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HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR CLOTHES: Clothing Care Guide 101 - Care for Silk, Wool, Cashmere | Mademoiselle

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Today I’m sharing how to wash your clothes and a clothing care guide 101 on how to look after silk, cashmere and wool. Click “SHOW MORE” for details xx BLOG: http://www.mademois-elle.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mademoisellejaime PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/mademoisellejaime/ EMAIL: [email protected] #clothingcare #howtowashyourclothes SHOP MY EVERLANE EDIT: http://bit.ly/2oSb8DV TIME CODES 1:04 - What Fibres to Look For 4:00 - Storage Tips 7:45 - Clothing Maintenance 11:00 - Laundry ITEMS MENTIONED Everlane cotton sweater - http://bit.ly/2HBiO4s Marks & Spencer navy sweater - http://bit.ly/2VUqOru Marks & Spencer black merino sweater - http://bit.ly/2Ywj8bw COS grey turtleneck - http://bit.ly/2SMH0t7 OR http://bit.ly/2E1QkyY Everlane linen shirt - http://bit.ly/2LbCTDq Uniqlo white cotton shirt - http://bit.ly/2BSRjS0 WEARING Everlane navy cardigan - http://bit.ly/2WbwgVV Muru ‘tanit’ necklace - http://bit.ly/2Hrpq5n Muru ‘venus’ necklace - http://bit.ly/2VHGAWk Holly J pearl earrings - http://bit.ly/2GUCcdG Reformation skinny jeans - http://bit.ly/2YVw1wX Jane Debster slides - http://bit.ly/2Tj8y4X BEAUTY NOTES It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, Urban Decay Beached Bronzer, Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Flesh & Fantasy, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Natasha Denona Camel Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Eyeliner, Pretty Vulgar Faux Reals Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, Tom Ford Lip Color in Wild Ginger MAILING ADDRESS If you'd like to send me mail, you can do so via the following address: Sydney South Post Shop, PO Box A521, Sydney NSW 1235, AUSTRALIA
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Karline Mann (15 days ago)
Again a great video and I learned a few things, will always soak in cold water now! One thing I can recommend though is using a special detergent for wool/cashmere/silk. And I know for a fact that an effective stain remover for red wine is actually white wine haha. Also I have a question, I hope its not too gross! Do you have any tips for how to remove/prevent those yellowish deodorant/sweat armpit stains on white clothes, other than special sprays for that? I'm trying to find more natural laundry solutions and tried citric acid but it works only so so.
mademoiselle (14 days ago)
For red wine, I usually use soda water or any kind of carbonated water. the bubbles help to push the stain out of the fibres (I'm sure there's a more technical term but I promise it works). As for yellow stains, we don't have that issue as Luke and I both use natural deodorants (the yellowing is caused by aluminium). A friend of mine recommended using a stain remover on the armpits of a top every time you wash it (from new) to help avoid it yellowing. I don't have any other tips or natural solutions for it though. If you ever find a better solution I'd love to know! x
JMin37 (17 days ago)
ALSO i can’t remember if it was you that made a video about shoe care but I’ve started getting into adding protective soles to my shoes. I’ve decided it’s worthwhile especially for shoes I either tend to wear through quickly (ballet flats) or shoes I have trouble finding a pair I like (sandals). The cost of adding the soles though is usually 1/2 or more the cost of the shoe, as I buy shoes on sale or second hand aka not willing to spend over $100 for something that touches the ground constantly. If you resole your shoes, who do use and how much is it? I just use Mister Minit in my local shopping centre for convenience but I know it’s overpriced - a full protective sole is $50. I shelled out $50 to sole an $40 pair of second hand ballet flats. No regrets though as I wore them all summer and the protective heel is only slightly worn down. I really want to shave my sweaters and some of my knit tops they’ve gotten so bobbly but I’m terrified of damaging anything. My clothing is ‘relatively’ cheap since almost everything is under $100 but most things are very precious to me because I chose them to fit my wardrobe and it’s difficult to replace them exactly + I detest the thought of anything being damaged and wasted. Could you link the shaver or comb you use? Also I was always perplexed by the idea of buying many new clothes for each new season regularly, as I’ve got items that despite me not having particular care when cleaning them, and buying them for legitimately under $20 each, have lasted me solid 5+ years. Granted some shirts are a bit bobbly but bobbles never hurt anybody ha, they’re still wearable. There’s 2 pairs of somehow magic jeans that I got for $10 each that have grown with me from when I was 13-14, to 23.
