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BBC Inside Out East - Swifts feature 2009-10-19
Originally broadcast on regional BBC One, 7:30pm Monday 19th October 2009 The Fulbourn project is a great example of what can be achieved. Credit goes to Kier Partnership Homes, and the landlord, Accent Nene, who took advice from South Cambridgeshire District Council and Swift Conservation http://swift-conservation.org.
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Swifts inspecting a nest box
I put a swift nest box up this year, which was completely ignored until today.
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20100510 Swift fight confusion!
An unusual series of events in one of my nest boxes. A pair of swifts have laid an egg here, but today a third swift tried to move in. There are five parts: 1 - Intruder enters (or is the bird in the box the intruder?) 2 - Some time later it gets pushed out. 3 - And then comes back! At 21:07:30 a third swift enters the box. 4 - The three seem to have a truce, even preening eachother. 5 - After finding a spot at the far end of the box to roost, the swift suddenly gets pushed out at 11pm. It's pitch black outside.
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Lesser Spotted Ulster - Ballyronan feature 2009-12-15
Originally broadcast on regional ITV1, 9:00pm Tuesday 15th December 2009 Joe Mahon visits Ballyronan, and talks to Adrian McElhone from the Traad Gun Club about their efforts to help the local wildlife and environment.
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EMF Camp 2016 - Rocket demo
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BBC Sky Balloon flight
Video from the BBC Sky Balloon during flight. Launched from the Marble Arch Caves for Stargazing Live and the Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club. Launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkNL_N-fW30 Burst and landing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2IpAN1BhfQ
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Radio GAGA-1
Receiving telemetry from the high altitude balloon GAGA-1, from the slopes of Slieve Gallion in N.Ireland. The payload was transmitting an RTTY signal on 434.650MHz with a 10mw radio module. It was 542km away, and 20km up when this video was taken.
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Slow Trip Home (Cookstown main street, 2012-07-11)
Heading home on a drizzly day in Cookstown, N.Ireland. This is the main street in the town, driving north. Music by SaReGaMa http://saregama-music.blogspot.co.uk/
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BBC Sky Balloon launch
Launch of the BBC Sky Balloon at the Marble Arch Caves, for Stargazing Live and the Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club. Mid-flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK09gr-DvCE Burst: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2IpAN1BhfQ
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Great Tit chick hatching
This is the second of seven eggs to hatch today. It manages to mostly free itself by the time the parent enters the box. She eats the egg to help reclaim the calcium she lost developing the egg two weeks ago. A live stream from this box is available here: http://webcam.firestorm.cx/
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Tornado-like cloud (timelapse)
A brief and small tornado-like cloud over N.Ireland. Taken from a timelapse video, each frame representing 10 seconds.
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A large spider gets removed from a swift nest box.
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1200 baud 10km test
Receiving the signal from the hadie flight computer, 10km away. This test was to see if it was possible to fly a balloon transmitting at the much faster speed of 1200 baud. It normally uses 300 baud. A 10-element yagi was required to decode the signal, and oddly had to be orientated horizontally (the transmitting antenna was vertical). I suspect the payload signal was being blocked, and I was infact receiving a reflection.
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Videocryped 3
A quick demonstration of the Videocrypt scrambler in hacktv being decoded by a Thomson SVA1 external decoder. https://github.com/fsphil/hacktv
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Decoding JPEG one coefficient at a time
This animation shows a JPEG file being decoded one coefficient per frame. The image was originally 128x80 and has been scaled up for this video. This video really needs the C64 Ocean Loader music.
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Rush: A silly 40 byte demo/effect for the C64
An audio-visual representation of modern life. The machine code lives in the top row of screen memory (0x0400, 40 bytes), and can be typed in from the keyboard directly, if you really want to.
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Activated Nagravision Syster decoder
In this video I'm sending just the minimum VBI data necessary to activate a Nagravision Syster decoder.
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Swallow Swarm
Lots of Swallows feeding over a field, just after a heavy shower of rain. Filmed in Maghery Country Park, Maghery, N.Ireland.
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Hello World
Two of the swift chicks in Box 3 take in the view. They are 36 days old and can leave the nest any day now.
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A video illustrating the dangers of Hydrogen in High Altitude Ballooning.
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Great Tit chicks fledging - Box 1 2010-05-27
Eight Great Tit chicks leaving their box for the first time.
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Ludicrous Baud
A test to see if 2400 baud can be used with my HAB flight computer. Received with a Funcube Dongle and Spectravue, demodulated in a modified fldigi. Laptop is running Fedora 15.
