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Text Comments (414)
Hannah Marie (6 days ago)
Girls or Boys sizes?
Izabela C (13 days ago)
Did you pay duties?
Andiie Tee (16 days ago)
How did you get started with YouTube ? Were you nervous to start off with Zero subscribers ?
EnergeticGamerYT (20 days ago)
My brother does YouTube so I get lots of Vbucks and Gucci go check him out Mindofrez
K V (22 days ago)
awkward question.. but what are your dimensions? It would help so much! .. height and weight?
Denyce Ramos (29 days ago)
I've been buying kid's clothes all my life since I'm so petite but wow I wish I watched this video sooner because they don't sell the boy's reindeer sweater anymore!! 😭 gucci probably caught on lmao
Sherwin Lizardo (1 month ago)
What size are you on women’s and kids?
Carla Visnjic (1 month ago)
Omg new subscriber ! Love your style it’s so me !! Your Walmart edition was fire too , who knew
Brittney Zapor (1 month ago)
are the tigers embroidered?
The038bullyzFamily (1 month ago)
Ur content is always on point. Love this!
Carla Castillo (1 month ago)
Hey, love what size did you buy for Gucci belt?
Liz Seeley (1 month ago)
I need the measurements on that reindeer sweater!
Julia Kristina (1 month ago)
I got a shirt in the boys section, size 10. I'm around 5'6 ish and quite petite. Do you think it would fit me 😂 mine is on backorder
Shepsa Amen (1 month ago)
She looks like amber school twin omg!!?😍
simran malhotra (1 month ago)
What’s the size?
Fortniteroyal Fortnite (1 month ago)
Is the sweater Kids size?
Kaila Martin (1 month ago)
Yesss!!👏 Love the sweater 😍
Lola Le (2 months ago)
I really want that tshirt. I’m 5’4.. most of my tops are s xs at urband outfitters and garage and most places but you seem so petite in the shoulders.. I wonder if an 8 would fit me. Kids clothes tend to be short and as it get bigger it gets wider.. I don’t know if I wanna go up a size but you said your a small and medium 😭
AuburnAdventures (2 months ago)
Love it
TZ Edits & Tech (2 months ago)
Support my YouTube channel please
L. Rose (2 months ago)
How tall are you ?
Aurelie Hulin (2 months ago)
How tall are you ?
sabrina lopez (2 months ago)
Just found you and I love your videos
Sarah Louise (2 months ago)
Omg I need that jumper 😍
Ashmita Parbhoe (2 months ago)
She talks so damn much
Love the video. It was really slick. I've been trying to build some info similar to it here: http://akapng.com/baby-clothes/sitemap.txt
Dana Dasic (2 months ago)
Which size did you take with the sweater?
Serenity Scratch (2 months ago)
I love that sweatshirt, definitely getting for this winter 💜💜
Essiilevii (2 months ago)
This is actually so smart! I do this at Target too in the boys and girls section
Rowan Lafontaine (2 months ago)
Your voice is so cute!!
ElizabethZhealy (2 months ago)
How are they with returns? Just in case it doesn’t fit
anon a (2 months ago)
that sweater is prettttty i love it
Denisse Gonzalez (2 months ago)
I just came across your channel and I am binge watching Every video idk where I’ve been but I love your channel ❤️
phoebe mcguire (2 months ago)
my broke ass can't even afford to walk into the Gucci store
Eileen Murray (2 months ago)
Do they have the kids version in store?
Ivette Mckenzie (2 months ago)
What does bougie mean? I've never heard that word.
Space's Pace (2 months ago)
I don't freaking get it. All this expensive brands are, honestly, really ugly. You just have been brain-washed with adds and stuff to get to think they are cute and believe me I LOVR FASHION but all this capitalism bullshit bothers me a looot
Jacqueline Gutierrez (2 months ago)
brianna white stole this idea from you :(
Milk Boy (2 months ago)
This is actually a really smart idea. I didn’t even know Gucci sold kids stuff.
Lori Brewster (2 months ago)
But, if you can't wear kids sizes, you're screwed. I'm jealous!
REAL Snipes (2 months ago)
I probably can’t even but the cheapest thing on Gucci
my hamy (2 months ago)
Phong cách tây đẹp quá 😍😍
Harrison Harper (2 months ago)
Who buys Gucci for a 9 year old.
Lady Godivea (2 months ago)
Awesome stuff... what size is the sweater ??? 👌🏽
Klassick Kimberlya (3 months ago)
Such a good idea! Love it! 💖
Cassandra Deja`vu (3 months ago)
Hi there what size did you buy??? Also what gender????
she says sporty look for the first one but that is not even close to sporty
Chun Lee (3 months ago)
U r 2 cute
Nerds Rule The World (3 months ago)
I don’t get WHY ppl would want to wear Gucci if they have a budget. Gucci is higher end, for high end ppl. It’s ridiculous, when ppl want to wear what they can’t even afford. Why on earth would anyone want to pose to be about that high end lifestyle🤯
Nerds Rule The World (3 months ago)
Toni Sevdalis I’m just being logical, that’s why there is lower end design like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, exc. I find it ridiculous posing to be what their not. Its absurd that they would only have a few garments from Gucci, driving an average car. Like some ppl will go broke, JUST to buy something high end, when they have a budget🤯If a person has a budget why go broke trying to buy high end designer, makes no sense. I’m just speaking logic, how and why would anyone want to wear high end design if they aren’t owning that lifestyle🤯I was speaking in general, wasn’t pointing the finger at you directly. I see it all too often, especially here in Los Angeles. It’s just ridiculous. Ppl, love to appear to be what they can’t afford🤯
Toni Sevdalis (3 months ago)
Gucci is not just for high end people. Don’t exclude people just because they can’t afford spending obscene amounts on a sweater. I can afford Gucci and I would never spend 2k on a sweater. It’s their money & their choice.. not yours.