JMin37 (9 days ago)
@mademoiselle just studied your review on your blog and the shoes sound great in terms of comfort and functionality, but I am really not keen on the high vamp. I actually like having lots of my feet exposed especially walking around in summer since as you mentioned, feet do swell. These sound as if they adjust but I hate my feet being enclosed and hot - will be curious how you find the ventilation, but I generally find I overheat through my feet quickly as weird as that sounds. For walking around shoes in high summer I always go sandals over ballet flats - but i love to have ballet flats in my shoe rotation as I wear them when I want to look more pulled together but am walking a bit. My true favourite are thongs which I think is the QLDer coming out of me hah. But they don't offer good support I know, plus I don't like wearing them in super crowded areas in case people stand on my toes.
mademoiselle (15 days ago)
@JMin37 Fair enough. As a consumer I totally appreciate that as I know the cost of returning something like shoes is always much higher too, than an item like a lightweight top. And of course if you're on a budget, it's probably an unwanted expense as well xx
JMin37 (15 days ago)
mademoiselle thanks for taking the time to remember me! I will take a look at your review for sure, although the chances of an order are slim as I’m not keen on Everlane’s shipping/refund policy and I have trouble with shoe sizing so usually only buy in person. Keen to hear what you think of the shoes though :)
mademoiselle (15 days ago)
I know you're going travelling soon, and I recall you talking about shoes etc as you don't have a lot of luggage allowance. I was just writing up my review of the new ReKnit day gloves from Everlane and it occurred to me that they might be a good option for you. I have the original pair and I would say they're only really suited to narrow footed girls, whereas the reknit ones are like wearing socks. No blisters and while I don't *love* the high vamp, they are so comfortable and I think relatively chic too. They're $98 USD so not the cheapest option but if you wanted something that didn't weigh much and would be good to walk around in loads, these might be a good choice. The rubber sole is really long lasting too so you wouldn't need to get them soled first. The full review along with pics and close ups should be up by mid-this afternoon if you wanted to see a bit more xx
JMin37 (17 days ago)
mademoiselle thanks for info! Haha I may outgrow them soon I suspect all I’ll be doing on exchange is eating lots to keep warm 😂
JMin37 (18 days ago)
I made the mistake of hanging knitwear and so much regret 😥 I have this gorgeous striped top from sportsgirl and I hung it as it’s not a sweater so I didn’t realise it was considered knitwear. The shoulders have bubbled and it’s so sad. It’s a coloured knit so I can just about get away with it still I tell myself, at least it isn’t a light shade where it’s immediately obvious. It now lives safetly in my drawers. Funnily enough the moths ate holes in my pjs and my undies HAHAH abut not my natural fibre face cloths or sweaters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ which I’m super grateful for as the cloths and sweaters are much more expensive my pjs are super old and daggy. The trail of little holes marching across them make them even daggier now HAHA but I still wear them since they’re only in the house clothes and the holes aren’t too big. I did a scrub down with detergent and I’m hoping the moths are gone but I should probably get protective sachets for my drawers.... How do you store your silk? Just hung? I never iron anything as I’m super lazy, so I have a mortal fear of creasing silk since I don’t even know how to turn the iron on and would be too scared to risk damaging the items
mademoiselle (17 days ago)
I've made plenty of mistakes along the way with caring for my wardrobe, so you're not alone! You're so lucky that the moths didn't go for your clothes and ate your pjs instead. I believe even dried lavender works (I would google this) which might e an affordable way to protect against moths. Yes I hang my silk on those velvet flocked hangers, and I use the steam function on my iron to remove any creases :)
molly j (20 days ago)
Leaving whites out in the sun in my favorite trick to natural gentle bleaching.
