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Retro Games Magazine Collection - Control

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A look through issues 1 and 2 of Control. The first dedicated unofficial SNES magazine launched in the UK in September 1992.
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Tony Macarone (5 years ago)
Hi P5ychoFox - I've just listed issues 3-9 on ebay if you're interested? I'm still playing games today but the SNES era was definitely the best, except for Mario64 and GoldenEye of course! :)
P5ychoFox (6 years ago)
Many thanks, I have since seen issue 3 on ebay but didn't know it ran until issue 6. Cheers.
SimmyBassline (7 years ago)
@P5ychoFox Must be Youtube playing up lol. i dont remember this mag from when i was a kid, im guessing it didn't run for very long.
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@SimmyBassline At my end it says, 'This pull out is actually from issue 1.'
SimmyBassline (7 years ago)
anyone else notice the random annotation @ 7.20 that says "this p"??
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@bluetonic78 Thanks, yeah I paid £150 for my SNES on launch day! It never got much below £100 here to my knowledge.
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@minks36 Cool, yeah definately get them back off him if they're just sat in his loft. I still have my original Mean MAchines mags but all the others are replacements.
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@darrenwalshsock Ha ha, thanks. I tend to go too quick cos I've got loads of mags to cover. I'll go slow and do a few at a time :)
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@MrKolva Thanks, oh no that's a shame he threw the old stock away! Crazy.
bluetonic78 (7 years ago)
Great overview, Dave - I always really enjoy these videos :) I know next to nothing about Control magazine though! The logo looks familiar and the name rings a bell but I can't have purchased that many copies - if any. Crazy to see the US SNES weighing in at a paltry $100. I think my parents paid double that much like everyone else in the UK as you mentioned!
minks36 (7 years ago)
he might be one of your subscribers Dave !! ha great to see these mate, i had these when they came out so was nice to see them again, most of the mags i gave away went to a mate of mine who still has them so i might get round to showing a few later in the year if i can get him to get them out his loft!!
Segasocks (7 years ago)
It's great to see you continuing on with this series mate and this one was far more laid back and relaxed than the last.I find it very nostalgic seeing the old games and adverts and im too scared to start collecting magazine so its much easier to just read yours.Chu Li and camel toe? Ok im favouriting this one now :)
Gamerzwarz (7 years ago)
good times :-)
MrKolva (7 years ago)
I know from the 90's you had more handhelds. Looking your review brings back good old times, :)
MrKolva (7 years ago)
Great review, thanks ! in 1983, as a young boy i remember our local computershop in 1984 with consoles and retro computers. I still c everything before me. And also game magazines. In 1986 the computershop moved one street further to a bigger shop. In 1987 they sold also the original small handheld game consoles. And now i work in that same store allmost 6 years with the same people from 1983 !, badly the store manager disposed 8 years ago, the old 80' stock! Full of programs, books and even n

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