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How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

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Hello Luxers! I am super excited to be sharing this impromptu vlog today! I was traveling for business and stumbled upon this gem in Braselton, GA! It will be perfect for a romantic getaway!!!! And speaking of Romantic... Stay to the end to see super sweet and romantic gesture from the hubby this week! Cheers! ****************************Stay in Touch********************************** LL4L FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/LivingLuxuriouslyforLess LL4L Instagram: LivingLuxuriouslyforLess Twitter, Periscope & Snapchat: LivingLux4Less Etsy: LivingLux4Less LL4L MAILING ADDRESS : Living Luxuriously for Less 225 South Spurr Street Florence, AL 35630 LL4L EMAIL: [email protected]
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Quiana Unique (11 months ago)
I've been out there before
qLady Jean-Francois (1 year ago)
this woman is so beautiful and elegant!
Thank you so much~
Cynthia Andrews (1 year ago)
Yes Arnold Palmer my favorite drink
Margo 7 (1 year ago)
Thank you
Margo 7 (1 year ago)
Yes, that will be a great time to be there. I am planning to relocate to ATL by the end of the year. Will definitely get to visit then....be blessed!
Awesome! I can't wait!!!!!! Relocating to ATL... Wow... Congrats on the move!
God's Woman (1 year ago)
Arnold Palmer's are me and my husband's favorite beverage! I get half isweet tea half lemonade for my husband however because I am watching my calories I get 3/4 unsweetened tea and the remainder lemonade. It's beautiful there we will definitely have to look into that and check that out. Looking forward to the next travel videos💕💖😍
Aren't they refreshing and soooooooooooo good!  I need to start back watching mine!  I can't wait to share more!
Celialee Kendrick (1 year ago)
Sweet tea/ and lemonade.  It's so funny just visited two vineyards here in Nevada
Yes mam!  I know that they were beautiful! I am gonna try and do a fall tablescape when I visit the next time....
HomeDecoratingWithLiz (1 year ago)
You don't look horrible, you always look lovely, no matter if your hair is done or not. That soup looks amazing too!
Oh thank you!!!!! You are too sweet.... Honey that humidity + natural hair out = help me! LOL! It was delicious!  Thank you so much for watching!  I hope that you are having a perfect day!  Much love and many blessings!
Felicia Gray (1 year ago)
Girl, you look Beautiful As always!!. This venue is so gorgeous I'm in Southern California & needing to take a vacation soon. I would Love to see this place in person. Thank you so much for sharing with your viewers this vlog. I am sure you, and your Husband has a wonderful time. God Bless!
Hi Felicia! It was beautiful!  I am sooo glad that you enjoyed it!
Tracie's Place (1 year ago)
You look really nice, and your husband asking you to wear that shirt was so sweet!
Thank you... You are tooo sweet!  Yes He is a blessing!
stanley jones (1 year ago)
i love the scene,,,,,,you are a stunning looking woman,you have no bad days.
LOL!  Thanks Stanley!  You are tooo sweet!
Dee Sartin (1 year ago)
Such a lovely resort ❤️. You are beautiful inside & out. You & your hubby keep enjoying & loving each other. Tfs
It is Dee!  Thank you so much!!!!! We sure will!  Thank you soo much and thank you so much for watching!!!!!!
Pamela George (1 year ago)
I have been there many times. My friends and I do a spa day every 3 months. Check out there website. Great prices during the week. Try the hot stone massage, it is awesome. Have a great time.
I definitely will Pamela!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Margo 7 (1 year ago)
Hello Melanie, I plan to visit to Chateau Elan later this year. Heard about this beautiful resort through a friend. Thank you again for sharing. Peace and blessings to you.
It is soooo beautiful Margo!  I am traveling to that area for work and it will definitely be my go to spot for now on... I can't wait until fall and Christmas!!!!!!
Ms Ann (1 year ago)
Hi Lady M. very pretty property Thanks for sharing
Ms Ann (1 year ago)
I'm happy you had a wonderful time you deserve it lady 😊
It is gorgeous and so relaxing... Thanks so much for watching!
tchris3 (1 year ago)
Luv this. I would enjoy hearing about your devotional routine ....i guess that's t ok to say or should I save your daily devotions.
Yes, mam.... It is definitely okay to say!  I will be sure to share!!!! Much love and many blessings!
B. Christine (1 year ago)
Girl you are still beautiful. I appreciate that you vlog when you are not looking the best in your eyes. We get to see your humanness 😍😘
Yes Christine... And I don't mind showing it and it is who I am day to day... I just know "some" youtubers can be brutal.... LOL!  Thank you so much for watching love!
Patrice Davis (1 year ago)
Beautiful Melanie, enjoy your vacation. Be blessed
Thanks so much Patrice and we had an excellent time!!!!!
Linda White (1 year ago)
Just beautiful, my hubby and I just returned from our 24th wedding anniversary getaway we had such a wonderful time just me and him and some much needed alone time and we both feel refreshed and I tell you I love him more and more with each passing day!!! You look lovely as always and a Arnold palmer is half sweet tea and lemonade 😘 p.s. You have a sweet hubby and it's really beautiful when you can be whisked away just because enjoy every moment 😊💕
Happy Anniversary Linda and congratulations on celebrating 24 years!  That's amazing!!!!  Our trip was much needed and I felt sooo relaxed! Aren't the Arnold Palmer's delicious and refreshing?  Thank you so much for watching Linda and I absolutely love reading your sweet comments :)....
