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Ghariks Forge.

Note: You should complete the Silver Helm Outpost on the Misty Islands before starting this dungeon. As you enter, you will find a huge vertical room with a spiral walkway around the edge of the room. The center opens up into a deep pit that falls into a lava field. The room is also filled with fire spirits and elementals which are not happy to see you. If you are so unfortunate as to fall into the lava, there is a tile that, when touched, will teleport you back onto the walkway. That applies in all of the other areas where you can fall into the lava in the Forge. In the corridor outside the entranceway, there is a secret door on the right wall. This leads to a room that has a level. Pulling this lever will extend the bridge across the lava moat. The doors in the next section are all opened by pulling a lever just to the left or right of the door to be opened. Expect a tough fight. Anyway, through the first door, turn to the right, and continue down the corridor and you should get to a balcony that overlooks another lava moat. There are eight doorways to this room and one wooden bridge. The hallways connect seven of the eight doorways -- you have to get to the eighth. There is also a lever on each balcony and each lever does something. The upper southwest lever toggles the upper southwest door. The upper southeast lever toggles the upper northeast door. The upper northwest lever toggles the lower northeast door. The upper northeast lever (the lever at the door youre trying to get to) opens a secret room back out in the corridor where the puzzle started. The lower southwest lever toggles the upper northeast door. The lower southeast lever moves the bridge across and closes the upper southeast door. The lower northwest lever toggles the upper southeast door. The lower northeast lever toggles the lower southeast door. Both southeast, and the lower northeast doors start closed; the remaining doors start open.