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New York City Travel Guide

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Our New York City Travel Guide! We had a blast exploring the city so good they named it twice, New York, New York.... Visit our friends at Hipmunk to find the best fares to New York https://www.hipmunk.com/flights/?utm_medium=brand&utm_source=inf&utm_campaign=ah_yt&utm_content=nyc No matter how many times I visit New York, I still have so many "wow" moments. From the sights, the sounds, the flavours, and the sensations, New York City offers the first time visitor and the seasoned New York expert something new every single time. What a place....what a place. Check out Scott's Pizza Tours - http://www.scottspizzatours.com/ Where we stayed: CAMBRiA Hotel & Suites New York - Chelseahttp://www.booking.com/hotel/us/cambria-amp-suites-new-york-chelsea.en-gb.html?aid=338557
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Attaché (1 year ago)
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New York is 1st a State lol
The_Forsaken_Guardian (2 months ago)
Ikr I’ve been waiting so lobf
The_Forsaken_Guardian (2 months ago)
The_Forsaken_Guardian (2 months ago)
IKR. I’ve been asking since ages....
Reformatt Show (7 months ago)
you guys truly make the best guides on YouTube, I am surprised you guys do not have more subscribers. as a newbie to New York, I am still trying to find some more hidden/cool places. let's do a travel guide challenge one of these days... are you down Alex?
Prodigy Sebazzee001 (1 day ago)
If you want pizza, go to Chicago.
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
come tochelsea nyc
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
pay o matic, 115 w 23 st nyc ny 10011 // 212-242-0320 / 24/7 they sell metro cards, cell phones, debit cards, master charge cards, they have a change machine where u can bring change in and transfer it to bills
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
they have a atm machine in side
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
pay bills much more open 24/7 seven days a week cash checking place has a lot
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
u can get metro cards at the money center @ w 23 st nyc 10011 north side of the street, open 24 / 7 between 6th and 7th aves take no 1 andthe f train to w 23 st nyc , they even let u pay tickets there for parking tickets too,
Helen Murphy (1 day ago)
looks cool
james morrin (1 day ago)
That pizza looked like dough with the thinnest topping ever. Thank fuck for pizza in Rome. Learn new york as I feel your just taking the piss. Septic tanks!
Yer Yer (1 day ago)
Why should the customer pay the staff 50% of their wages through tipping? Is it not the responsibility of the companies to pay employees a liveable wage? Is it not the role of US politicians to force the companies to pay a liveable minimum wage? I'll be heading to the US in 2 months & will tip at least 15% but I think their system is a joke.
John LaLone (1 day ago)
Love the show...Still waiting on the video or remaining NYC areas
ineedahatnow (2 days ago)
Horrible horrible city, more rats than people, gangs, murder, crime out of control.
Killian Santiago (3 days ago)
train in dallas only cost $2.50
Naśty (3 days ago)
Welcome to New York. We've been waiting for you, welcome to New York. - Taylor Swift, 2014
나나 나나 (4 days ago)
Thank you for uploading :) This video is so useful to me because I have a plan to travel to New York! Even though it takes 14 hours from Seoul to New York, I am so exicted!!!
PRETTYBOY KEN (5 days ago)
gaz riley (5 days ago)
please do a Liverpool Guide
Exceed One (6 days ago)
“Instead of heading to the touristy parts, take a walk in the opposite direction and enter the world of.... human trafficking😉”
Jawn Music (6 days ago)
I can't find the rest of the new york series... did you delete them or am I just stupid?
patricia dipalma (7 days ago)
nice video however, did i miss the Great Wall of China and the Sydney Opera House???
patricia dipalma (7 days ago)
Big Apple.com has free tours of areas of the city if you have a group of 3 or more ish. check it out. I've always wanted to do it but never got enough people. ALSO DON'T MISS: the angel tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Christmas time. A gem!!!
Arthur Wehl (8 days ago)
Do New Orleans
Marco Rosales (8 days ago)
In NYC you cannot turn right on red. It's extremely unlawful.
Mike Hunt (8 days ago)
Lol thank the lord I live were I live
Nice tips. When you took the video?
Attaché (10 days ago)
This was in February, hence the less-than-perfect weather.
hamidreza saleh (13 days ago)
Come to Tehran, you'll love it :))))
Luci Fer (14 days ago)
Great review, waaaay more helpful than all the "pretty girl" videos...they're so annoying lol!
TheKronikRecords (14 days ago)
The pizza guy is nuts
oc2phish07 (14 days ago)
Seeing those pizza slices reinforced the fact that New York has NOTHING whatsoever to offer.
