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- LINKS & DETAILS - Here is my vacation prep and my few days in Santorini!! Everything mentioned is linked below!! My Online Store COFFEE & COUTURE http://www.shopcoffeeandcouture.com http://www.instagram.com/shopcoffeeandcouture Everything mentioned Hair done by Nolan at Samuel Augustin Nails done at Q-Spa (Havana Tan) Lap Of Luxury Cropped Jean Jacket - forever 21 but similar http://bit.ly/2uXeyc8 Sunglasses http://bit.ly/2vgBw9y Bronzed Goddess Perfume http://bit.ly/2vh1ERj Bronze Goddess shimmering oil http://bit.ly/2uXIYuD Abody Brushes http://bit.ly/2uXOKN0 Nipple Covers (the BEST) http://bit.ly/2uXVQ3U Cake and Bake sponge http://bit.ly/2viOvHz Sephora Hydrating Mask http://bit.ly/2uZzkI1 PS. my lips are swollen and a little bruised because I had a little dissolved in my lips!! FIND ME HERE! https://www.instagram.com/tonisevdalis/ http://www.twitter.com/tonisevdalis Snapchat: ToniSevdalis My sister's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/alliesevdalis Some links may be affiliate links. If you choose to use my links, I receive a small commission which helps support my channel. By using these links, you are not being charged any extra money. I buy everything I show in my videos unless otherwise noted.
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Text Comments (73)
Angela (1 year ago)
I think you need a wide lens for your camera 🎥 Great vlogs!
Vanessa G (1 year ago)
omg i want sephora package😩😩😩😩😩
Vanessa G (1 year ago)
i wish i could go to greece😭
Vanessa Sarena (1 year ago)
Olivia Rothwell (1 year ago)
Where are your fluffy sliders from please? Love them! xx
Olivia Rothwell (1 year ago)
islandgurlpurple ohhhh.. pricey 😬 they're so nice though. thankyou xx
islandgurlpurple (1 year ago)
Olivia Rothwell Givenchy mink slides i believe... she mentioned them in a previous video.. they're so cute☺️
Everydaywigs (1 year ago)
Hello, You promised to help us to make a video ,and it's been over the limit for a long time .Could you give us an answer?
Radames Vlogs (1 year ago)
Looks like you're about to have a lot of fun! Glad you went to visit family again ❤️
Cameron Calef (1 year ago)
Can you link the high waist bikini in the beginning?
Mahatma Gandhi (1 year ago)
nice 🌹👍
Alex Kinok (1 year ago)
I did some travel vlog in Europe too. Check my channel if interested.
beautyobsessed07 (1 year ago)
Where did you order the prints from?
thepeiwitch (1 year ago)
Lol. Pretty hot is he? Unbutton that shirt. Too funny
thepeiwitch (1 year ago)
29.00 for the body cream? 69.00 here
Kristen Montano (1 year ago)
I loved the Greek music that you included in this vlog. I'm Greek myself and I've been to Greece so many times but never to Santorini, it looked beautiful.
Brianne Holmberg (1 year ago)
Where your purse from
CheeChee (1 year ago)
At 15:05 your makeup looked so beautiful 😍 !!!
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Thank you!! xo
captainbeautyx (1 year ago)
TONI, I added apple cider vinegar to my lemon water and I feel BETRAYED!!!! LOL it didn't taste like lemonade to me. Still love you though <3
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
LOL!! You have to add like half a lemon and only a dash of ACV!! Too much ACV will ruin it! Hope this helped!! xo
Emily Ortiz (1 year ago)
You look amazing Toni! I loved this vlog. Gorgeous all the way girl!
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Aw thank you!! xo
Erica Nicole (1 year ago)
dying to get my hands on that makeup bag, what is it called?
Cadra (1 year ago)
Love it!!
MontanaDior (1 year ago)
Damn Paul in Santorini looking like a mob boss..lmao 😍😍😍 Y'all are so cute!
Carmen Chan (1 year ago)
Where did you order those art pictures for the frames?
Brittany Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Love ur hair n sunglasses! :) did you always get blow outs I thought you normal do ur hair yourself?
