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This Vintage T-Shirt Dealer Sells to Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo and Migos

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Back in August of 2017, Patrick Matamoros sat down with HYPEBEAST Radio to talk about how he met Kanye West and the resurgence of old band merch. He also described what it was like collaborating with Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God on a collection. Now, for our docu-series, the vintage T-shirt dealer takes us through one of his typical days. When Matamoros first moved to New York City, he set up on the corner of Prince and Mercer streets, in the epicenter of Manhattan's SoHo district. He recalls nearly giving up after spending a whole day there not selling a single tee until a man purchased multiple pieces right as he began packing up. Fast forward and he's meeting with Chris Gibbs of Union and taking us on a house call with music producer Benny Blanco in Los Angeles. Take a look above at what it's like to be a full-time vintage tee dealer for the stars where "finding a shirt is like Fight Club" and stay tuned for our next installment soon. In case you missed it, our last video had Blondey McCoy talking about the pressures of being a pro skater, fashion icon and balancing his love for art and music.
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Text Comments (1893)
Nouis Yahya (1 hour ago)
Ok fuck him anyway...i am talking about the guy who sells a sweatshirt for 17 k ,,crazy world even a louis vuitton him self wonder in this guy
luda650 (3 hours ago)
Kiss my ass! This guy is just dragging his gym bag around with old shitty t-shirts.
Pat Hickey (3 hours ago)
5:32 is that the dude in the khalid song?
R osso (3 hours ago)
Lololo there is always somebody to buy your stupidity
Andrei Radulescu (5 hours ago)
Only in America...
Eddie Nunez (7 hours ago)
Rich people will spend hundreds to look Average while average will sale a kidney to look Rich 🤔 damn the world we live in .
Deezel Rollo (10 hours ago)
So you take a Walmart Salvation Army shirt wash it poke holes in it then sell it☹️☹️☹️☹️
ActionTv808 (14 hours ago)
Shit and my dumb ass be giving away my old shirts for free.
seth neil (16 hours ago)
Kanye will buy it 4 17k, wear it 4 1 event, get thrown in the thrash, sent it to asia 4 relief goods, and il buy it in the ukay-ukay for a dime or dollar... Hahaha wat a douche...
Mittens The cat :/ (18 hours ago)
Damn vintage for 17k the supreme x Louie hoodie is 10k at most lmao
Turnip (19 hours ago)
I'll sell to whom ever! ✌️ Redbubble MCYelly
Mark Anthony Aboy (1 day ago)
If he ever needs an assistant, I'm here.
R a i n (1 day ago)
What his @? On ig
martin vargas (1 day ago)
James Madson (1 day ago)
FUCK TRUMP (1 day ago)
Pathetic bum
Jermaine Blalock (1 day ago)
Poker faced bs... and people eat it up
J merk (1 day ago)
I love this guy. I definitely know the passion he speaks of, I live it
NaDxJayz (1 day ago)
that's what passion look like !
Francisco Antonio (2 days ago)
A bit underwhelming
Steven Parle (2 days ago)
"This pile is for Kanye" what a cunt.
Jake from State Farm (2 days ago)
Wait rich people buy old used T-shirts for how much?!?! Bruh
zjuchi (2 days ago)
this is my style too id also buy from him
james turner (2 days ago)
You're in it for the money to be going to self i t shirts for $200 cuz that's how you make your living because you said you couldn't find a job
Lee Jones (2 days ago)
These comments full of jealous haters
Jason J (2 days ago)
one mans trash is another treasure :)
EezyPeezy (2 days ago)
i see tons of vintage tees i should cop em too. since this type of stuff is extremely unique, y'all dumb fuck hype reseller kids will NEVER EVER find it. lack of knowledge and experience. thats the beauty of this.
EezyPeezy (2 days ago)
fuck jerry. he's going to copy those vintage tees and vandalize his FOG all over it. fuck that guy. This t-shirt dealer tho, he's cool AF. i respect that hustle.
hundreds of bucks for kitchen clothes? No, thanks. But I respect the business he created. Understood the opportunity associated to a niche market, finds the product, works it out and finds the ducks...superb!
