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Making Vinyl Toys - ToyCon 2019 Neema Toys/Fhloston Paradise talks 'Duck Boy'

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We head out to London's Toy Con the UK's largest designer and vinyl toy convention to speak with Neena Toys & Fhloston Paradise about their debut independent vinyl toy release 'Duck Boy' So, up until recently this was all completely underwraps but basically around this time last year I was asked to design a set of four characters for toy retailer Fhloston Paradise For their own completely original line of vinyl figures under their brand new 'Neema Toys' banner, Something I have never done before but obviously jumped at the chance of being involved with, so after being given some rough ideas and the nod to put as much of my own creative twist on then as I wanted, I created the four main characters for the new toy line 'The Incredible Duck Boy' Those sketches were then sent off to China where they was recreated into full digital renderings to be 3D printed and then turned into cast iron molds for vinyl dipping and pulling. A year later and the figures are now all made and are ready to be released in all their colourful glory!So I hooked up with the creator of Duck Boy, Nick at ToyCon 2019 in London to talk a little bit about where the idea came from and th process of creating a vinyl toy on a large production scale in China, from prototype sketches to 3D modelling all the way to the final pulls in sofubi style Vinyl. These guys have poured everything they have into this project and it really shows, I am proud to be part of the machine that created this crazy comic and toy line. And this is just the beginning. Pre-order yours now! Http://www.fpcollectibles.com Read the comic now! Http://www.theincredibleduckboy.com Hosted by @theo_cane_slimehouse Fhloston Paradise, all figured out, toycon, toycon2019, making vinyl toys, tutorial, kaiju, vinyl, sofubi, Japanese, China, retro, vintage toys, designer toys, resin toys, custom, bootleg
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