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Baling Hay and a Disaster
Well, in this video I bale hay and we end up having a "lit" disaster, it`s lit but not really. My story on how the fire started will be in another video.
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My 1/64 Scale Farm Toy Collection
I have been asked a few times to show my 1/64 scale farm toy collection, so here it is. I realize not everyone is interested in this stuff, but hey it was a request.
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Changing a Waterbowl Diaphragm
Just some water-bowl maintenance, after we figured out about the frozen float, I probably could`ve just cleaned that up and not changed the diaphragm, oh well.
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Stuck In the Mud while Cutting Hay | Haying 2017
In this video I show the Case International 2096 with MacDon 5000 Haybine being pulled out of the mud.
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New Red Angus Bull For 2018
Our new Red Angus bull. His name is "Crush". We got him last Saturday from Nu Horizon Angus at a bull sale. Thinking of those affected by the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash. Wear Green & Yellow on Monday April 9th to show your support for them. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/nipawin-humboldt-bus-crash-1.4609835
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International 914 Combine
In this video we check out an International 914 Combine. Will we buy it? Watch to find out.
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Filling The Seed Drills With Barley
In this video dad and I fill the International 620 Disc Press Drills with Barley so we can continue seeding.
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Baler Fire Explained
We bring home the burned Case International 8480, Baler #1. Got the spare tire and one tire from the other baler. We will use this baler for parts and replace it with another soft-core baler.
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Swathing Oats 2018
Swathing some oats, wrecked a tube on the 2096 so then I had to wait for the 2090, swathed with it for a day before some hydraulic stuff wrecked under the cab, by then the 2096 was repaired. Now we only have one fully functioning tractor, the 2096. Only took four days to get `er all knocked down, probably only going full production for three of them. The Daily Cowman podcast; https://player.fm/series/aguncensored/aguncensored-20-larry-olberding-aka-thedailycowman
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05/10/2019 Calving Update
A look at the one twin calf that we are moving onto my cow who sadly lost her calf. Little bit of leveling & feeding. Then finally checking cows.
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Cutting Alfalfa Hay - MacDon A30D
Cutting some hay with our awesome new haybine, the A30D. It does such a great job at cutting and feeding the material through compared to our old MacDon 5000. Enjoy!
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Feeding Cows with the Case 2090
In this video we feed cows with the Case 2090. It`s ok to use as a backup tractor, but I wouldn`t recommend using one of these as your main tractor. The 5240 had froze up diesel fuel so we put in new filters and plugged it in.
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Tillage on a Prairie Desert - Plant 19
Cultivating to work in the fertilizer, kill weeds and loosen up the soil for the drills. Still a desert here.
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Baling Alfalfa Hay - Two Case IH 8480s
Baling some of the Alfalfa that I cut in previous videos. If you can just bale and don`t have to stop all the time, you can get a lot done. P.S. My Full bale sensor is broke so I make some pretty buggered up bales, one tipped over on it`s side the other day.
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FarmHand Manure Spreader Destroyed
Just another day at the farm where nothing goes as planned and stuff breaks. Basically it`s just another day.
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International 914 Combine From Field Mode to Transport
In this video I show you how the International 914 Combine goes from Field mode to Transport mode. Real simple, easier than taking the straight-cut header off of a self-propelled combine.
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Feeding Cows - Brandt VSF Bale Processor
In this video I talk about how our Brandt VSF Bale Processor works and then go out to the field and feed out some bales.
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Haying 17 Has Begun
In this video I show you the beginning of cutting hay. You will see a Case IH 5240 with a MacDon 5000. Enjoy!
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Chores with the 2090, 10 000 hours!
5240 is gone to get the head gasket repaired, so I used the 2090 for chores, rolled the old girl over 10 000 hours. Now we have a brand new tractor. Enjoy!
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Top Dressing Slough Bales - Brandt VSF
Just the usual "while we have the processor running let`s feed some slough bales." They usually don`t like to eat them out of the feeders, so the chopping action of the processor and Alfalfa on top encourages them to eat it. Walk`round of the processor is coming soon.
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Harvesting Oats 2018
Combining our oat crop from this year. Yielded better than I expected even though we were lacking moisture. Old 914 combine pulls us through for another year, had to put in straw walkers though. Enjoy the video!
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Am I Crazy? - Using the Case 2090 for Chores
Well, I`m a silly enough person to pull the old 2090 out of the shop and use it for feeding heifers and rowing bales for the processor. After running this tractor for awhile I`ve figured out why we don`t use it for chores very often.
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04/22-23/2019 Vlog | Oil Changes, Hauling Seed Oats, Harrowing.
A summary of the past couple of days on the farm, I enjoyed it all except for the bull problem. I got the Instagram account set up; 'KyFarmerman' Enjoy the video.
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Evening Cattle Check
The routine evening cattle check. Bring the far ones back in, look for abandoned calves, see if anyone is going to be calving soon. And, if they are, make plans to come back soon. Also discussing the CalfBook App and other farm stuff. CalfBook can be downloaded here; Calf Book by EDJE Technologies, Inc. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/calf-book/id1084415118?mt=8
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Chopping Barley with the Roller Mill
In this video I chop barley with the roller mill. This was extra barley we had leftover from spills at the grain bins. We don`t normally give our cattle grain but since we have some we`ll give it to them. Yes, I realize I didn`t have the safety cover on for the drive belt, I`ll put it on for next time.
