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Retro Gamer Magazine Collection

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This is my collection of Retro Gamer magazine an absolute brillaint magazine covering all aspects of retro gaming. Big thanks to Darren Jones (RetrogamerDaz) for making such a brilliant Magazine !
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RetroGamerDaz (9 years ago)
Cool video. Retro Gamer is awesome :)
Canadian Turtle (9 years ago)
These are 2008 issues. I would like to own these, but if I subscribe will I be able to get these issues, or will I only get the new ones? I live in Canada by the way, so there is none of these on sale in stores.
broken1394 (9 years ago)
oooh i'm jealous of these!!!! It's a bugger to get around here... I'm going to have to subscribe sooon!! Have collection 3- great stuff!

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