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How To remove watermark Produced By Autodesk Educational Product by Autocad

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Print Autocad file. remove produced by an autodesk educational product for example older version vs recent version .... You Follow This Step............ 1) Open your produced by an autodesk educational product file .dwg. 2) command "dxfout" click enter.. 3) save the file extension is dxf. 4) open your extension .dxf file .....& 5) Save As file .dwg.... And Enjoy This Service... & Never Forget Subscribe My Channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCup0g_kh-55OpSxsVGyxkEg You can Get more related videos on my channel. Thank You..
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Massimo Coppola (6 months ago)
Any Help for 2019 version ?
but should I keep the original file ? like this every time I should go through the same process ?

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