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Retro Gaming Magazine Collection

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A highlights video of some retro gaming magazines in my collection. Vintage arcades, rare Nintendo articles, ads for games lost forgotten and much. More MetalJesusRocks: Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=metaljesusrocks Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MetalJesusRocks [Original Background Music Copyright: MetalJesusRocks]
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Pooper Guys (2 years ago)
I have finally decided to sell my entire collection on ebay. www.ebay.com/itm/-/222090295905?
allan fulton (3 years ago)
I never got a computer until 1990 when I was in grade 10 and was learning computers in class that year I grew up with my grandparents so they didn't know anything about it and I had to wait until my dad bought me one
allan fulton (3 years ago)
I never got a Commodore 64 but my best friend had one that we played whenever we got it away from his mom God rest her soul
allan fulton (3 years ago)
I loved getting the Xbox magazine when the original Xbox first came out because of all the demo disks that came with it
johnny blaze (3 years ago)
great stuff cheers
terry kohut (3 years ago)
comic books had advertizements 4 video games back then.
bottle2lip (3 years ago)
love PC Gamer...have a box full of them, would buy them when i worked at blockbuster in the 90s as a teen. I got out of console gaming sort of in 96, when i got a home computer, Voodoo 2 card..I was fucking HOOKED...and mostly only still PC game. Though there are some titles i enjoy on console 
Paul Cool (4 years ago)
Old video magazines are great to see again, it brings you back in the good old time were you wanted to buy games just because some art photo's instead of all the info you get now from the internet and great channels like this one.
xXDAPHUNKXx (4 years ago)
You should do more of these
MetalJesusRocks (4 years ago)
Agreed! I've been thinking about doing a new one for a while now... Glad you enjoyed it!
My Magazine Helps (4 years ago)
get your magz from http://www.mymagazinehelps.com/ we donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization or charity of your choice.  Don't see your Organization??? Ask them to register.  It only takes 2 minutes.
LLB LLB (4 years ago)
It's interesting some of the things in these old magazines... Who'd of thought back then that something as generic sounding as "Power Play" would mature into a service with millions of users... Hell, I almost won't buy a game now if it isn't through steam. It's just too convenient having all of my games in one location, screen shots, and I love little things like keeping track of my time played (this is what really sold me in the end =).  It wasn't always like this, and my first experience with steam was after "Hurricane Katrina". After the power came back on, we still went another month without net. I bought a few games, including "Half-life 2" (complete with counter strike source)... I got home, went to install it, and then was told that I needed to install steam, and connect to the net to play it... Boy was I ever pissed, and refused to use steam for a long time because of it. Now, I couldn't imagine buying my games any other way, and don't even want physical copies of games. 
Aron O Willis (4 years ago)
For reader Bigbentosmit. Sorry I'm late, just read your comment after watching MJR's video about game mags from back in the day. The only two SEGA magazines I know of are: Sega Visions and Mega Play. After reading your comment I went in the storage room and pulled them out. The first one I found,  SEGA Visions ($3.50 - Issue May / June of 1992 - Has Kid Chameleon on the cover.)   The 2nd magazine, MEGA PLAY - The Ultimate All Sega Magazine ($3.50 USA-$4.50 Canada -  Issue November / December 1991 - Has art work from Golden Axe II on the cover.)
Ryan Amberger (4 years ago)
Where's the love for "Tips & Tricks"? My favorite magazine growing up. No youtubers ever mention it in videos like these. Still good video though.
GorGob (5 years ago)
I'm drinking rum and coke and watching MJR vids!
James Dagel (5 years ago)
Any SEGA Visions issues?
Zro Dfects (5 years ago)
Jesus told me to subscribe so I did :P Love your magazine collection dude.. I am a magazine collector myself and also have hundreds and hundreds of them, and adding more each week.... Your gaming library is sweet too, I am also a gaming collector of all games and consoles... Been watching your vids and never understood why I never subscribed earlier but I have now, never too late :) Zro Dfects
Game Sack (5 years ago)
I remember this episode. It's great but I think the new one is better. These and older episodes are also like a snapshot of the past. Your lower thirds graphics and other visuals have definitely improved!
