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My Retro Caboodles Collection!

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In this video I share my vintage (80's/90's) and modern Caboodles cosmetic organizers!! Support me by checking out my favorite products on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/shop/heathersparkles Heather Sparkles PO BOX 582 MEADOW LANDS PA, 15347 Business Inquiries: [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/HeatherSparklesYT https://twitter.com/KittySparklesYT https://www.facebook.com/HeatherSparklesYT SnapChat: Heather_Meows Live Streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/HeatherSparkles http://www.younow.com/HeatherSparkles * Amazon Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Clever Porcupine (8 days ago)
I still have and use my Caboodles from childhood, lol!
Garland Girl 21 (9 days ago)
I have the exact same pastel caboodle i found it on eBay and fell in love with it my mom had that same lavender marble caboodle when she was in high school in the late 80s early 90s she loved hers😊
hada duran (1 month ago)
♡_________♡ y pensaba que yo era la única que amaba las caboodles
Tracy Poulson (1 month ago)
Just got one today at good will but I wish it had a metal clasp not plastic a big one for5$ a butiful one
LadyGreyBlack (1 month ago)
I've always been partial to the marbelized cases, such as the lavender one you first show.
Lena Anderson (2 months ago)
Allyson (2 months ago)
Like omg so cute💜☂️☂️
Jessi Moonheart (2 months ago)
I’m pretty sure seeing this video inspired me to buy my caboodle this last year! I have the hot pink newer one that I purchased from the downtown Chicago Ulta! I use it for my makeup, since I don’t own much makeup. I put a whole bunch of glossier stickers on mine. My favorite of yours is that Barbie and marbled one. It’d be a dream to find a Barbie one tho ✨💕✨💕 happy throwback uwu
TheRamenLoverForever (3 months ago)
Will you still upload a 'Whats in my caboodles' vid? :D
Hajrah Chowdhury 15 (3 months ago)
Where did u get the caboodles from,I am looking everywhere and can’t find some(I don’t live in USA I love in Uk).
Cathy Leone (3 months ago)
Caboodles jewel minis would be a big seller. I hope caboodles does this.
Cathy Leone (3 months ago)
Wow. Wow. Wow.
{ Scp-Vixen } (3 months ago)
My mom ordered me a pink sparkly caboodle 😍 its coming on friday and im so excited. Love your collection! I subbed 💕💕💕
{ Scp-Vixen } (3 months ago)
Hajrah chowdhury you can get caboodles from amazon, thats where i got mine
Hajrah Chowdhury 15 (3 months ago)
{ VixenRox } where from because I am looking for them for ages please respond
Chicken Awesome chicken (3 months ago)
I would love to see a what is in your caboodles video! Have a good day! 😀👍
Tracy Poulson (6 months ago)
Metal clasps are way better the new clasps make your caboodles explode and spill your makeup all over😢
Melissa Service Pack 7 (6 months ago)
I love the marbleized caboodles the most. I remember when they were brand new in the store. Claires had the prettiest ones. I remember seeing them all stacked up against the back wall of the store. I wanted one soooo bad but they were really expensive. I didn't get my first one till I was 15 and bought it in 1993 at a store called "Rich's". It was dark pink and had black trays inside that slid out. I still have it. And I can remember back in 1990 or 1991 when I was in 8th grade, a girl in my class brought hers to school. It was marbleized purple and had 3 tiers inside it, and she had a name plate with her named engraved on it. All the girls in class were fascinated with it. My cousin ended up getting one just like it, but without the name plate. I was so jealous of it! I had to save up my allowance to get mine. I had to get the cheaper version, which was the one with the trays that slid out. I just recently got the pink and teal one like you have, at a thrift store. I'm 41 years old and I'm still just as fascinated by the old caboodles as I was when I first saw them. I can't explain why. They're just so awesome!! I have about 20 of them I think. I"m not really sure. I have to count them, and I'm not home right now. I'm dying to get an all pink marbleized one. I refuse to pay the high prices for one on Ebay. I know some day one will come to me for a good price at a yard sale or thrift store. It's going to happen, I can feel it. After all, that's where I got all my others! I even had the miniature ones and the others that were toys and had little playsets inside. I remember buying those in the mall at K-B toys when they were new.