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Small Thunderstorm over Cookstown [2009-06-14]
A series of thunderstorms passes over Cookstown. This video shows clips from the third and largest. The first timelapse video shows the clouds rotating, the last two show some of the lightning. There are video artifacts and sound glitches caused by a faulty DV tape.
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UKHAS Conference 2011 - James Coxon - Introduction and Pico Habbing
The first presentation of the UKHAS Conference 2011 in London. James Coxon introduces and talks about Pico Habbing. Another version of this video is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUtCA6MLcT0
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UKHAS Conference 2011 - Ed Moore - High Subsonic Parachute Testing in the Stratosphere
The fourth presentation of the UKHAS Conference 2011 in London. Ed Moore talks about High Subsonic Parachute Testing in the Stratosphere.
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Eurofighter and the Red Arrows at the Portrush Airshow 2009 [Corrected]
The Eurofighter makes a very very loud and impressive display at Portrush beach. The shakey video and bad sound quality of my camera don't do this justice -- the ground shakes when the engines are pointed at you. I've never heard anything like it before - even thunder seems tame by comparison. The clip ends with the final display from the Red Arrows.
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Bee vs Great Tit
Hidden from view, a large bee has made itself at home underneath the soft nest material. Not the best move!
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PiView night timelapse 2015-04-04 / 05
A timelapse video from the PiView weather station on Slieve Gallion, taken between 2015-04-04 21:55:13 and 2015-04-05 03:29:54 UTC.
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Eurofighter and the Red Arrows at the Portrush Airshow 2009
The Eurofighter makes a very very loud and impressive display at Portrush beach. The shakey video and bad sound quality of my camera don't do this justice -- the ground shakes when the engines are pointed at you. I've never heard anything like it before - even thunder seems tame by comparison. The clip ends with the final display from the Red Arrows. Note: There seems to be some audio video sync problems. I'll try to fix those shortly.
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Quick NBTV update
Featuring Catbug! The video is being converted to audio on a Raspberry Pi, with the audio output being connected directly to a Radiometrix NTX2 on 434.075MHz. The receiver is a Funcube Dongle Pro+, with gqrx on Fedora Linux doing the demodulation. A little homebrew program takes the demodulated audio and converts it back into an image. There is still an issue with sub-pixel phasing, and some tearing caused by how I'm currently drawing the screen. The video is from the Bravest Warriors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFWb7DG7zTc
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hadie:2 launch
hadie:2 high altitude balloon launch from An Cregan, 2011-01-09.
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A very simple demo running on an atmega88p.
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hadie:3 timelapse
Pictures from the hadie:3 high altitude balloon flight. The camera took a picture every 10 seconds.
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Local radio interference
Can anyone suggest what might be causing this noise? It's present on all bands from about 1 MHz up to about 28 MHz.
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A silly experiment to see what audio would sound like if it was printed onto an A4 sheet of paper, and scanned back in again. Answer: Not Great.
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NBTV with a Raspberry Pi and NTX2 FM transmitter
Transmitting an NBTV test signal from a Raspberry Pi with an NTX2 transmitter module. Reception is with a Funcube Dongle Pro. The image isn't bad considering the low resolution and synchronisation problem. Excuse the untidy desk :)
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Swift Chick 2011/07/27
Unlike the Great Tits that also nest in our garden, the swift chicks don't rely on their parent to remove poo. They do it themselves... (and only just missed me)
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Blue Tit fledgling
A Blue Tit fledgling practices hunting for food.
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Mouse Radio
An odd radio signal from my Logitech wired mouse.
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Blue Tit nest box 2008-03-22
Another video from the box's side camera. Nest building is going well although it doesn't look like a nest yet. This video shows the female removing a piece she doesn't like.
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PiView Thunderstorm Timelapse 2016-06-07
Timelapse of a thunderstorm passing over Cookstown and the PiView site on Slieve Gallion.
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Mountain Drive
A bumpy drive up Slieve Gallion to install some wifi hardware.
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Blue Tit fledgling
A blue tit chick that just fledged moments before from my nest box in the garden. Unusually it did this without any parents around to tempt it out.
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A robot made from wood and cable ties. Who needs hardox.
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Phil's Nestbox 2018 - Fledging!
The six Blue Tit chicks leave the box after 21 days. There is a problem with the audio in this recording. The Wifi on one of the Raspberry Pi's in the nest box was causing interference to the microphones.
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Lough Neagh thunderstorm timelapse
A timelapse view of a thunderstorm on the north western edge of Lough Neagh. Filmed from Slieve Gallion, approximately 10km away. There is some lightning visible in this video if you watch closely.
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PiView short clip
Views: 27 fsphil

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