mademoiselle (19 days ago)
Great tip! Thanks Molly :)
HollyJ (20 days ago)
I was looking forward to this! 🙌🏻 So useful and yes, I also learned to always hang my clothes up and store them away carefully. 👍
mademoiselle (20 days ago)
Yay!! I hope you found it interesting 😘
Deanna Perez (21 days ago)
I hang all my knitware on a thick hangar; however I fold them over the straight edge. This way I never have wrinkles in them.
mademoiselle (20 days ago)
Oh yes I know what you mean! I fold/hang them like that when including knitwear in my videos 😊
Anne (23 days ago)
Best video of all!!!
mademoiselle (23 days ago)
Thanks Anne! <3
blessedbee1 (23 days ago)
Lots of great tips in this video! I had completely forgotten about the jeans and freezer trick. A great tip for washing silk (I always hand wash my silk garments): after washing and rinsing out all detergent, refill the tub with cold water and add 1/4 cup (ab 0.6 dl or just 1/2 dl) white vinegar (the normal 7%, but could also use 5% or dilute 35% if in need), swish the silk garment around gently, then rinse thoroughly with cold clean water. This restores shine and softens the silk piece - I find it makes a big difference. I also iron all my silk dry, as wet silk can go yellow if left to air dry. Removing stains from silk can be daunting, especially if the stain has set - dampen the stain and rub glycerin into it. Leave for about half an hour, then rinse with warm water, and wash like normal. It should be noted, as you probably already know, that not all stains can be removed from silk, as I learned the hard way when my beautiful wine-coloured silk dress perished due to sugary cocktail stains after a particularly rowdy NYE party. Sadness.
mademoiselle (23 days ago)
Those are some excellent tips! I usually leave stain removal to the experts as I know how finicky silk can be, so I'd never heard of the glycerin trick xx
Amy Steele (25 days ago)
Great video. Can you also create a video for shoe care, maintenance, and storage.
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
Thanks for the suggestion Amy! X
Maria Smith (25 days ago)
NEVER EVER WASH ANY SWEATER IN MACHINE! And never machine dry skinny jeans, or anything else with stretch, because it burns the Lycra or Elastine.
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
I always avoid drying things in the dryer too - I find it really wears things out a lot more quickly!
Constance Goldwing (25 days ago)
Hello! What are the links to the pill shaver?
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
This is the type of product I was referring to: https://www.amazon.com.au/Wonderful-Electric-Sweater-Remover-Curtains/dp/B0114OV6TE/ref=asc_df_B0114OV6TE/?tag=googleshopmob-22&linkCode=df0&hvadid=341773145917&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8548353695685990710&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9071825&hvtargid=pla-301953355883&psc=1
Julie-Ann D (26 days ago)
I know this is a serious topic worth getting right. But my cat has been snoring so loudly all through this video that even with ear phones in, I couldn't hear half of it. They sleep all day, how tired could she possibly be??? I will watch this again later, I am 100% sure it was helpful.
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
OMG 😂😂😂 my cats do the same thing!
dikshya chapagain (26 days ago)
Great tips I love everlane :) Can you maybe do an updated bag collection I have seen so many beautiful bags in your videos 😍
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
Yes definitely will be sharing an updated bag collection this month 😊
Heather K (26 days ago)
Very informative tips and tricks, as usual! I tend to hand wash all of my sweaters and blouses, regardless of their materials. It takes FOREVER but I feel as though it's made a difference in terms of longevity. For those, I like to use a mesh flat drying rack as I think that the horse-style drying racks can lead to lumps and bumps where the garment rests on the rods. I also keep a dedicated shelf in my closet for items that I've worn once or a few times but that aren't yet ready to be laundered. (I just prefer not having them mixed in with my clean clothes.)
mademoiselle (24 days ago)
I’ve never seen something like that in person, but I do need to upgrade the clothing rack we have so might keep a lookout! Keeping a shelf for all your worn items is a great idea too x
Susan Schafer (26 days ago)
Hi Jamie, I've heard of the water and vodka spray too, and am interested in whether it really works. Great tips. xo, Sue
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
From the comments it sounds like some of the other women who've watched use this method and it works. I'm planning to try this one out for myself, just need to get a spray bottle and buy some vodka hehe! x
Christina V (26 days ago)
This was so helpful!! Thank you! 🙏🏼
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Glad to hear! :)
Janet Armistead (26 days ago)
This has extremely useful content. You do a wonderful job of presenting and are very thoughtful about how you share content. I watched all the way through, but I appreciate the time stamp information so you could jump to each topic if you wish.
