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Nintendo club magazine collection: A deep retro nostalgia

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Last April I had a visit from a friend who lives for many years in Germany and he gave me his entire collection of the Nintendo club magazine, needless to say that I was extrelemy happy! All these issues come from 1992-1994 when Nintendo was at the peak of it's glory era.. This was the golden period of the legendary SNES with a top galore of great titles: Zelda a link to the past, Super Mario world, Super Metroid, Final fight, Final fantasy series, Super Mario kart, Turtles in time e.t.c.. In the following video you're about to see some of the best issues that I've choosed especially for this presentation..
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SSJKamui (3 years ago)
Wow. Another guy producing videos about club nintendo magazines.
Alripal (4 years ago)
i have some earlier issues from the 1st nintendo is there value on them?

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