MetalJesusRocks (5 years ago)
I'm going to do another video this week! Should be fun
1988wasteland (5 years ago)
just had a few questions for yah.what mth and yr was that quake 2 pc gamer, I collect them and its easier if u have that info, tried googling but that didn't seem to work. Also if u know the same thing for both the 1 that had the original quake on it and if u know which 1 had the "how doom ruined my life article"
ClassicGameGem (5 years ago)
NOX was amazing! One of my all time favorite games on PC.. I played it as a kid all the time.. So forgotten, I never hear anyone talk about that ever... It's sad I would love to find it someday and pop it in again
lunsj (5 years ago)
I love love old magazines. I'll watch as many as you care to do Mr Jesus. Thanks.
Bento (5 years ago)
Was there ever such a thing a thing as nintendo power for sega?
SomethingJapanese (5 years ago)
"Joystick magazine" A horrible, horrible title
clipshark1 (5 years ago)
The was an advert for a game called Alundra, the page before the Lunar advert. Alunda was a great game on the PS1, one of my favs at the time. I still play it from time to time :D
renegadeviking (5 years ago)
I only had Game Informer for 10 years and I rocked ( my account doesn't)
DrZoidbergwoopwoop1 (5 years ago)
I am so happy I found this channel. Please do not stop making these videos man!
SirenoftheVoid (5 years ago)
that Nox ad looks sick! same goes for that Final Fantasy mini-poster.i'd sure love to see more!
TBoneTony (5 years ago)
also the reasons why I had to donate the gamer magazines from 4 to present day to the Red Cross just recently is because of my book shelves starting to get old and starting to bend because of the ammount of magazines I have collected over the years. once again, there are old retro mags I will always keep as I do get attached to them one of my favs is a magazine featuring Skies of Arcadia as well as the RARE games just before RARE was brought by Microsoft from Nintendo in 2002
TBoneTony (5 years ago)
I recently had to donate much of my old gaming magazines to the red cross in Australia, as they help poor people and families for christmas. I hope that my old Games TM magazines as well as my old NGamer mags and Nintendo mags and old Edge mags from back 3 or 4 years ago till the present will help families decide what cheap used games they could buy after christmas before they get replaced by the next gen consoles. But I will always keep my Retro Gamer mags as well as special issues I attach to
Colonel1181 (5 years ago)
I myself plan on making a magazie collection video when I get my camera.
Gamevet (6 years ago)
I used to own the original Electronic Games & Computer Entertainment magazines. My parents decided to move, while I was attending a tech school and my collection was lost forever. :(
Seventizz (6 years ago)
I used to have soooo many of these magazines. I remember reading about Gameline (later called AOL) for the 2600. Older Commodore magazines used to have games you could enter manually into your computer and save them to tape. I remember my connection to my Vic 20 being loose and having to start over a few times.
Merlin ORKO (6 years ago)
I love this video please do more :)
Merlin ORKO (6 years ago)
old Magazine where 10x better
I threw out about 300 mean machines and nintendo madazines when i was in a different faze.....sob
ibuycheap64 (6 years ago)
Do more
SurfcasterX (6 years ago)
NintendOttawa (6 years ago)
Inbox me for issues
J4TFOI (6 years ago)
Whoaaaa. I regret destroying all my old retro gaming magazines. Was some awesome nostalgia. I think I still have a few Nintendo Power intact somewhere though.
Soul Level 0 (6 years ago)
nox is so fun game
leviticus555 (6 years ago)
Love it! This made me dig out my big box of old Egms, so funny to see the articles about the xbox, PS2, gamecube console wars etc.
john wherry (6 years ago)
great vid metal jesus please do more!!!!!!
6000pounds (6 years ago)
I have some early 90's magazines if you want them. Send me a message with your address and ill send them to you.