Mo Salah Liverpool (14 days ago)
6:33 Ny copied London Didn’t they I’m going to NY on my half term holidays
Mo Salah Liverpool (14 days ago)
12:27 Are you dumb?! Does America actually eat pizza like that
Mo Salah Liverpool (14 days ago)
15 May 2016? Real Madrid must’ve won the champions League 2018?anyone?
Tiffanini (14 days ago)
New York kinda reminds me of GTA 😄
CuriosityRocks (15 days ago)
Really awesome and interesting video 😀
A AROY (16 days ago)
The guide is correct that you should be very aware and careful crossing the streets of NYC .  He is wrong about right turns on red.  They are not legal in NYC, unless otherwise a sign is posted permitting them .  This is a problem for us New Yorkers when dealing with suburban visitors, where right on red is usually the rule.  If you are crazy enough to drive in NYC please do not try and make a right turn on red, unless you want to hear some of our famous cursing. Have a nice f*#king day.
patricia dipalma (7 days ago)
just ask Winston Churchill when he got hit with a vehicle looking the wrong way in NYC. if it wasn't for Bernard Berauch he would have been killed iso just injured.
Kholdstare52 (17 days ago)
You CANNOT make a right on red within New York City.
Gil Balfas (17 days ago)
i like your reviews man
S Robinson (17 days ago)
You can’t turn right on a red light bro
Michael Henderson (18 days ago)
Great video. One more tip: If you don't want to sound like a tourist, don't say "Avenue of the Americas". Say "6th Avenue" like most New Yorkers. And "Houston" Street is pronounced "Howston".
Tad Strange (20 days ago)
I kinda wish I could live in New York because I'd be fitter. I mean, you walk everywhere.
Cameron Phin (22 days ago)
Wow, I love New York. This video inspired me want to visit New York one day. I'm living in Melbourne ( Australia )
Guy Sayer (23 days ago)
In every show he tells you to always leave a tip. He's so pompous.
Al Black (23 days ago)
Any Brit or Canadian traveling to this city would not only have to find out what airport their flight's going to, but also how to enter Manhattan (be it by taxicab or train). They'd also need to learn how to tip and find out which food is cheaper (Chinese or hamburgers).
I know de Wey brudda (23 days ago)
That’s an expensive @ss taxi
Nicole Horton (24 days ago)
Why do all videos about NYC, only show this part of Manhattan? There are other areas like Washington Heights, Spanish Harlem, Lower East Side, Fort Greene ( Brooklyn) Marble Hill, Gun Hill Road, Kingsbridge,( Bronx),, there is sooo much more to see of NYC
Toni Robledo (24 days ago)
15% tips? you should be joking! Max 1 or 2 dollars
Kye Lopez (24 days ago)
I live here and this video was amazingly well put together and informative
She is the city capital of the Milky Way! I'm totally in love with her.
Aniviper (27 days ago)
There are no such things as bridge tolls from JFK.
GAMER FOR LIFE (27 days ago)
tipping well no body tips me doing my job but if i am in manhatten i will tip
GAMER FOR LIFE (27 days ago)
the beer is the same price as the uk thats be good
GAMER FOR LIFE (27 days ago)
Kawaii Desu (28 days ago)
Don't come to NY if you're a filthy arab savage
martin harrison (29 days ago)
Hi there, enjoyed your film, I'm from London and wondered what you'd make of it here...
A b (1 month ago)
world's best city.
Lucy Hall (1 month ago)
This video is so informative and helpful, thank you!! Only 15 months and counting till my trip to NYC!! 😁
Kelan Feeney (1 month ago)
Alex Hunter 😂😂😂
Jomelfy Clase (1 month ago)
my wife and I want to visit new york, and part of it is just to try new york pizza 😂
Jomelfy Clase (21 days ago)
from the Dominican Republic, what about you?
Cameron Phin (22 days ago)
I like pizza too. So where are you from?
Buffy Bell (1 month ago)
What makes NYC Pizza special is the water. Their tap water is completely different from anywhere. No Kidding. You can taste it in the bread too.
Officer Baron (1 month ago)
First night in NY, went to the recommended pizza place in this video. Great suggestion and NYC was amazing!
Rahul (1 month ago)
Nice all videos
Chigz (1 month ago)
NYC is just an amazing city to be in with its full positive vibes and most all the loving American people who know whats best.
Ender_Creeper453 (1 month ago)
You should visit Fargo North Dakota
mcscootie (1 month ago)
New York sounds a bit of a rip-off to me
Gabriel Augusto Marcon (1 month ago)
I realized you like Ramones hahah
Pika-Mickey-Chu (1 month ago)
My Sister-In-Law To Be Brittany Lives In NYC!
Patty Figurski (1 month ago)
LOVE how you showed where you were on the map -- so often other vloggers show areas like Chelsea, Soho, the Lower East Side, the Upper West Side, etc., but we non-New Yorkers like to be able to actually pinpoint where the subject area is on the map of NYC!! Helps us New York-o-philes a LOT!! Love the information you share here, extremely helpful, thank you!
