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Retro Games Magazine Collections - GamesMaster

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The first in a series of videos looking at old computer / console magazines from the 1990s. Back in the day I only ever owned issues: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 9 - I no longer own my originals unfortnately.
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P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@hygiene76 I wish I'd gone to one of those Gamesmaster Live events - never did though :(
hygiene76 (7 years ago)
I went to gamesmaster live at the NEC in 92,got my first megadrive and dj boy game from that event.
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@darrenwalshsock Thanks Darren, I'll do more soon :)
Segasocks (7 years ago)
I love seeing old games magazines even tho i i only own a couple these days. I have to agree with what Alex has to say about wanting to see more of these types of videos and i would also happily watch them even if they were doubled or tripled in length.There is no where near enough of this information available on the internet and you would be doing a great service by uploading footage of your collection of magazines.Keep makin them mate and thumbs up and favourited by me :)
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@bluetonic78 Ha ha, I may start rivalling you for video length :)
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@TigonVLiger Thanks mate, yeah the glory days of console & compuer mags are about 15 years ago unfortunately.
bluetonic78 (7 years ago)
Lovely stuff, Dave - will be nice to see all those mags covered at some stage.......I could quite happily watch those vids if they doubled or tripled in length so don't feel like you have to rush through them :) Interesting to see they reviewed 'Out of this World' on the NTSC SNES as opposed to the PAL version which was, of course, 'Another World'. Perhaps they just presumed it would also be known in PAL regions as the former or just wanted to get an early exclusive import review in?
P5ychoFox (7 years ago)
@tootyuk No, I was never that into it and only ever had a few issues. Mean Machines, Sega Force, GB Action and C&VG were my favourites :)
TootyUk (7 years ago)
i never really like the gamesmaster mag the tv show was ok, cool video though mate and well done on issue 1 lol
MrKolva (7 years ago)
Always nice to read and view older magazines.
RetroMicky82 (7 years ago)
Great seing these I trying to get some but they always in bad conditon .

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