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New York City Travel Guide

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Our New York City Travel Guide! We had a blast exploring the city so good they named it twice, New York, New York.... Visit our friends at Hipmunk to find the best fares to New York https://www.hipmunk.com/flights/?utm_medium=brand&utm_source=inf&utm_campaign=ah_yt&utm_content=nyc No matter how many times I visit New York, I still have so many "wow" moments. From the sights, the sounds, the flavours, and the sensations, New York City offers the first time visitor and the seasoned New York expert something new every single time. What a place....what a place. Check out Scott's Pizza Tours - http://www.scottspizzatours.com/ Where we stayed: CAMBRiA Hotel & Suites New York - Chelseahttp://www.booking.com/hotel/us/cambria-amp-suites-new-york-chelsea.en-gb.html?aid=338557
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Attaché (1 year ago)
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NYC-Spider (24 days ago)
Ikr I’ve been waiting so lobf
NYC-Spider (24 days ago)
NYC-Spider (24 days ago)
IKR. I’ve been asking since ages....
Reformatt Show (5 months ago)
you guys truly make the best guides on YouTube, I am surprised you guys do not have more subscribers. as a newbie to New York, I am still trying to find some more hidden/cool places. let's do a travel guide challenge one of these days... are you down Alex?
TheBrownEagle (6 months ago)
Awesome video!! Just opened a new YouTube channel you might wanna take a look ;)
fillip baumberger (1 day ago)
nothing but a cage for slaves
janet lovea (1 day ago)
bless that I live 15 mins from the city
Arch Angel (2 days ago)
djguy100 (3 days ago)
Having lived in NY I was really disappointed with the quality of food in the city and the USA in general. I guess it's down to the quality of raw ingredients but in Europe, even the basic standard of food is far superior.
Marcos Batista (4 days ago)
Nunca me canso de ver vídeos dessa metrópole mundial.
Shivam Manjani (6 days ago)
your videos are so bloody crisp and precise!!!
AstonMartinStig (6 days ago)
Been here for almost 10 yrs now. Just watching for you, buddy.
Jaron Martin (6 days ago)
You do not have to ask anyone how to get somewhere with the trains. I live in Tokyo where the trains are way more confusing than in New York. Google maps is great for train routes in New York and Tokyo but not so much for walking or driving.
Joe Amodeo (8 days ago)
this is spoken in the most "im not from new york" way
kandoo1316 (9 days ago)
Thank you for this video,I'm going to NYC soon . It was very helpful and so well explained. Will be watching more of your videos. :)
The city so nice, not good...
Attaché (9 days ago)
I assure you it’s not.
Tourist Guide (10 days ago)
Nice Video
Am Cha (10 days ago)
I never tipped and there was never any issue
Jax (12 days ago)
Tribe called quest love ❤️💚🖤
Norwegian Blue (14 days ago)
I'm from California. Traveled to most of the US (including Chicago) and Italy. Nothing beats a New York pizza. A random, average NY pizza would be like the top 5% in California.
abdarrof (15 days ago)
Very good
shawn burnham (16 days ago)
Rowdy Jamez Yancey (17 days ago)
We have 5 boroughs... Williamsburg is not one of them xD it's #in Brooklyn
monizdm (19 days ago)
I live in NY. A hint for the taxis. You do NOT need to say east or west, since if you are giving the intersection it would be redundant. So 23rd and 8th is all you need to say (the west is understood). And it most certainly is not Avenue of the Americas. It is Sixth Avenue.
Paul H. Kircher III (19 days ago)
Even without Times Square being the way it used to be New York still has a lot of areas that are beyond compare.
Paul H. Kircher III (19 days ago)
Even without Times Square being the way it used to be New York still has a lot of areas that are beyond compare.
Pablo Campos (20 days ago)
Tipping in America is getting out of control. If you don't bring my meals and drinks to my table don't expect any tips.
Jesus De León (22 days ago)
Awesome video !
NYC-Spider (29 days ago)
Where is the continued video. Disappointed
Floor Encer (29 days ago)
As to turn on red after stop... In every other city in the United States you are allowed to make a right turn on a red light after a full stop. However, in New York City this is illegal, unless otherwise noted by a traffic sign. Do not contribute to grid-lock! Enter an intersection only if you're sure you can make it through! Car Driving tips - NY.com https://www.ny.com/transportation/automobiles/cartips.html Turning right at a red light is allowed in Québec, except where prohibited by a traffic sign and on the island of Montréal. https://saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/road-safety/behaviours/turning-right-at-a-red-light/ Out of state and NY state handicapped placards are not honored in NYC. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/pppdinfo.shtml To carry any firearm in New York City a person must have a New York City Permit/License.
