interview
An eye opening interview with Frank Pucelik interviewed by Michael Carroll. Frank was around before and during the birth of NLP. Frank talks about the early practice groups, early sessions led by John Frank and Richard.
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John Grinder: Don't shoot the messenger, pain is a signal!
This video is filmed at the tail end of a ‘Healer Within’ demonstration with John Grinder. John Grinder explains how to work with the unconscious when any pain residue is present after a healing exercise and how a pain pill is not the solution. This is vintage Grinder and a must watch.
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The Conscious and the Unconscious Mind: Part 2
In this final part of the two part self hypnosis series. Michael Carroll discusses natural examples of the hypnotic trance and it's applications. You may find yourself dipping in and out of trance during this clip. We recommend before watching part two, watching part one to review. Enjoy.........
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Learn how to have more success in life with NLP
How would you like to be a better communicator, build rapport easily with others and know how to set goals and achieve them? Would you like to understand your own thinking processes and know the processes of other peoples' thought patterns? If so attend this exciting one day 'Introduction to NLP' workshop with Michael Carroll and you will walk away knowing how you can have more success in life with NLP.
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