Kuro Bro (1 month ago)
No right on Red in NYC. Thats only an option in New York State (Longisland, Eastern Queens, Northern Bronx and so on. Certainly not Manhattan)
Ben Tamayuchi (1 month ago)
Who orders 16 toppings on a pizza? Nobody. New York pizza can be amazing but it’s mainly greasy and overpriced sadly.
omarrr rrr (1 month ago)
Samantha Dale (1 month ago)
go to Sydney!!!
Antonio Miguel (1 month ago)
Its look São Paulo City, From BRAZIL !
Malcom Shakur Garvey (1 month ago)
Alex Hunter! He scores! Oh, wait. Wrong Alex Hunter.
FloatingGoat (1 month ago)
So I visited New York in August 2017, but I'm going back this winter (Dec 30 to Jan 6). I've already visited all the touristy attractions, seen many different parts of NY (everything from lower Manhattan to Harlem). What would people recommend doing/seeing there? I was thinking about watching a game of Ice hockey or basketball but it's quite expensive and I'm not sure if it's worth it :/ Any activities/places to visit in the New Jersey-area is also appreciated as that's where I'm going to stay :)
Nicole Horton (24 days ago)
Yankee stadium area in the Bronx, Fordham road Bronx, Coney island,
Torvus Bog (1 month ago)
Ramones are from Queens mother fucker...
GersonM (1 month ago)
Never go to DUMBO in brooklyn. A fucking hipster paradise is all it is.
Imam Hasan (1 month ago)
nice city
juicy likesplums (1 month ago)
very good review of New York please come to Richmond,Virginia
Vikram Chauhan (1 month ago)
Where is the second part?
NYC Real Beats (1 month ago)
I don't even know how I ended up watching this Travel Guide Video of my OWN CITY "LMFAO AT MYSELF" ....DUDE "WILLIAMSBURG AKA (LOS SURES) IS NOT A BOROUGH IS A NEIGHBORHOOD IN BROOKLYN NY THAT WAS GENTRIFIED BY RICH KIDS FULL OF THEMSELVES" ; I can say worst things about the Hipster and the rest of RICH @$$h®||3$ moving to NYC but it might be to harsh for none New Yorkers !! PS: With Love From A New Yorker.
Potting Soil (1 month ago)
Thank you, fuz!
wekakiwi (1 month ago)
Alex - I work in the travel industry in New Zealand and have been recommending your site to friends and colleagues. You are entertaining, informative and the video is really well presented. Many thanks for putting this all together!
Paul Affenita (1 month ago)
Turning on red light in NYC is NOT legal
Liza Toft (1 month ago)
Tourists love the subway locals get annoyed by it
Adventures of Dave (1 month ago)
The subway is the best way to go forsure and it's cheap. Getting from laguardia into anywhere in the city costs $3 if you take the free q70 bus and buy a one way single fare subway ticket
Kinjal Sharma (1 month ago)
There are lot many things to do while being in NYC... http://newyork-dailynews.com/best-places-in-new-york-city/
Boris Vera (1 month ago)
Your videos are simply GREAT!
LORDE 2729 (1 month ago)
i want to visit so much. such diverse people and so nice. but why so expensive. whyyy?
ElChe-Ko (1 month ago)
tipping is just stupid
M A (1 month ago)
soundenvision (1 month ago)
Great video! No turn on red anywhere in NYC unless explicitly stated -- not to say that people wouldn't do it, but you're almost guaranteed a ticket that is obscenely expensive, even worse in Manhattan because of gridlock. If you block the box in an intersection you'll be the most hated person on Earth for a few minutes.
Nicole Barlaan (1 month ago)
Rewatching this episode and makes me want to visit New York again! Love New York!
Baritone45 (1 month ago)
It's the city so "nice", they named it twice. (Not good)
Attaché (1 month ago)
I assure you it’s not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York,_New_York_(So_Good_They_Named_It_Twice)
janet lovea (2 months ago)
bless that I live 15 mins from the city
Arch Angel (2 months ago)
djguy100 (2 months ago)
Having lived in NY I was really disappointed with the quality of food in the city and the USA in general. I guess it's down to the quality of raw ingredients but in Europe, even the basic standard of food is far superior.
Marcos Batista (2 months ago)
Nunca me canso de ver vídeos dessa metrópole mundial.
Shivam Manjani (2 months ago)
your videos are so bloody crisp and precise!!!
AstonMartinStig (2 months ago)
Been here for almost 10 yrs now. Just watching for you, buddy.
Jaron Martin (2 months ago)
You do not have to ask anyone how to get somewhere with the trains. I live in Tokyo where the trains are way more confusing than in New York. Google maps is great for train routes in New York and Tokyo but not so much for walking or driving.
Joe Amodeo (2 months ago)
this is spoken in the most "im not from new york" way
kandoo1316 (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video,I'm going to NYC soon . It was very helpful and so well explained. Will be watching more of your videos. :)
The city so nice, not good...
Attaché (2 months ago)
I assure you it’s not.
Tourist Guide (2 months ago)
Nice Video

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