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Be careful not to use Autodesk Crack Codes like 666-69696969 or 484848484

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https://vondranlegal.com/autodesk-audit-survival-guide/ Our law firm is a national leader in the area of software audit defense. We have been helping small and large businesses respond to legal demand letters, contractual audits, internal audits, and software litigation. Autodesk takes its intellectual property very serious (including products such as AutoCAD, Maya, Revit, 3ds max) and if your company is found to be using unlicensed software in your business, on company-owned computer laptops, PC's. MAC and on servers, your company can face a federal court lawsuit for willful copyright infringement. Especially where crack codes are found to be installed. You can check this by looking at the serial number for copies of Autodesk products that you are running. If it says 666-6969669 or 484848484 or some variation, then you are running "hacked" software which can also violate the DMCA anti-circumvention laws (federal law). This can lead to unwanted liability for the company and its officers and directors (who can be held personally liable despite the "corporate veil." RESOURCES: Autodesk Audit Survival Guide - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/attorney-steves-autodesk-audit-survival-guide-steve-vondran/ If you received an audit demand letter from the law firm of Donahue Fitzgerald, LLP, let us know, we can help. Public service announcement - be careful not to illegally download Autodesk Autocad software especially using “crack-codes” that can lead to a copyright infringement audit. Attorney Steve Vondran, the federal copyright lawyer explains problems with illegally downloading free software over the internet, especially using codes that may be provided on websites setup to attract software pirates. Using these crack codes could lead to legal action against your company and force you to face a software licensing audit. Once you submit a worksheet disclosing the use of these crackcodes such as 666-69696969 667-98989898 400-45454545 or 066-66666666 The use of these numbers to download free software can lead you to a costly audit, a federal lawsuit, or worse yet, end up on a federal prosecutors desk seeking charges for criminal copyright infringement. We can help protect your company if you are facing a BSA, SIIA, Autodesk, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, or Adobe audit. We have helped many companies stay in business and helped officers and directors avoid filing for bankruptcy or facing jail time. In most cases, we can get your case settled with confidentiality under FRE Rule 408.
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30 70 (6 days ago)
666s and 69s
Kay Hudson (1 month ago)
Steve Vondran (2 months ago)
Autodesk is now doing EULA based "contractual" audits.... https://youtu.be/JC7ZLWI8rZw
Cheese Chip Mansion (2 months ago)
2:33 "It doesn't even really appear to be legit." Do you really think a group of people who are openly promoting the circumvention of anti-piracy measures and providing instructions on how to bypass legal restrictions put in place by software engineers are going to be putting a target on their head by doing it "legit"? OF COURSE they are not going to 'appear' to be legit. OF COURSE someone who is actively promoting what are considered 'illegal' activities is going to take effort to cover themselves. You are not an idiot. You know this. It is clear that you have an agenda and are playing 'dumb' to make your viewers feel as if you are experiencing something on their level whilst subtlely attempting to plant seeds of paranoia and concern for the sake of the companies who have hired you. This video is full of subtle manipulation.
Mudasir Khan (3 months ago)
Too low volume
Spookaleu (4 months ago)
When you search for domain ownership, do not use any other part of the URL other than the name and TLD extension. So, when you search ICANN and others for the domain ownership, you should only have used "crackautocad.com" and no other letters or symbols. Now you have learned something new.
Amine Abderrahmane (5 months ago)
Like daaaah it is obvious it's illegal are you dumb or what
nuclearlion (6 months ago)
Do we know if the software tags the actual work files with the "licenses" used to work on it? I heard it did something like that with a student edition.
TEHGOVERNAT0R (7 months ago)
MechaNik (7 months ago)
it's a hacker group. How do you expect to find the host so easily ? SERIOUSLY. Just block software's comunication on windows firewall then you are okay.
Cheese Chip Mansion (2 months ago)
Yes, even if you don't block the software's communication on your firewall you are still not at any risk. The most that can be done is if the company looks at the list of IP addresses in the trackers they can e-mail your ISP, and your ISP might send you an e-mail. What you do is reply to the e-mail or phone your ISP and say that you didn't know or that you are sharing your internet and will talk to the other people who are using your internet. You say this each time you get an e-mail (though it is exceedingly rare that you might get an e-mail). Your ISP will not take any action unless they are getting contacted all the time (I mean at LEAST dozens of times each day) which won't happen unless you're running like a piracy trafficking server, which in that case I assume you would not be using an unmasked IP address anyway. TL;DR Don't listen to Steve. You don't need to block the software on your firewall or be paranoid at all, but you can block it on your firewall if it gives you peace of mind. Keep pirating.
