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what i packed for a weekend getaway

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Nick and I got away for the weekend and we had such a good time! This is everything that I packed for the trip from my capsule wardrobe. Nick's vlog from this weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv98q... Part two of my capsule wardrobe Q&A will be up next Thursday, I thought this video would be a fun change of pace :) This video is part of my capsule wardrobe series. At the beginning May 2015, I got rid of nearly 80% of my closet and have happily adopted a more minimalist view of fashion. Check out my capsule wardrobe playlist here: http://bit.ly/1NNfv5V Fall Capsule Wardrobe Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... CARD SHOP------------------------------------­------------------- Rad & Random Card Shop: https://goo.gl/ta1g9a Shop Instagram: https://goo.gl/3dtnvX SOCIAL STUFF-----------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­-------------- Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/allitav/ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/allitav/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alli_Cherry RECENT VIDEOS----------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­-------------- Small Biz, Brand Focus Playlist: http://bit.ly/1lDETTo Capsule Wardrobe Playlist: http://bit.ly/1N34OtE Cherry Travco Playlist: http://bit.ly/1EuiM8X Travel Playlist: http://bit.ly/1V3NcnH Nick's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ncherry33 MUSIC----------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­-------------- The Landings, Anxieties https://soundcloud.com/thelanding NEW HERE?-----------------------------------­­­­­­­-------------------- Hi, I’m Alli! I’ve been making videos on this channel since June 2014, but I’ve been watching youtube videos for much longer ;). Before starting this channel as my creative outlet, I was in a major rut and thought the challenge of making a video every week would help. I'm happy to report that it did! Making Youtube videos is now my favorite hobby and I’m excited to see where it can take me in the future. On this channel, I share my journey toward a capsule wardrobe, travel videos, home decor projects, healthy recipes, natural beauty recommendations, and more! My husband (Nick) and I are also documenting the renovation of our 1974 dodge travco motorhome: lovingly referred to as the Cherry Travco!
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Text Comments (64)
Ella Kalnes (5 months ago)
Love how you edited this! So cute!
샤넬 (5 months ago)
Where is the bag from?
Gwendolyn Burns (6 months ago)
Great video! 💜
Shani C (1 year ago)
I thought this was a packing video ...Aw Man at least put in the title mini bonus clips or something
Alli Cherry (1 year ago)
I show everything I packed and how I packed in this video :)
arosepurcell (2 years ago)
I love the editing! Where is your overnight bag from?
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
Thank you!! The brand is Abbi, maybe you could find one on Ebay. I got it at TJ Maxx years and years ago.
Naville Torres (2 years ago)
love the brown shoes, where are they from? x
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Naville Torres They're from Everlane :)
Anjali S. (2 years ago)
As always, the way you edit and produce your videos are so wonderfully pleasing to watch! The video flows so seamlessly with the music and I just especially love how and when in the clip you cut to black at the end of this - simple choices that you make like that one really make your videos so great!(:
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Anjali S. Thank you so much, Anjali! That really means a lot :)
Emily Lim (2 years ago)
Where is that bag from? It's so lovely
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
It was from Tjmaxx several years ago! :)
sxm (2 years ago)
What is your deodorant?
sxm (2 years ago)
I used to wear the crystal deodorant but since I did sports I felt I needed more. Now I just use coconut oil then a few drops of lemon on each pit c;
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+sxm It's actually just Crystal Mineral Spray Deodorant with frankincense essential oil added to it. Essential oils need to be kept in glass, that's why I switched the containers :)
The Minimalist Ninja (2 years ago)
I love the editing of this one! also, is this liquid b12? how are you finding it compared to tablets or did you always use the liquid? I am curious :)
The Minimalist Ninja (2 years ago)
+Alli Cherry Oi, thanks a lot! I might try that after my current one is finished. thank you!! :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+The Minimalist Ninja Thank you! This liquid b12 is honestly the best supplement I've ever taken. I think it's easier for my body to absorb than others, it's given me SO much energy! It's from Global Healing Center :)
Louise T (2 years ago)
I'm loving these more regular uploads! 😺😺😺😺
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Louise T I'm so glad!
kiara taylor (2 years ago)
You do a really good job editing your videos. Keep up the good work! :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+kiara taylor Thank you so much, Kiara!
Maddi Kenna (2 years ago)
Love how much effort you put into your videos alli!
Laura Neuzeth (2 years ago)
Loved the way you filmed this! And this totally made me want to go to Dave and Busters. My boyfriend and I always get so competitive in there, I'll beat him in the racing games but he still gets me with air hockey. 😂
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Laura Neuzeth I hadn't been there in so long and it was so much fun!! My craziness comes out there for sure lol.
Molly Curley (2 years ago)
Such a cute idea. Random question: do you make your own deodorant?
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Molly Curley This one is a mix of Crystal Deodorant Lavender Spray and frankincense essential oil :) I've really been loving the combo!
Sandy G 323 (2 years ago)
I've never heard of bronzer lotion. Can you do a video all about it?