TheRetroBrian (6 years ago)
Great video man, for sure! I love goin back and lookin at those old magazines. They totally just capture the time and how gaming was. You got some good ones!
Remy L (6 years ago)
Hey MetalJesus, Great video! I always love to see these old gaming magazines talk about games that were to be released. Some have been, some have not, and other may have been released differently than originally intended. I was born in 1988, so I sadly didn't have the chance to live to early days of gaming, but sometimes I wish I did. I especially love the early to mid-90s, when 2D was slowly turning into 3D. Maybe that's why I love the original PlayStation so much. It has a bit of both...
drhabber (6 years ago)
Great vid! More of the mid 90s titles plz.
Crazy Joe (6 years ago)
good stuff, more Nintendo Power! I know its been done but not by the Metal Jesus!
Korudo (6 years ago)
Good stuff dude. Back in the day I was subscribed to Game Pro Magazine (which is no longer around). It's fun to look back at the ads, kinda like watching commercials from something you recorded off of TV years ago. It says something about the times. :)
EmperorFoxx (6 years ago)
Great vid, I love these old magazines! Have you read Retro Gamer? Its an awesome UK based magazine that is all about old school/retro games. Its very well put together and a fun read!
Nintengineer (6 years ago)
I like this video, please do more :D
madmanny44 (6 years ago)
Thank you Jesus great vid. Have you got gamemaster mag from late 80s early 90s. It might be a brit thing, it went with the tv show.
Wrath Oskvro (6 years ago)
Definitely do more. I always loved these retro mags. I used to get Electronic Gaming Monthly and some of my best memories came from those magazines. Getting excited for the Sega Saturn and whatnot.
Rulingtomax (6 years ago)
Great video keep doing more it is great to be able to see magazines that isn't filled with rumors.
Icestationzero (6 years ago)
TheStickdude23 (6 years ago)
this was very interesting, especially since you covered so many different magazines. Def do another one
Neodestro (6 years ago)
Rudolph Cunningham (6 years ago)
Very nostalgic look at some cool magazines gone by. Another great video idea from MJR, thanks man.
Rudolph Cunningham (6 years ago)
Very nosta
Dan McNeil (6 years ago)
I just got some old nintendo powers from my cousin. theyre great
GermanGameRoom (6 years ago)
There are no garage sales in Germany because like 5% of the people living here do have houses and a garage.. and I don't know how big my luck should be to find Nintendo Power Magazines (never released in Germany) on flea markets over here..^^
Iced_Nine (6 years ago)
Nox is a great Diablo-like title... I loved it... GOG has it for sale...
supersnappahead (6 years ago)
Really enjoyed this video. I'd be down for more.
CDScythe (6 years ago)
its comparable with diablo, with a funny story lol it has online play too xD
Retro Island Gaming (6 years ago)
More Jesus! MORE!!!
electricadventures (6 years ago)
Some good issues there. I really like collecting the printed material around most of the retro systems I have in my collection, especially the computers. Be good to see some more of these if you come across some more interesting ads as you go through them.
retrobitter (6 years ago)
its really cool to see those old magazines, please show us more of them, and thank you very much for all the the great videos you have done
bruno3833 (6 years ago)
do it again
Progearspec (6 years ago)
My favorite video game magzine of all time MRJ was gamefan.
TheJstain (6 years ago)
i wish this vid was twice as long ! hint hint.
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
I don't... Nintendo Power is pretty sought after here as well... The best bet is to try and find them at a garage sale or flea market...if possible.
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
I've heard that NOX is better than expected, so I really need to play it someday. I guess the spell system is pretty cool
darkinertia2 (6 years ago)
yes please do more! its like news for gaming except old haha...i LOVE hearing these interesting stories from back in the day. ive been collecting fighting game strategy guides lately and i remember seeing an ad in one about this weird controller you can stick a cart into for moves, and it reminded me how they had some weird peripherals back then...i still love collecting unique controllers to this day too
Game Sack (6 years ago)
This is a great video idea. We may have to blatantly steal this idea from you, but it won't be for a while.