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Farm Equipment Tour
In this video I take you around the farm and show you our farm machinery. Also I show you how cool looking the ice is at the dugout. Merry Christmas Folks!
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Can`t Make Slough Hay Without Getting Stuck
Just 20 minutes left of cutting hay in that slough and then I would get to move to a new field. But, of course I got stuck in the slough. So we just pulled it out with the 5240.
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03/17/2019 Vlog | Calf Shelter Repairs, Spring Jobs
Repairing the calf shelter & some corrals, taking away some scrap tires, and one of the current shop projects. I hope to do more vlog style videos like this in the future. Hope you enjoy(ed)!
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Swathing Barley | Harvest 2017
We have finally begun swathing barley! It has ripened earlier than I thought it would. With some moisture it likely would have taken longer to ripen. Now for the editing software: I tried the Trial version of Wondershare Filmora today, and was I ever disappointed. I had trouble adding words to the bottom of the screen. No tutorials were in it, oh yeah and it had this gigantic watermark. So I finished the this video and then deleted that editing software. (I also complained to the company about their garbage program.) Now I am downloading iMovie for my computer. So basically, don`t waste your time with Wondershare Filmora.
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Picking Stones 2018 | Case 2090
Picking some rock the old fashioned way with the 2090 and hopping out of the tractor 8794378989 times. I managed to leave it in gear 2 times while attempting to get out and leave the bucket down once while trying to drive away. I guess that`s what happens when things get repetitive.
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Seeding on a Prairie Desert - Plant 19
Putting oats in the ground from last week. Still extremely dry here. Finished seeding on May 24.
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Spreading Fertilizer 2017
In this video dad and I apply fertilizer to our 320 acre grain field. Due to water the field is ~270 acres. The spreader DOES NOT belong to us, it belongs to Crop Production Services in Liberty, SK. The fertilizer blend is 34 parts nitrogen and 15 parts phosphorus. 34-15-0
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Running the Loader in High Speed
In this video I just run the loader tractor in the sped up version while talking. I will not be uploading the raw version due to technical difficulties.
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A Dusty, Labour Intensive Job
Chopping some barley again. There is around 80 bushels of barley remaining in the bin. So at the current consumption rate of grain it will be around four weeks before the bin is empty. Rolling Barley in December, 2017; https://youtu.be/EBHrI4LLCt4
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Springtime Spreading Manure
Hauling out some manure that was piled last fall. We rented a manure spreader to do so. Finished by lunchtime.
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Rambling & Cutting Sloughs for Burning and Feed
We can`t let some of this good quality slough hay go to waste! (Not shown `till end of video.) Honestly though folks if you are short on hay you need to cut sloughs, ask a grain farmer who has no cows if you can cut some sloughs for feed. Slough hay and grain was all they fed to cattle on the prairies 40 or 50 years ago. You MAKE BALES on some of this nice slough grass.
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2018 Haying Preparations
Getting ready for haying 2018. Many odd jobs that need to be done before we can start. Should start cutting hay in the next couple of days!
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Fixing Fence 2018
Getting fence ready so we can let cows out to pasture. Still some areas left to do with water, but we will get to those this summer.
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Calving on a Cold Good Friday
As of 03/31/2018 there are seven calves. One set of twins. 102 cows in total to calve out this year. Look forward to dozens more videos of our cattle and grain operation throughout the year.
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Westfield Grain Auger and Case IH 8220 Swather
We got some new to us Farm machinery. Thank you to my brother Layton for editing this video. I forgot the intro and didn`t have another 20 minutes to put it in.
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Happy New Year
In this video we move home the last 2 loads of Alfalfa bales. Happy New Year!
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Plant 17 | Seeding Barley
In this video we seed some barley with the Case IH 5240 and International 620 Disc Press Drills.
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Seeding Oats 2018 | Case IH 5240, International 620
Seeding some oats with the 5240 and our late 1970s International Harvester 620 Drills. Will end up using most of this for grain, some for green feed if we are short on feed this year.
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Hauling Hay Winter of 2017 | Part 2 | The Tire
In this video we tow the Bergen out to the field with the 2090 and blow a tire halfway up the valley hill. We got a tire and rim from the 2096 and continued on with our day.
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2018 Canadian Western Agribition
Highlights from the 2018 Canadian Western Agribition. My original plan was to keep this under 10 minutes, but that flew out the window because I had a fair bit of decent footage recorded that I wanted to share. If you get bored skip through it, doesn`t bother me.
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Hauling Water to Cows
Thanks to the drought and getting the dugout dug a year late we have to haul water to one of our pastures every day.
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First Calf for 2018
Calving 2018 has begun! A few days early, but hey, he`s a live healthy calf. We have just over 100 head to calve out this year. Look forward to dozens more videos of our grain & cattle operation throughout the year!
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Harvest 2017 Vlog #1 | Combinig and Hauling Grain
In this video I show you combining and hauling barley. If we did have a combine that could straight-cut then we likely would`ve straight-cut this crop as the pickup header can`t pick up all of the barley.
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Testing the 3PH Bale Mover
Just testing the bale mover that I made in the last video. Moved around 60 bales, works good.
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Taking Bulls to Pasture 2018
Taking our bulls out to pasture for the 2018 breeding season. This will give us calving in April and into May.
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