Cathy Leone (3 months ago)
Wow a nameplate. Fancy.
Supika Noonseng (7 months ago)
I want the mini peach one so muchh it so pretty I want you to also review the things inside the toy caboodles
Megan Clyne (7 months ago)
iv heard the small one was also called a jewelry box. but ive heard nail case too.
nutmegcutesocks (7 months ago)
Those caboodle minis are so cute!!! Ahhhh 😆
nutmegcutesocks (7 months ago)
Omgosh yes please do a what’s in my caboodle video-such a great twist kn the what’s in my bag challenge for your channel. 😊
Ashley Martin (7 months ago)
Where do you find your vintage Caboodles?
Chicken Awesome chicken (3 months ago)
Ashley Martin most people find them at goodwill and Ebay. Have a good day!😀👍
Tita Nascimento (7 months ago)
Beautiful !
Billy Gaudet (7 months ago)
I have my mothers.she just gave it to me. It’s the one you showed At 9:00 but the colors are reversed it’s pink on top teal at the bottom and the handle is peach. The same exact inside. So excited. Love this video.💖 definitely do a sequel!!!!
pixelmoon (7 months ago)
I love the look of caboodles! I desperately want one of my own but they never came out in the UK so I'd have to buy from overseas and it looks like it would be super expensive 😭😭😭
Heather Sparkles (7 months ago)
Aww no :'(
Sarah Malone (8 months ago)
When I was younger I had a caboodle pink one light pink and my sister dropped it and broke the hinges on it and the makeup got all wet from the rain we were trying to pick it up in time for the rain not to hit us
Sarah Malone (8 months ago)
I want to see what is in your caboodles and I have a dark blue caboodles
Molly White (8 months ago)
Awesome I want to get one. They sell them at my local Walmart and I am getting one soon
heart jimmies Latham 86 (8 months ago)
I have a 90s black and pink one that still has the words on it and its kinda big
Vicki Claire (8 months ago)
Cute vid, your collection is amazing, I'm so jealous! I can't purchase a Caboodle in the UK so easy 😣 the p&p is sooo much, then with possible important tax on top 😢 I can admire from a distance I guess, thanks for sharing xx
Wanting One Angel (8 months ago)
I would really LOVE to see a video of your trinkets and toys inside your Caboodles:)!! In fact, I really liked your Miniture Glow Worm, 90s Unicorn, and 90s Plush Duck Key Chain, and Doll Combs inside your Caboodles a lot:)!! I do not collect Caboodles, but I did have a heart shaped Caboodle that is pink and purple. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my heart shaped Caboodle from the 1990s. However, Caboodles are not only cute, but they are a great way to help with clutter and to organize things. Of your Caboodles, my favorites are your Magenta Caboodle, your Raspberry and Purplish Blue Caboodle, your Barbie Caboodle with the beautiful lavender bow, your Photo Locket Caboodle, as well as your Play Set Caboodle:)!! I like the Vintage 1990s Caboodles best:). Awesome, Caboodles video:)!!
PinkyBearToys (8 months ago)
The caboodles look fantastic for organizing.
HappehPills (8 months ago)
I am loving all of these caboodles and, girl, you look amazing! Great!!
Synthpop Circus (8 months ago)
YOUR COLLECTION IS EPIC! I want one so bad <3
Synthpop Circus (8 months ago)
+Heather Sparkles You sweetheart!
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
Aww thank you!! You certainly need a Caboodle in your life!! It would compliment a cutie like you!!
Synthpop Circus (8 months ago)
YOUR COLLECTION IS EPIC! I want one so bad <3
Nerdy Unicorn (8 months ago)
I got one of ebay..the stickers were messed up so i had to remove it, can i tag you on Instagram so you can see?