Floor Zwikker (3 months ago)
How tall are you? + What are your sizes? Xx
ellezc (3 months ago)
I’m short so this would work
Jitamo Shikika (3 months ago)
I found this video because i tryin to buy a clothes from kids section, but the problem, how big is 12 years old kids.. Damn.
Annika Block (3 months ago)
Tessax (3 months ago)
How tall are you?
K Chuong (3 months ago)
Interesting video but you need to think of other words besides cute to describe everything
Jasmine Fecknaaa (3 months ago)
Lauren M (3 months ago)
When your entire clothing budget is one child shirt at Gucci.
Monse Theunicorn (3 months ago)
*I am a kid...*
emma linn (3 months ago)
6:50 „tHis iS liKe mY edGy loOk“
Felicity Duijkersloot (3 months ago)
Going to try it! Thnx girl!
Lovelie 0101 (3 months ago)
I’m too broke for dis
Chanel Mone (3 months ago)
Can Gucci start making kid size bags to cut us adult folks a break too? 😂
s_xoxo (3 months ago)
New sub here ! Great video 👍🏻
Cassandra Deja`vu (3 months ago)
What size is the sweater you bought?
Cassandra Deja`vu (3 months ago)
Was it girls or boys!!? So cute🌸👌🏼
Charlie267 (3 months ago)
This is actually genius 🙌🏼👏🏼💖
Nik Johnson (3 months ago)
Definitely think I will be trying this! Thank you ❤️
Tabitha Newman (3 months ago)
I’ve been shopping kids range for ages😂 Nike, Adidas, Guess etc. also shoes, my feet a so small I can save so much on the kids sizes
Trenity Bishop (3 months ago)
Yeah i wish i could do that but I’m not as small as you... ugh
Johanna C (3 months ago)
but I’m 6ft lol
Amiyah Røßę (3 months ago)
I’d rather spend 50€ on a shirt than a dollar on a shirt🤣
D Vá (3 months ago)
Yeah everywhere all the kids cloths is cheaper it's not new....welcome to the new world 😉
ELIZABETH B.GOLD (3 months ago)
i love that sweater!!
Aqvadem (3 months ago)
Sade .kelis (3 months ago)
What size are you ?
مغربي الهوى (3 months ago)
Both T-shirt and sweater they looks good an you
Tessa B (3 months ago)
How tall are you I’m 5’7
Janina Tara (3 months ago)
Omg. I did not know I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!!
Fizza Khan (3 months ago)
Height and weight for reference ?
Misbah Hamid (3 months ago)
When she looks down, she looks like dani from love island 😂
Rochelle c (3 months ago)
Just bought the same sweater from Saks !!!
Rochelle c (3 months ago)
Thanks for the review I have been trying to figure out sizing 4 ever lls 😁😄
JustJessie (3 months ago)
That sweater!!!!!
Taylor Jaiide (3 months ago)
I personally think that 90% of Gucci merchandise is very unattractive, (designs, etc.) But you made it look cute. 👍
Theresa Pueyo (3 months ago)
that sweater is the cutest!!
ruby groves (3 months ago)
No. Stop shopping in our section
autumn falls (3 months ago)
Toni Sevdalis (3 months ago)
how about you calm down
Ambr ThatESilent (3 months ago)
lmfaooo "edgy look"
Naz A (3 months ago)
Hiiii! Love this. Can you please give us a reference on your height and pant sizes and possibly link the jeans you are wearing. I’m 5’3 and it’s so difficult to find the perfect length jeans. Thank you!! ☺️☺️
Ann Unknown (3 months ago)
Body goals. I'm jealous. Lol.
Ann Unknown (3 months ago)
I want to fit into kid sizes.
B Elise (3 months ago)
Gucci is tacky.... and way overpriced wtf lmao
Lauren Lavery (3 months ago)
Hi toni! just wanted to say the TNS website is down. I was trying to look for items and it says its currently down.
Toni Sevdalis (3 months ago)
I am having it redone xo
princess life (3 months ago)
So many people in africa dont have proper housing and here you are wasting money on luxary... you should be ashamed.
Asole (3 months ago)
She didn't give birth to everyone in Africa it's not her fault nor should you attempt to shame people that worked hard for their money
Magnetic One (3 months ago)
The sweater looks really great on you! Love it!
Alyssa Monroe (3 months ago)
ORRR ORRR you could buy knock offs that are "basically the same stuff"
Galaxy Skyz (3 months ago)
I cant even afford a happy meal
Mila H (3 months ago)
How have I never thought of this.
Megan & Skunk the Punk (3 months ago)
What size are you normally?? What size did you get the sweater in?
Toni Sevdalis (3 months ago)
I am normally a size small and I got it in a kids 12 xo
Malayna Marie (3 months ago)
No matter where I shop I still look at the kids section for basics lol, just because everything is cheaper!!
Nadia Wong (3 months ago)
That’s an excellent idea once you can fit into it!

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