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Denver Pyle "Uncle Jesse" Gravesite
This is the general location of actor Denver Pyle's burial site. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Forreston cemetery just outside of the tiny town of Forreston, Texas. The information of his resting place was gathered from the findagrave website. Denver Pyle was a well-known character actor who is probably best remembered by television fans who grew up in the 1980's for his role as Uncle Jesse on the tv series The Dukes of Hazzard. His career spanned five decades, from the 1950's on up to his last known performance in which he played a riverboat gambler in the 1994 movie Maverick, with Mel Gibson, Jody Foster, and James Garner. He also made one final appearance where he reprised his role as Uncle Jesse in the made for TV movie The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion! in 1997. He passed away on December 25, 1997.
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An amateur recording of a classic broadcast of KRLA radio station in Los Angeles. Featuring commentary by legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem along with news, radio commercials, and some popular songs of the day back in 1967. Some other noteworthy items on this recording are a news bite of then Governor Ronald Reagan, a post-fight interview clip of heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry, as well as a brief OJ Simpson interview after a USC Trojan game, news commentary about the ongoing Vietnam war, and classic commercials.
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DIY Diecast Cars Display for vintage Matchbox Hotwheels
This is a diecast car display that I made to house my vintage Matchbox car collection from the 1970's. It features a hinged door on top, and a removable plexiglass front for ease of loading with diecast models.
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Backside of American History: Story of America's involvement in WWI
Backside of American History: The story of America's involvement in the first World War. The Backside of American History is a segment from the KLIF 570 radio program "Wheels with Ed Wallace". The program runs every Saturday from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM Central Standard time.
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Backside of American History: American Revolutionary Prisoners of War
The Backside of American History is a segment from the 570 KLIF radio program "Wheels with Ed Wallace" which is on every Saturday beginning at 8AM Central time. Each story is narrated by Ed Wallace, providing the listener with "something you didn't learn in school". Ed Wallace is a winner of the Gerald R. Loeb award for business journalism. This segment of the Backside deals with the mistreatment of American POW's during the Revolutionary war period and explains how the majority of American casualties during the war were actually more numerous as prisoners than on the battlefield.
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CEN TECH Digital Inspection Camera Review
CENTECH DIGITAL Inspection Camera purchased from Harbor Freight. This camera works great for a variety of uses such as Automotive, Home inspection, locating leaks, and many other inspection chores.
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1970's Hot Wheels collection
A collection of Hot Wheels from the 1970's.
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The Zoo Baboon Classic KZEW 98 FM
1976 The Zoo Baboon segment from 98 KZEW FM out of Dallas, Tx. 98 KZEW was an infamous radio station in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. For those who remember, The Zoo Baboon featured comedy tidbits that would probably raise an eyebrow or two with today's PC crowd.
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Vintage Matchbox and Hotwheels Cars Plus Assorted makes
Vintage 1970's montage of Matchbox, Hotwheels, and other assorted makes of toy cars. These are from my personal collection that I've had stored for a number of years. More to come as soon as I find the rest of my collection.
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Mary Tyler Moore Tribute 1936-2017
A tribute to beloved television icon actress Mary Tyler Moore who passed away Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at the age of 80. Many fans will remember her from The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Mary Tyler Moore show which ran from 1970-1977. Mary will be remembered for her prolific work on television, stage, and screen. Mary was immortalised with a statue in Minneapolis of her iconic television character Mary Richards. It is with a heavy heart that we say Goodbye to her. Thanks for the memories and Rest In Peace. Mary Tyler Moore theme (Love is all around) performed by Frank Chacksfield.
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Dinky car collection and other Diecast models
A collection of Dinky cars along with other makes such as Corgi, Manoil, and Tootsietoy.
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Diecast Display for Vintage Matchbox and Hotwheels
These are the displays that I recently purchased. They are mounted on two presswood cabinet doors that were lying around. They turned out to be the perfect size for these displays. I decided to make this standing display rather than mounting it to the wall. I'm actually pleased with the results.
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This is a review of the ORION LIVE FEED DRONE which was purchased from QVC. This review highlights the problems encountered during the partial assembly process, as well the charging issue on the Live Screen. This review is by no means an absolute pronouncement on the quality of this drone. I just provided this review to give a perspective on the particular problems that I had encountered with it. Others may have better luck when purchasing this item.
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Vintage Model Kit Junkyard
A junkyard made from various vintage model car kits.
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Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter Problem Review
I just can't seem to get over my little run of back luck with these drones. Amazingly, I've gotten two duds in a row. At least the first one did fly. This one I could not even get started. More of the same with imported junk. No more drones for me...at least not these cheapo beginner ones.
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Homemade Diecast Display
This is a homemade display that was made from fence boards, 1X4's, plexiglass, and assorted bits of lumber.
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Visions of Lake Dallas & Lewisville, Tx
Brief glimpses of some sights in Lake Dallas and Lewisville, Tx summer 2015. Some notable points in the video: The City of Lake Dallas Municipal Complex/ Police Department was once a Food Fair grocery store back in the 1980's. The "Carnage" sign covering "The Duck Inn" which was once a very popular restaurant in the Denton County area. "The Wooden Spool Emporium" was at one time Denton Savings Bank. The Lake Dallas City Park featuring The Veterans Memorial monument with the 3 flag poles was an open field in back of the housing development that runs along Overly Dr. There was no fence surrounding the park back in the 1980's and prior. The Departing shot was taken from Countess Ct, a street that I once lived on nearly 30 years ago, facing west along Overly Dr. The opening shot in Lewisville was taken in front of Grandy's restaurant next to Cherry Ln and facing North along Stemmons Fwy I-35. The shot taken from across Medical Center of Lewisville and facing Lynn Ave is where Windmill Private School once stood. It was notable for having a Victorian era home situated in front of the school with a large windmill toward the back of the house. The home was once featured in an episode of the 1960's television show Route 66. It has since been dismantled and relocated to The Colony and is now a Bed and Breakfast called "The Spencer House". The shot of the large brown building complex is the new Lewisville High school. Directly across from the high school is a shopping center where Minyards (which is now an Autozone), M.E. Moses five and dime, and a host of other old stores were once located back in the 1970's and 80's. The remaining shots are of old downtown and City Hall. The departing shot was taken from Valley Parkway facing east and Pinewood Place, a cul-de-sac that I lived on as a kid up until the early 1980's. http://spencerhousedallas.com Additional tags: Lake Lewisville, Texas cities, Lake Cities, Historic Texas towns, Little Elm, The Colony, Denton County, Denton, Texas.
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Lorne Greene PSA Displaced Canadians of America
Retro comedy spoof of Lorne Greene for the nonexistent "Displaced Canadians of America".
Wild Turkeys in Central, Tx.
Wild turkeys filmed on a property in Navarro county, Tx. An assortment of Toms and hens.
Chickens enjoying watermelon
Rhode Island red chickens eating watermelon on a hot summer day. They look mighty spoiled.
Adam West Tribute 1928-2017
A tribute to Adam West, a prolific actor and voice actor whose career spanned several decades, starting from the 1950's. He appeared in numerous roles but is probably most commonly remembered to those of us who were children in the 1970's for his iconic portrayal of Batman. Adam passed away on June 9, 2017.
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