Erica J (1 year ago)
Arnold Palmer (ice tea and lemonade). I love them! Thank you for sharing Melanie. That place looks gorgeous! I hope you had a good time!
Yes mam!  Aren't they sooo delicious and refreshing!!!!!! It was sooo delicious and refreshing!!!!
Debra Bryant (1 year ago)
thanks you look Gorgeous girl and that was sweet of your husband, and enjoy your trip with him God bless you.
It was super sweet of him Debra and we had a great time... This trip was actually from work and we went to Opryland Resort...Both of them were beautiful... Thanks so much for watching!
Miss D (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing ! Please follow your husbands lead for needing to be together and you look relaxed and refreshed. God is blessing you big !
Sooo true Miss D and I am following totally and completely!   I receive the BIG BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!
AllThingsKim _ (1 year ago)
I live near there. It is beautiful at Christmas!!!
I have too see it then!!!!
indra q (1 year ago)
love the shade lipstick your wearing, those studs earrings just so cute, love your video
It's Called Excessive by Victoria Secret..... thanks so much!!!!
That place is beautiful.
Yes it really is!!!!!
chocford (1 year ago)
What a gorgeous get away setting and thoughtful hubby. And you DO NOT look terrible. Enjoy
Well the camera was helping!!!!!! Lol! It was really gorgeous!
Elisa TravelDiva (1 year ago)
half/half Sweet tea and Lemonade😎
Yes mam and sooo delicious!!!!
Elisa TravelDiva (1 year ago)
that resort is amazing and on my bucket list. Thanks for the mini tour. enjoy your time there💕
It's a must see!!!! You will love it!!!
BeeHarr (1 year ago)
Melanie, you always look gorgeous and classy. TFS! ☺️
You are tooooo sweet!!!!
Evelyn J. Amponsah (1 year ago)
Melanie as you say your human and sometimes we need those bad hair, bad makeup bad everything not the attitude though. That's life. Remember to smell the Roses, time is precious. Thxs for sharing and see you in the next vlog.
Soooooo true Evelyn!!!!!
Theblackbumblebee (1 year ago)
I love it, not a bad attitude. ..Amen WOG
Rosalyn Stadler (1 year ago)
Very nice area. looks relaxing. Melanie I wanted to ask you...do you and your husband have kids? We have a 4 year old and a 8 month old. We just came back from vacation traveling with the kids on a plane and it went pretty good. How do you travel with kids?
Not yet! We are believing God for them though!!! I do have a few travel tips that I have gained through observing others traveling with children....
Ms Reid (1 year ago)
That's a beautiful location
It really is!!! It's a must see!!!
southern peach (1 year ago)
A Arnold Palmer is a half and half drink made up of ice tea correction SWEET TEA I'm from the south lol and lemonade
Right! SWEET TEA ☕️! 😂 .... it is sooo good
uniqueLeo08 (1 year ago)
I haven't been to chateau elan since I was in high school. I think I should make make a trip now that I'm an adult.
Yes! You should!!!!
Antonina Geer (1 year ago)
I love château élan. I've been there during Christmas time and it's absolutely beautiful!
Antonina Geer (1 year ago)
Living Luxuriously for Less LOL!
Well, y'all know I gotta be there!!! Lol!
Lucinda Michelle B (1 year ago)
it's beautiful at Christmas!
I have to go back around Christmas!!!!
InHisimage (1 year ago)
u look great- honest😊😊
Thank you so much love ❤️
Cheryl Keene (1 year ago)
Trust me when I say you did not look terrible😉tfs
Cheryl Keene (1 year ago)
Well the camera 🎥 was in my favor... or maybe the backdrop! Lol! Thanks so much for watching love ❤️
Horrisa Jones (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the video thanks for sharing
Sooo glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for watching!
We love our trips to Château Elan. My hubby and I call it our getaway spot! Love it and you. Enjoy! Hugs and 💖, Cathryn
And love you 😘 more!!!
I loved it!!!! I could stay there everytime I visit that area!!!!
Chanel Johnson (1 year ago)
How far is Braselton from Huntsville, Alabama by car?
About 4 hours but you will want to google to be sure....
Welcome to the Now (1 year ago)
Chanel Johnson google the distance.
Shalisha J_futurecrna (1 year ago)
Great video! That soup looked amazing! Can't wait for more travel videos! I absolutely love them!
It wasn't soooo amazing!!! The consistency was almost like a twice baked potato 🥔but a little thinner but not soupy... it was really 😉!
Chanel Johnson (1 year ago)
Arnold Palmer = Lemonade & Tea and yes Delicious!!
uniqueLeo08 (1 year ago)
Welcome To The Now lol such a basic name
Welcome to the Now (1 year ago)
Chanel Johnson We call it a mixed tea here in the DMV area.

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