Perfect Paul (6 years ago)
great video
FoxeoGames (6 years ago)
Just dual boot Windows 7. Heck, I used to run a Hackintosh and dual-booted both OSes, but now my video card model isn't supported in Hackintosh so I gave up on Mac OS X. I was mainly using it for FCP and WoW, and then when I quit WoW, I found pretty much ALL of my computer gaming was on PC, so rather than constantly dual-boot I made Windows my primary. ... I hate Windows :(
FoxeoGames (6 years ago)
The Home Depot force is strong on YouTube.
CDScythe (6 years ago)
LIKE! do more :D great to see those reviews and adds from back in the day. btw i own NOX, was a fun game:D
keiran bowes (6 years ago)
an excellent idea for a video but way too short.more please
Tormentor100 (6 years ago)
you should do more of this =D
lestert03 (6 years ago)
please do more
rojman123 (6 years ago)
Please do more. I remember drooling over an article on the Atari 7800 when it was supposed to be released the first time.
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
Good to know. Right now my Macbook is pretty old (5 years)...but I plan on getting a new iMac for video editing soon.
123doomdoom (6 years ago)
me too, and Blood.
yoeycrack1 (6 years ago)
im pretty sure Diablo 3 can be played on PC or Mac (thats what the install says)
Robert Hess (6 years ago)
It does come on OSX, all Blizzard Games are release on both platforms.
Nin Jes (6 years ago)
Great video more please.
Chad_K (6 years ago)
Cool vid. For stuff of this nature all I have are about 15-20 PC Gamer/CGW zines from the early 00s, and one issue of Nintendo Power (with Majora's Mask on the cover). Still fun to look through them as I still remember all the ads and reviews from looking over them so much as a youngster. I was cleaning out my basement the other day and managed to find all the demo disks, including ones from PCG/CGW magazines from before 2000; man do I wish I still had those issues.
Man... I love Shadow Warrior.. probably one of the most fun games ive ever played.
Gamer Logic (6 years ago)
Ah PC Gamer, I wish I still had my old issues.
cannibalcorpse75 (6 years ago)
hey metal jesus my cousin had that nintendo fun club news you have lol. awesome videos awesome stuff good memories cheers!! \m/
GermanGameRoom (6 years ago)
Hey dude.. I would really love to get some (or more than just some) issues of Nintendo Power (US Version) but I don't really know where I can get them online for less than 10$ a piece.. do you have any suggestions?
RetroGoodness (6 years ago)
I LOVE retro/old gaming magazines! Seriously, I have like 40+ magazines.
RelliKs ReliCs (6 years ago)
Very cool I love old magazines because there frozen in time, and it give so much nostalgia! Great show
Black Aria (6 years ago)
Metal, sad to see no PC Accelerator (PCXL). I bought and still own every issue along with the demo cds. My fav mag of all time. I used to love there drunk driving game reviews. I was really into the Quake 2 scene at the time and they used to include 1 on 1 Q2 matches you could watch via the Q2 demo player. As always, love your vids as we have alot in common. Currently bidding on the 1st issue of Joystik to frame and put on my wall.
Lothars (6 years ago)
It's already on OSX, The nice thing about Blizzard games they work on both.
ningygamer (6 years ago)
cool vid, i'm always in search for dreamcast magazine and EGM that came out during the dreamcast years. Also, I enjoy collecting EGM during console launches. Keep up the good work!
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
The PC Gamer mags were bought off a dude on Craigslist who kept them in perfect condition. The other mags were in a box in a closet from an old Sierra co-worker who just wanted to get rid of them. They now have a good home in my Man Cave...and shared with all of you! :D
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
I no longer rock a modern Windows machine... If Diablo 3 comes to OSX, I'll be all over it.
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
I buy Retro Gamer every single month at the local Barnes & Nobel. Love that magazine!
MetalJesusRocks (6 years ago)
I did an entire video dedicated to just PC Gamer magazine. Check it out on my channel!

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