LaDolcevita (30 days ago)
That cheese pizza looks like barf
LaDolcevita (30 days ago)
Do they have vegan pizza there?
Alonso Quijano (1 month ago)
You only did Manhattan because that's where rich people live.
Artur Kisarewski (1 month ago)
Great trip :)
Gul Khan (1 month ago)
love da longer video u done amazing job well done bro 👌👍
Faux Show (1 month ago)
This really made me want to visit new york. Or anywhere. great vid. useful channel.
Faux Show (1 month ago)
oh my god what gloves are those?>@>@ i need them!!!
SmashingKinpumps (1 month ago)
Another tip: AVOID TAXIS... uber and lyft are SOOOOOO much cheaper. The city has free wifi stations.. so if you're from out of the country you'll always be connected.
Debra Jarnagin (1 month ago)
Talk too much.
Robbie Backpacking (1 month ago)
My biggest tip for tourists is use the subways, BUT use Google Maps BEFORE going down into the subway where you have no service.
Robbie Backpacking (1 month ago)
I agree, it's the side streets, hole in the walls, and the little things that make NYC an amazing city.
Raghunandan Reddy C (1 month ago)
No free right in New York
gangones (1 month ago)
I went there alone and the bums ruined everything!! Never seen that homeless scene from television and it really surprised me...... 🤔 Otherwise I would have gone to college there but the constant bumming made me mad because I had to start walking fast from place to place just like people who lived there and I could not enjoy any of the scenary myself.... I'm from middle of finland and thinking what would be good American college town?? I would like big city but less threatening bums/thieves........
muggcharles (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention that subway rides are really cheap if you are staying long enough to purchase a NYC subway weekly pass that is also good for NYC buses.
Andreas Hoppe (1 month ago)
my wallet is not going to like it but see you in 2 weeks, new york :)
Fernando Hernandez (1 month ago)
Using the subway is no big deal. Google Maps will tell you exactly what to do.
Living Walks (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing, we do gopro walk through's mainly in Europe, so it's great to see others guiding us through places we may never get to see. Thank you, I enjoyed walking around with you and have subscribed.
Nayeem Memon (1 month ago)
It was very Awesome video...love you uncle
Butch Broussard (1 month ago)
Tipping is for pussies who can't say no. If the waiters and waitress don't believe they are are earning a fair wage, they need to get a different job--don't ask me for a handout like some bumb.
Bats RULE (1 month ago)
We went to go on the subway when we visited last time, to go to Yankee Stadium, there was no customer service person to show us (British tourists one of whom has special needs) how to use the machines so we ended up going to Grand Central Station (much better)
Bats RULE (1 month ago)
New York City is named twice because it's in New York State.
The Union Square (1 month ago)
Praba Garan (1 month ago)
you mean to say i dont work hard? absolutely no reason to tip
Ian Wyatt (2 months ago)
If you like ugly creeps and nauseating lights, cars and buildings... Ugh!
Travel Love (2 months ago)
I urge you to travel - as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. -Anthony Bourdain
jfk 7890 (2 months ago)
Visited NYC last week. Best city on earth. I can't wait to go back 😍
bennychun1021 (2 months ago)
Paris is fashion capital!
smithnjw (2 months ago)
Great video, really helpful in planning my trip! Look forward to the greater New York video of the outer Boroughs. Cheers
Gamer Boy3000 (2 months ago)
gta 4's map is mostly designed as New York
Amelia Lawson (2 months ago)
It’s my dream to go here❤️❤️
J-WAR (2 months ago)
So a taxi drivers job is to get you from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. And then you have to pay him for this and then give him a tip for...?
Central Park nyc (2 months ago)
Traveled using guided tour in nyc https://nyc-adventure.com/
Judith Rios (2 months ago)
Greetings from California. Question...is the traffic in New York like the traffic on the 405 or worse?
Bastien Malek (2 months ago)
I'll visit NY in less than two weeks now and your video really helped a lot. Funny ans interesting. Good luck for the future.
Rich Young (2 months ago)
Rich Young (2 months ago)
Butter scotch
Rich Young (2 months ago)
New york here i come yeahhhhhh.........oh yeah Way better depection of whats instored for me compared to what ive seen on the travel channel nice work buddy
Victor Lloyd (2 months ago)
Cars may NOT turn right on red in New York. That is allowed in many US cities, but not this one. New York is also one of the most hospitable cities I know. People will and do help tourists. If you stand in one spot studying a map very briefly, you can count on someone asking if they can help you. But be warned: Folks are helpful but also in a hurry- this is a busy place. When you walk on a sidewalk, keep moving or step to the inner or outer edge of the sidewalk if you want to stop and look at something. If you disturb the flow of pedestrian traffic, someone will either instruct you about sidewalk etiquette or push you over!