Leandra Deer (8 months ago)
The outside of that Caboodles play set looks like a magical girl toy! 😊💕✨💕✨
North Goth (8 months ago)
Also I have that glitter caboodle but it’s purple, it’s supposed to have a tray in it
North Goth (8 months ago)
I only have the Barbie caboodle but I have two sassaby containers 💖
Heather (8 months ago)
I am pairing down my vintage toy collection and selling lots of stuff on eBay. I am selling a turtle tots lot, monchichi, vintage barbies (90s and 60s), Fairy tail birds, Little Pretty Kitties lot, Moon Dreamers, cupcake doll, lady lovely locks, 1950s squeaky toys, 1960s Rushton plush (melanie martinez style) and a lot more! I have some listed now but dont have them all up yet but save me as a seller and check back this week! Just google 'Extra Ordinary vintage ebay' or search my user name 'nutmeg3813'.
Barrett Moebes (8 months ago)
I would love to see a what’s in my Caboodles video
Seiferboy Gaming (8 months ago)
The Caboodle my mom gave me looks like the one with the broken clasp on the inside. Mine is hot pink and teal. The inside is the identical color as far as the trays go. I use mine to store my first aid stuff and some lip balms.
Penny Stanton (8 months ago)
I LOVE your jumper!!!!! Just had to get that out there LOL
Aurwen (8 months ago)
Because of you I buyed me the Barbie one <3 the shipping was quite expensive because I life in Germany but it was worth it!
Lovely mellie (8 months ago)
It did have a kiss mark on it
Lovely mellie (8 months ago)
I have that same new pink caboodles
Lovely mellie (8 months ago)
I'd love to see what is in your caboodles
Lovely mellie (8 months ago)
Girl your glowing in this video! I loveeee caboodles!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) I want more
dulceandy86 (8 months ago)
You are so so pretty especially in this video Heather!! I love them all!!
cupcake Adventures (8 months ago)
you look so skinny
CuteFluff (8 months ago)
Could you do a side by side comparison with the vintage and modern Caboodles? That'll be cool too ;)
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
Sure will!
SparklingHollyBVB (8 months ago)
Awesome video! When will you be uploading the thrift haul video? 😊🦄
Cathy Leone (3 months ago)
Do you sell on amazon?
SparklingHollyBVB (8 months ago)
+Heather Sparkles I can totally understand! I love all of the thrift videos you do! 😁
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
I may skip out on that one, since I started to sell off some of the things I've found already. But I'm gonna make up for it by filming another one of these, only better this time! :D
CuteFluff (8 months ago)
Awesome video, Heather! I'd love to see more about your Caboodles and the little toys you keep in them XD
Serena Klasky (8 months ago)
hi hun, i have 1 of those its a large one. i use to havr rhar barbie one i dk what happend it it. i will send you a pic of the one i have. i think its from the early 90s. i will send the pic through instagram. you look beautifule. love you.❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🦄
Eliza Goseyun (8 months ago)
I remember caboodle. I have a nice older then me. Well I got to pick out the pink and teal one for her. I really wanted one. I don't even know why I didn't bother getting one for myself.
Danielle Brooke (8 months ago)
Would love to see what you keep in them! The toys and toy accessories :D
Susie P (8 months ago)
That teal is one of the Caboodle's I got rid of. It was all messed up. :(
☆Neon Galaxies☆ (8 months ago)
Very cool to see a TooFaced makeup palette in one of your Caboodles! <3 I have the regular Chocolate Bar palette. I've been curious about the BonBon one! ^^ It's super cute! And I saw the blue glitter Caboodle in Walmart... But I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it. The one I picked up didnt feel as sturdy as the vintage ones. Like the plastic feels thinner. not sure how to describe. I'm glad you found a sturdy one though! That jewel playset one OMG I remember being new to your channel and seeing that on your vintage toy shelf and wondering what it was. It's so beautiful! <3
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
☆Neon Galaxies☆ I wore the Bon bon palette on my eyes today, it smells wonderful! And yea the new ones aren’t as amazing as the vintage ones for sure, but I was glad to finally find one I was happy with! It works for my general needs and Ill keep on collecting the old ones! :D And aww Im glad I was able to let you know!!
Naturalgirl0627 (8 months ago)
I've been on the hunt for the smaller caboodle that opens on both sides. I luv the vintage caboodles, they are super cool.