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Sandy G 323 it's actually just from Lush! I used to be fake tanner crazy when I was younger, but they would always leave my skin streaky and orange. I really love this stuff because it just gives my pale legs a little boost! Since it's a bronzer it washes off so no orange legs! :) http://www.lushusa.com/Black-Stockings/03176,en_US,pd.html
Annie Pigny (2 years ago)
Tu es parfaite !
Cassandra Harrison (2 years ago)
Looks like such a fun trip! Curious what you use for deodorant. I've been on the hunt for natural alternatives and have tried a lot of different options and am still looking for the ideal solution. I assume you make your own? Do you use essential oils (tea tree / melaleuca perhaps?)
Cassandra Harrison (2 years ago)
+Alli Cherry thank you! I know! every time I think I find a natural deodorant that works for me, it ends up not working after a couple of months. :P I adore using frankincense essential oil for my skincare (I mix it with some sweet almond oil to use as my face moisturizer) but I never thought to try it with my deodorant as well. Thanks again! :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Cassandra Harrison Ok. I could talk for hours on this topic lol. I've tried so many with no luck, but I have two that work for me now. I've used Crystal Deodorant Lavender Spray for several years and then all of the sudden it stopped working for me. Maybe my body got used to it? A friend of mine recommended adding frankincense essential oil to it, that's what's in the glass container, and I love it! It lasts all day now with no issue and smells amazing! My other favorite natural deodorant is Schmidt's Natural Deodorant in Lavender. That one comes in a little glass jar. It's nice to have the two different types, I usually will go for the spray if I'm wearing a sleeveless top.
Priscila Moreno (2 years ago)
Have the same 100% Pure mascara & love it! Also love the Bronner's balm.👌 Looks like it was a fun trip.✌️
Priscila Moreno (2 years ago)
+Alli Cherry Yeah, it's so good, especially for a natural mascara! 👍
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Priscila Moreno This is my first tube of that mascara and I LOVE it! :) Thanks, Priscilla!
Hannah Eleanor (2 years ago)
I paused the make up shot and examined everything! Is that loose mineral face powder by alima pure or do they make a compact one too?
Hannah Eleanor (2 years ago)
Same! So, I also use Anastasia right now, it's the only product I haven't switch over yet. I tested out the tarte wax at sephora (I didn't realize until recently that tarte is paraben free/cruelty free!) Apparently sephora also carries Ecobrow! Or at least they do online. So i'm going to test it out as well then decided between the two when my brow wiz runs out :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Hannah Eleanor I'm just using an Anastasia one that my sister gave me a while back. I'm not in love with it. I've never heard of Eco brow, I'll have to look it up! I've heard good things about the glossier brow product too!
Hannah Eleanor (2 years ago)
+Alli Cherry Which brow wax do you use? Have you tried eco brow?? I'm torn between trying it or the tarte brow wax neck!
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Hannah Eleanor right?? I'm totally the same way! It's a powder compact from Alima Pure, it's lovely! They sell a compact refill so you can reuse the mirror too!
Sandy G 323 (2 years ago)
Haha me too! I always find what someone's everyday makeup looks like interesting.
Kukadoodles (2 years ago)
You're such a talented video maker, loved this! x
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Kukadoodles Thank you!! :)
Devyn McHugh (2 years ago)
Love this video -- you can tell a lot of effort went into making it!
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Devyn McHugh Thanks Devyn!
Kat Marie (2 years ago)
love that bag and I'm obsessed with your style! xo
LucieHartmannova (2 years ago)
+Alli Cherry where is the bag from please? love it :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Kat Marie I'm obsessed with yours!! :)
ejlauder (2 years ago)
Fun video!
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+ejlauder Thanks!! :)
Woojin Park (2 years ago)
I'd love to pack my bag like you and leave! The small camel bag is just adorable with a hidden mirror!! Where did you get it ? xoxo
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Woojin Park It's actually just from the thrift store! I was so excited when I found it! :)
Louise D (2 years ago)
Where did you get your rose water ? The packaging looks so cool !
Louise D (2 years ago)
Well ... A little bit too far from where I live ! Thank you, greetings from France :)
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Louise D (Ecstatique) Thanks! It's from a store in Ventura called The Refill Shoppe, they sell bulk bath & body products!
Past Care-ington (2 years ago)
cute, informative, creative. nice job editing. thumbs up sweetie!
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+choochalah Thank you!!
amie a. (2 years ago)
Your what's in my bag video is always satisfying to watch. Lol. Have a good upcoming weekend Alli!
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Amie Afendi Thank you, Amie! You too!!
Katrine Vinther (2 years ago)
So nice with the stopmption!! By the way; where are the shoes and the bag from?😊✌🏻️
Alli Cherry (2 years ago)
+Katrine Vinther Thanks Katrine! The weekender is actually from TJMaxx 5ish years ago! The brand is Abbi. The small bag is from the thrift store. The shoes are from Everlane! :) Thanks for watching!
mayyylu (2 years ago)
Good question! They Are so pretty 😻

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