45revolut1on (3 months ago)
Leaving for New York tomorrow night. Will be my first time there so stoked!
Mitchell P.M Yao (3 months ago)
Ny loks like Sydney cbd with ots downtown, i never been there so 1st time travel to america since watching ots famous movies about it and the skyscrapers of course, youur videos are exiting to wstch, yes interestimg place and peoole.
sbkid925 (3 months ago)
Gentleman whenever you do the Queens episode, hit me up. I'll show you what a real deli, pizza, and NY experience is.
xxWilky (3 months ago)
Im Going to new york January 5th 2019. Im guessing ill need to book a few things online so there not sold out when I get there. Like going to the statue of liberty? Here's a reason not to tip.... Im on holiday Im paying a shit load of money just to get here I work my ass off at work to without a tip.
Days Excursions (3 months ago)
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Leilanye B (3 months ago)
Thank you for your helpful infos. Very entertaining 😃 Going to NY in October and can’t wait 🎉🎉🎉 and we will definitely tip 👍👍👍
Menachem Hornbacher (3 months ago)
I live in NYC. You have not been allowed to "turn in red" in decades
Andres Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Tip with a bible quote I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gwen Strum (3 months ago)
u are so handsome (& taken i'm sure) & you're prob 15 yrs younger then me but i have a crush on u. i love your voice, the way u dress etc.
Aensel (3 months ago)
Interesting video about New York!
Christina (3 months ago)
Gamer Boy3000 (4 months ago)
NYC is my favourite city to be in
Jadewizard (4 months ago)
I'm shocked you didn't mention that for $32 you can get a 7 day metro pass which is excellent savings for getting around.
Hassan Al-Lawati (1 month ago)
Jadewizard is this unlimited?
Monarnyc R (4 months ago)
I'm cheap I always use public transportation from the airport to my hotel.
Toruk Makto (4 months ago)
The 'Pizza-Rabbi' gave me a good laugh. Did he study 'Pizzalogy' at Harvard?
FLORIDAS FINEST (4 months ago)
How come you never metioned harlem?
Lita Iero (4 months ago)
Lou Reed! ❤
R R (4 months ago)
Hi. Where are the homeless? You forgot to mention those. And, where is the green space? The city has amazing green spaces.
Brent V (4 months ago)
You look like a friendlier Chris Jericho (Not that he's not friendly in real life...but his "character" doesn't show that)
Victor Linares (4 months ago)
Highly recommend to go to flushing in queens. Theres the flushing meadows park, with a zoo, pool, farm, and museum inside. Its also connected to a botanical garden
Emrys Baigent (4 months ago)
Such an amazingly helpful video!!!!!
Bravo Luca (4 months ago)
We love NYC. We visit every year. So much to do. Subways are great. The Broadway shows are also great. We spend a lot of time at Lincoln Center. Great food,food,food. It’s great city for sports,museums,and art. So folks visit and enjoy.
Tim Jordan (4 months ago)
When getting in a cab you say the intersection. That is correct but you say it like 5th and 41st. Not hay driver I am doing between such and such, no you don't say that. If you want to go between streets, say that later after he knows where to go and goes.
Tim Jordan (4 months ago)
Which is street and which is avenue is implied so you don't have to say them. Just say 41st and 3rd for instance, there is no such thing as 41st avenue.
Peggy Eggers (4 months ago)
Faridah Dollah (4 months ago)
TenSyc (4 months ago)
I adore the part where you address people who dont tip, cant stand people who think that its ok
Rwhunited (4 months ago)
So... season 3 has come and gone, no further New York video.....
Ramnath Soni (4 months ago)
I actually live in India but I spend my more time in New York and tomorrow I am going newyork
Hannah Rose Reviews (4 months ago)
Take a bike ride around Central Park!
Mor Mordchaev (4 months ago)
Please come to Tel Aviv, Israel. I will personally take time off work and take you to the best local restaurants!!
MARCELO DESA (4 months ago)
I lived there for 29 years after moving to Florida I think about going back there everyday all the time no matter what people say.
George (4 months ago)
Very informative
Bryan Hoang (4 months ago)
NYC isn't the most expensive city in America. That's San Francisco.
sue ali (4 months ago)
I’m a New Yorker why tf am I watching this.
Alexandr (4 months ago)
New York is a garbage city for third world countries.
Kevin O'Brien (4 months ago)
Also, shout out to North Dumpling on Essex between Grand and Hester for the best hole-in-the-wall dumplings and sesame pancakes in the city.

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