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Close that Sale, NLP Style

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An extract from Michael Carroll's top selling DVD 'Close that Sale, NLP Style'.
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Karel Kopůnec (1 year ago)
Nice speech about nothing :-)
M Flower (5 months ago)
Karel Kopůnec the messenge is not for you then.
Tim Hastings (1 year ago)
NOTHING about NLP?? Waste of time.
Popularity Matters (3 months ago)
You didn't listen
Merveil Meok (2 years ago)
EVERYTHING in the universe is mental.
Tukilangi Productions (3 years ago)
Great nuggets! I'm integrating them into my life and practice...thanks for sharing...\gold nuggets..
SalesMasteryMag (3 years ago)
This vid had many interesting techniques. Thank you for sharing.
The Norwegian word "selge" originates from an even older word "Selja" (old nordic) which means "to sell" as does the word "selge" or in dansih "sælge" or even swedish "sälja". It has the same meaning as the english "to sell" because it is basicly the same word in both Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic.  But it should come as no suprise, since all the nordic countries were mostly tradesmen and therefore salesmen/selgere/säljare/sælgere/seljendur Selling to each other 
Kaleihao Kamekona (4 years ago)
Well said.  Hats off to this good man.
Belida Uckun (8 years ago)
@xirishmagicx It crashed and burned like a Zero fighter being shot down by the pacific fleet, because my partner was dishonest, didn't advertise and didn't communicate with me.
Belida Uckun (10 years ago)
Thanks for posting this. I'm trying to make a really struggling business work, and I NEED this. I really appreciate this.
Aiken Lim (3 months ago)
How's your business after applying this to your business work?
GSWJ Consulting (10 years ago)
I rated your video a plus 5. I like the fact that you provide usefull information sincerely and not as for anything in return. Thanks.
Ray Garcia (10 years ago)
I agree with is gentleman...... There are three levels of sales 1) connecting mentally (80% of sales people) 2) emotionally (19% of sales people) 3) spiritually (less than 1%) Just a guide for all you sales people who are tired of going to more "seminars" and want to get to the bottom line. take care!
very useful, thankyou.

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