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Thank you so much Janet <3
Christina V (26 days ago)
You look so chic in black and the red lip completes the look. 🙌🏻
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Thank you Christina <3
K Scheffer (26 days ago)
I use vodka and distilled water 50/50 mix) all the time to freshen up clothes. It works! The trick is to use a spray bottle with a fine mist so you do not overly saturate a spot and make it wrinkle.
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your experience - I think I'm going to have to give it a try! x
belkis zorrilla (27 days ago)
This lipstick is wonderful in you, i think one little more colors in you Can be wonderful
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Thank you! x
Bhavini Maneklal (27 days ago)
Very informative video . Love all the May videos 😊
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it x
NicoleMarie251 (27 days ago)
I use a steamer to clean my Cashmere and tops with heavy embellishments like beading. Works like a charm to remove any odor.
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
I've heard that works great too! Our old steamer broke but I've been looking at getting a hand held one for this reason :)
amity 150 (27 days ago)
After losing a lot of nice garments to moth damage, I finally bought a freezer just for my clothes! I have a storage closet right next to the laundry, and that is where I keep off season clothing. There is where the freezer lives.
amity 150 (25 days ago)
I guess it helps with freshness, but I never really thought about that. I usually put wool and silk in freezer freshly laundered or dry cleaned in the spring, then take them out when it gets cold again. I do also use that freezer for crafts and occasionally to chill beer quickly, etc. But only rarely for food. But it stopped my moth issues COLD! Ha-ha!
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Oh wow I've never heard of a freezer specifically for clothes but that's a great idea if you have the space! It must keep them fresh too :)
Dan GD (27 days ago)
I use dye powder to brighten up again my discolored garments, that way I can use them for many more years. I handwash all my favourite items. To dry delicate knits, you can use a salad dryer (those that come with a pump). xx
Coolachar C (5 days ago)
Thanks for the tips!!
Karline Mann (15 days ago)
I agree, those dye powders are great and safed/refreshed a bunch of my clothes over the years, e.g a lot of blacks, my beloved bright cobalt blue jeans and a dark grey dress I had just bought that I was excited to wear but came out of the first wash with pinkish faded patches :( The dye powders won't work with a lot of synthetics though...
Dan GD (26 days ago)
@Coolachar C Yes, so far I've only used it on solids, wether it is to brighten up with the same shade or to darken stained/ yellowed items. You can even mix them and make your own tones.
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Oh that's a great tip! x
Coolachar C (27 days ago)
Dan GD how do you use dye powder? You have a few colours on hand and only use on solids? Thank you for sharing!
Freefalling into grace (27 days ago)
Yes to only cold water for soaking and washing! 👍 Also, stepping on your wrapped sweater to help it dry was so much fun - I tried it last time you recommended it and giggled the entire time. About the white towels with traces of make-up, I find that if I add a cup of white vinegar to my wash, or soak the whites in a vinegar-water solution (even better), they come out white again and super soft too 🥰🌼
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Hahaha! It's the best method I've found and gets rid of so much excess water. Ooh and that's a good one. Sounds like white vinegar is a bit of a catch all solution - I'm going to have to try it out :)
Freefalling into grace (27 days ago)
Love how you styled the cardi with the two coin pendants - so beautiful! Yes to airing your clothes and just washing the base layers! Especially, if you can hang them in sunlight, ultraviolet rays are antibacterial, so it's sort of sunbathing your clothing. this won't work for synthetic fibers though. I've been in love with natural fibers since I was a little girl growing up in Europe. Never got into synthetics. Pssst... I'm afraid I've been guilty of hanging my sweaters 👀 but they don't have any shoulder marks because they're the lightest merino wool and cashmere. I thought they would, but had them hanging for the entire season (9 months of winter 🤣❄), inspecting them often, and so far so good. I'll find a folding solution next season though. Have a great day!