Valentyn Kotsarenko (10 months ago)
Steve, as a student who just finished Architecture with the actual price for the software 90% of my earnings will go directly on paying the monthly money milking and 10% to actually survive and develop as a human being in this tremendous competitive world. I rather pay the big price tag once when im ready for a product i know i can use lifetime with enough tools to cover my needs without the stressful situation of getting my finances milked by the company monthly and pay again when i actually see improvements and tools i need for my work rather than getting my finances milked monthly in exchange for a bunch of crap i won´t even use, and you can´t sell stuff with educational version so don´t even bother. Totally hate it that companies base up mainly on big developed firms and people who pay the monthly money milking, and spit on the rest of users. I don´t have bad intentions in my comment just speaking my opinion, and sorry if my English is not perfect. Thanks.
Cheese Chip Mansion (2 months ago)
People like Steve are paid to make these videos as scare tactics, and nothing more. You do not need to justify yourself, you are not a morally bad person for pirating this software, nor are you at any risk. Please continue to do as you are doing, and do not worry about videos like these.
Saumya Ranjan (11 months ago)
Hey check out auto desk website 696969 is just for installations provided by them only. You still need to activate
anothercoolmove (4 months ago)
Great program
owesome videos (11 months ago)
30 days try is over you give me answer my question how to activate my product
Steve Vondran (11 months ago)
you need to check with Autodesk if you need help with their products. Good luck.
owesome videos (11 months ago)
all question of one question how to activate my software AutoCAD 2017
rocklee LE (1 year ago)
I don't want to give money for rich company. i think they have enough and don't give a fuck
Steve Vondran (1 year ago)
In life you have the freedom to make choices but choices can carry consequences. I believe their are alternatives to Autodesk, depending on the product you need.
A lot of companies sell these software for dirt cheap like $250 and $300 depending on the year, are those cracked also?
Steve Vondran (1 year ago)
Without looking at each case I would have no way to know. The important point raised by your question is that I deal with Autodesk lawyers a lot of many software audit issues, they have informed me that buying $2,000 to $5,000 pieces of software for hundreds of dollars could be considered infringement (like someone selling you flat screen televisions out of the back of a van for $100). So generally speaking (this is not legal advice), you have to be careful about things that may seem "to good to be true." Thank you for the great comment. Steve
Dank Side of the Moon (1 year ago)
If you want people to learn your software, just let individuals use it for free. ffs when will these greedy companies learn
30 70 (6 days ago)
Autodesk is missing out on big community projects. Blender is for the people.
Steve Vondran (1 year ago)
My understanding of their viewpoint is they would rather have you take a class at a local community college to learn how to use the software. I do understand your point however. Thank you.
Dank Side of the Moon (1 year ago)
What good is a 30 day trial for learning a complex software like Creo?
Steve Vondran (1 year ago)
Many companies do offer "trial versions"
Terror Tales (1 year ago)
just a tip, its reverse engineering if you can stop people from that you win.
Cheese Chip Mansion (2 months ago)
@Steve Vondran He is saying that the individuals who are able to reverse engineer the software in order to bypass the protection mechanisms put in place by the software developers clearly outweigh the developers ability to prevent this - hence the fact that you made this video. Addressing other people on YouTube as well - I would encourage you to to take Steve's words with a grain of salt, and allocate him very little credibility, if any at all. As both a hacktivist, and IT professional, I can confirm that the chances of a citizen getting sued over the private use of cracked software is incredibly, incredibly slim. People like Steve are paid to tell you otherwise, and even claim that they have regular lawsuits with citizens using pirated software - these are lies. It does not happen unless you are running a business and/or making copious amounts of money without a license, and broadcasting that your products were made with this software. I would encourage anyone who has watched this video and is concerned, to drop that concern, and continue pirating this software. The consequences that are being proposed are fictitious, and the risk that is being proposed is also embellished to a tremendous extent: do not believe this video. If you do, you are only allowing this man to manipulate your paranoia for the sake of the company that he is being paid to support.
Trevor Sutter (5 months ago)
@Steve Vondran hes saying that people figured how the algoritem to generate legit codes works so they can generate there own. Make the math harder
Steve Vondran (7 months ago)
I have no idea what you are saying, please explain so we can all benefit.....
Nour Lakeima (1 year ago)
man that video was so great.I just wanna know why companies cannot stop it.i had an idea from you of what they would do to prevent it. but I have a question: I have heard that most company target people who are make money (business) from the software rather than people who are using it for just try to experience it or education purposes? I wish to tell us more about that. thanks a lot on the video. also, what bout other country like china, African countries who do not have "copy rights" as strict law?
Steve Vondran (1 year ago)
I don't know what's going on in other countries as far as copyright enforcement is concerned. I do know that generally speaking here in the United States Autodesk does police small and medium sized businesses when they have information of infringement. Thanks for your comments!
smuday s.m (2 years ago)
what if we added it unknowingly .. how to come out of it sir ?
Long Shlong (1 year ago)
Steve Vondran (2 years ago)
We cannot give legal advice over the internet per our ethical rules. If you want to discuss an Autodesk copyright software legal issue, call us at (877) 276-5084. Cheers
Ng John (2 years ago)

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