Aries H (8 months ago)
Love it, I'd want a blue marble one
Steampunkgirl13 (8 months ago)
I love your shit it's so me 💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤
sonicleaves (8 months ago)
I still have the 2nd teal/ marble colored vintage caboodle you showed here, the one without the mirror. I got it for Christmas when I was 10 years old, so it would have been 1990. It's actually covered in stickers and drawn on with markers and glitter. I remember my mom added cute accessories inside. Every flavor of Kissing Coolers lip gloss and Exclamation perfume were among the cosmetics. Back when Delias catalogs were so popular. lol Good times!
Melissa Service Pack 7 (6 months ago)
OMG Kissing coolers were the best!!! I was wearing those when I was 15! My favorite was Watermelon. I loved the way they were marbleized! I always bought watermelon and the candy cane or peppermint one. I can't remember what the flavor was called. And i think I got grape too. I really wish they would remake them!
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
sonicleaves Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! Thats so darn cool!!
TOYSNDOLLS (8 months ago)
Your collection is really nice 💙
Allie Richmond (8 months ago)
Your hair looks amazing! Also, I love Caboodles as well. I am dying to get a Barbie one!
Eliahnna Lopez (8 months ago)
WhiteRoseHichigo79 (8 months ago)
i had a caboodle. idk what happen to it.. ;/ ( ._.)/; mine was dark purple, with a pink clasp in front." kinda want a new one." ;3
Deth Dust (8 months ago)
There is a caboodles barbie doll with her own mini caboodle.
Rudy's Toy World (8 months ago)
I used to have one of these as a kid.
Erik Raigoso (8 months ago)
Are caboodles usaly expensive
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
The vintage ones are usually in the $20 range but you gotta try to find a good deal on shipping.
Cheeky Sparkles (8 months ago)
These are everything!! Like I need all of them 💖💜🌈💙 I always feel so inspired to start toy collecting when I watch your video but then I'm so sad that I have no room if I did to put them anywhere 😭😂👌
waffleblooded (8 months ago)
I saw a humongous vintage caboodle today at the thrift store! I instantly thought of you and wanted to get it but it was $20!! 😭
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
Aww no! Nice price for a Caboodle but that's a lot for thrifting. :'(
love them
BonbonsAndBooks ❤︎ (8 months ago)
Great collection! Love the shirt💖
Ralsei Ray (8 months ago)
Can I ask what hair dye you use?I love the quality!
Ralsei Ray (7 months ago)
Ty Heather!
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
It's Special Effects atomic pink diluted with conditioner. You need a nice very blonde base to get it to show up this good! :D
Abigail posadas (8 months ago)
hey Heather love your videos!! lol this will be off topic and I don't know if you'll see my comment but what are you thoughts on the Cabbage Patch Ponies? they are slightly larger than My Little Pony but still made by Hasbro I was lucky and found one at my local swap meet and took her home :)
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
I actually really like those! They were well done! :D
Austin Bacasa (8 months ago)
I didn't know what a Caboodle was coming in, but now I do 😂 I want one so bad now
SC Toys (8 months ago)
me and crazee42382 Just seen the new ones at target yesterday
SC Toys (8 months ago)
LordOcelot o yea
SC Toys (8 months ago)
Hi heather
AWESOME! I almost forgot about them,i had so many back in the 90's!
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
That's so awesome! Amazingly I never had one!
Miss Eddie Blue (8 months ago)
Yay!! I already know this will be an AWESOME VIDEO!!! 😍 Clicked SO fast!! 🎀☺️💜🍭
Miss Eddie Blue (8 months ago)
Heather Sparkles the toy brushes are like candy for my eyes 🍭😍🍭😍 hey I totally remember those ballet slipper stickers! They use to have the best shiny stickers back in the day! I’m not a big peach fan either. I would even watch a whole video just on the pony & doll brushes 😅🎀😋
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
There is a Barbie one with a bow tray inside Im dying for
Miss Eddie Blue (8 months ago)
Heather Sparkles oooh! That sounds so pretty!! 😍💕
Heather Sparkles (8 months ago)
You're the best!! And next I hope to get the baby blue marble one! :D
Miss Eddie Blue (8 months ago)
Get the mint one next 😋💜😉

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