Freefalling into grace (26 days ago)
@mademoiselle love your idea! Thanks. Will give it a try for sure :)
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
You definitely need to start finding a storage solution for your sweaters! A swap I would recommend if you fold your jeans is to hang those and use that spot for knitwear instead :) And yes sun baking your clothes is a great way to get rid of bacteria for sure! x
Lucinda McCarthy (27 days ago)
It's interesting that you say all wool pills. It was my understanding that the less quality the wool the more it does.
Karen Tracy (26 days ago)
Most pilling is caused by friction of some type. For example, if you use a shoulder bag over a sweater on your left side, you will likely have more pilling there than on the right side. Also if you do only a front tuck in your jeans. More rubbing of the sweater caused by the waistband.
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
In my experience, I've found about 95% of the sweaters I've bought ranging in price from $20 to upwards of $1000 has pilled which is why I'm inclined to say that it's not indicative of quality. It can be due to the methods used to get a particular yarn etc - hope that explains my thinking :)
Sandy Santigo (27 days ago)
I put white vinegar in the wash cycle with unscented detergent, this removes odors especially in workout clothing & it helps keep colors from running in cold or warm wash. White vinegar also great to keep your jeans from transferring color. Thanks for this video👍🏽❤️
Maria Smith (25 days ago)
You think that would work with a handwashing?
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
I've heard that white vinegar helps items become colour fast but not the other tip. Will definitely be trying that one out :)
Jazey Razey (27 days ago)
Excellent video with excellent tips, Jamie-Lee! Like you, I am so fastidious about putting my clothes away as soon as I take them off; and I also let woolens hang out over-night and then put them away the next day! I also wear a light top underneath when I wear a wool jumper just to keep the wool garment feeling fresher longer. I also hand-wash and use the delicate cycle, using garment bags. Great minds do think alike, haha. 😊 😊 xx
Jazey Razey (26 days ago)
@mademoiselle I agree with everything you've said in reply, Jamie-Lee, indeed, so I am always aghast when I see friends or family just tossing their clothes in a ever-growing pile after wearing them. I forgot to mention that my alpaca jumper is in the same perfectly lovely condition as when I bought it pre-loved 30 years ago! It's a very special item in my wardrobe as it's nothing like anything else I own - it is cream and light brown, with its length just at my thighs, has a pouch pocket at my tummy (the way hoodies do) to keep my hands warm, and a versatile voluminous collar that I can wrap up around my neck for added warmth. 😊 xx
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
I truly believe it makes a world of difference, plus how you treat your clothes says a lot about how much you value you them, and in return, how long you'll be able to hang on to them in your closet. Haha they definitely do! x
Pildora (27 days ago)
Washing sustainably is something I am getting more and more interested in. This is so helpful, thanks!
mademoiselle (26 days ago)
Thank you for watching! x
Lynne True (27 days ago)
Good tips, thank you! I recently thrifted a great pair of workout leggings and after washing I still smelled that lovely thrift store smell so I sprayed them inside and out with vodka and hung outside overnight and then washed again...smell finally gone! Another tip is to run your machine empty on a rinse cycle after washing a load of jeans just to make sure you don't transfer blue dye to the next load if it happens to be light clothes or sheets....from experience.
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
I really need to try the vodka trick! Also great tip on washing jeans - I've never had this happen to me thankfully but it's a great idea to keep in mind :)
Adira Al-Hilo (27 days ago)
I really love that you mention what parts of the video are what and you don’t take it offensively if we skip to one part due to finding more use out of it! Xoxo
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Haha!! I knew it was going to be a long one and wanted to ensure that whoever watched got value out of it - whether that’s the whole thing or just a section ☺️ hope you found this useful x
jenhup (27 days ago)
how do you wash your everlane alpaca sweater?
talb0807 (27 days ago)
I put mine on a delicate cycle in the washing machine in a laundry bag and it shrunk and lost a lot of "hair"... So I guess hand washing is the way to go. Hope that helps :)
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
I haven’t washed it yet just as I try to prolong how often I wear it before I do, but I’ll use that hand washing method that I shared x
Kathleen Adeshoga (27 days ago)
Yesssss I've been waiting for this video! :)
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Yay!! Hope you found it informative x
Aichan (27 days ago)
First comment ! I discovered your channel recently and love it. Your voice is very soothing and your content detailed. Thanks for the video!
mademoiselle (27 days ago)
Aw thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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