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Thanks girl!! I rarely get blow outs, just when I go in to get my hair toned! I always do it myself :)
KPawlowski (1 year ago)
Amazing! This reminded me of our 1 wedding aniversary and we decided to celebrate it by going to Santorini , which is magical 💕 what is on your lips most of the time? It looks like perfect nude MLBB 😘
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Most of the time I have strip down with the BITE liquid lip in Whip or Yash by MAC :)
nina allegra (1 year ago)
Love your vlogs, really cool that you vlogged your trip! Makes me want to go on vacation sooo bad!!!
Jessica K (1 year ago)
I have crazy travel fever right now and watching this killed me! lol Stunning!
P M (1 year ago)
Jessica K same same!
Antania King (1 year ago)
Where is you living room couch from
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Living room couch is from JC Perrault & I got my suitcase at Winners! I am not 100% sure of the exact brand :)
Antania King (1 year ago)
And your suitcase
Sophie C (1 year ago)
Whats the name of the little lips makeup bag ? Love your videos :)
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
I can't find the exact one online but it is the Voyager makeup bag by Sephora!!
Briana Arnao (1 year ago)
Hey Toni! Can you do a video on how you budget for luxury items and clothes or even include it in a vlog? Thank you!!
Briana Arnao (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
I did a whole blog post about it!! http://www.thedailyglowup.com/classy-and-fabulous/
Mary Jenkins (1 year ago)
You and Paul should take a trip to the Cayman Islands! I just went there in June for two weeks with my boyfriend and it is absolutely AMAZING! I highly recommend 😊
Maria A (1 year ago)
I can read some Greek because I am Russian:) and a some letters are similar
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
I wish I could read & speak Greek!!
Kiara Hale (1 year ago)
Love this vlog! Greece is beautiful! I loved the Greek mac too lol
Fatima Touti (1 year ago)
Where's the nude bathing suite come from ?
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Fatima Touti sommerfield swim :)
Stephanie rose (1 year ago)
Where are the pictures from?
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Stephanie rose society 6 :)
Natalie Brady (1 year ago)
Love the music touch at the end haha. Santorini looks amazing!
starbluewhitered (1 year ago)
such a beautiful view at dinner
cinnamon x (1 year ago)
Is Mykonos and Santorini the same area?
Christina Salcedo (1 year ago)
amanda mallozzi both islands are located in the Cyclades so yes, they are in the same area.
Christina Salcedo (1 year ago)
cinnamon x yes, both islands are in the Cyclades. The Cyclades is a cluster of islands in the Aegean.
amanda mallozzi (1 year ago)
no its not.. its 2 different islands.
Yasmine Y (1 year ago)
So you have 8 classes? 😳 please do A back to school video like organisation, or q&a video about uni
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
I am only taking 4 classes! I am planning on doing an entire school series xo
Jessybelle_ (1 year ago)
Yasmine Y Four classes a day doesn't mean 8 classes. It can be the same class that meets twice a week (still only 4) 😘
Vanessa Sarena (1 year ago)
Loving the Greek music at one point haha really gets us in the mood.
Presley95 (1 year ago)
Can I just say, I love your vlogs!!! Hope you're having an awesome trip you guys! Safe travels back to the home land xo
Erica Lee (1 year ago)
Travel vlogs are my favorite! Greece looks beautiful 💖
Leah (1 year ago)
Yay I missed your blogs!!! Santorini looks so beautiful I can't wait to go 😍
SONIA M (1 year ago)
where are your slides from?
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
SONIA M or the blue ones are Karl lagerfeld!
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
SONIA M givenchy :)
Jessybelle_ (1 year ago)
Do you have the link to your misguided dress you wore at the end of the vlog?
Jennifer Vasquez (1 year ago)
How was the quality and fit of the bathing suite??
Toni Sevdalis (1 year ago)
Sommerfield Swim! I love them! Definitely my most worn bikini this vacation xo
Fatima Touti (1 year ago)
Jennifer Ramirez what is the namr of the bathing suite ?
Naomi Elizabeth (1 year ago)
Love your vlogs! Your voice is so soothing haha 🌸
Selina Vv (1 year ago)
Love your vlogs 💗
Mazarine (1 year ago)
You are by far my fave youtuber! Have fun in Greece! Love from Belgium xx

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