Mr Promo old channel (2 days ago)
son of a bitch buys a shirt $10 and just makes a couple holes in it and re sells it for $700..
Michael Mack (2 days ago)
I'm confused. So.........this isn't a mockumentary produced by Christopher Guest????
Rafael Martínez (2 days ago)
His @?
love4lust7301 (2 days ago)
Do you even wash these smelly ass moldy Tee's
love4lust7301 (2 days ago)
I wonder what was on that 17gran shirt
Othman Lahlou (3 days ago)
Rich people Gets stupid when they are drunk
Willie Wang (3 days ago)
why are there so many angry people in these comments lmao
EezyPeezy (2 days ago)
HATERS be hatin bc they either live in the middle of nowhere. and dont know shit about tees lol. its a fuckin good hustle
USONOFAV (3 days ago)
Do you have vintage Cro-Mags tshirts?
#1Dad (3 days ago)
Its not about the money... Sells 20k shirt.
stephen stewart (3 days ago)
i thought kanye only likes it when its brand new?
ioan pena (3 days ago)
They are expensive since today's t-shirts are no longer produced in U.S.A. ... I live in Europe and sometimes i can find t-shirts made in E.U. and i end up buying them ...the quality is way better than asian stuff !!!
James Davis (3 days ago)
I need to know how he sources all these, I want them for myself 😂 cheap clout if you know where to get them.
Zach Gonzales (3 days ago)
Would’ve been cool if this video has literally ANY information about what he’s doing.
Hyu Uzumaki (4 days ago)
Lucas Perez (4 days ago)
5:55 is that lil dicky at the back?
Danny Schmanny (4 days ago)
Doesn't get any more hipster than this, I guess. But that Miles shirt is beautiful!
Michael Magby (4 days ago)
I wish I had all of my band T-shirt’s from the 90’s. I think he’d be interested in them.
BBgub (4 days ago)
Fkn posers
Originals Wolfsburg (4 days ago)
Got 3 pairs of vintage Hugo boss boxer briefs . Completely worn out. Can make you look extra dope in your next rap vid. Price starts at 5k a piece
Charlie Hoover (5 days ago)
lol hipster bs
isaac marin (5 days ago)
He is also there dope dealer
Naiyo (5 days ago)
0:55 hate when people put in coat hangers from the neck side
nikita potapov (5 days ago)
balvalavlbla who are u
Jacob C (5 days ago)
What’s this mans Name & Social Media information?
KING STEZ (5 days ago)
UPCOMING MIAMI RAPPER: https://soundcloud.com/ogradiant/stripes-prod-pablomcr Upcoming Producer: https://www.beatstars.com/southstee
beefknuckles (6 days ago)
This guy has got to be the most pretentious douche I've ever seen. This shit looked like a satire mockumentary.
Lawless Collective (6 days ago)
Russ selling vintage now? Hold this L
Gabi Maza (6 days ago)
God damn so expensive
Lillest Dicky (6 days ago)
Lil Dicky at 5:56 chilling on the couch hahaha
J J (6 days ago)
Go to Wal-Mart
Neck Face (6 days ago)
What kind of pup is that at 5:00?
Ian Mendres (6 days ago)
There are so many haters in here.. seriously why hate man? why not get inspired by him making money working his ass off. He is working his way up without hurting anybody so dont hate on him. Everyone get their on hustle you just gotta find to make your own money. Stop hating and make yourself better! one love!
Spoiled Milk (7 days ago)
I feel like this dude be going to thrift stores buying old shirts for $3 then reselling these for $200 I’m mad because I could be doing that
Christian Martinez (7 days ago)
Have y’all mother fuckers commenting on here don’t know shit about the vintage game
Angel Castro (8 days ago)
Shit go to goodwill for a vintage t-shirt
Especial 2X1 (8 days ago)
There is always a clever mother fucker who find the way to take advantage of stupid people.
Kristian Roberts (8 days ago)
This man is a legend
McCall Boy (8 days ago)
Wtf is his @
Nick d. (9 days ago)
Why does he cut them though they look ugly as shit like that
The Sixth Mannn (9 days ago)
Straight Goodwill lol I be coming up
absu132 (9 days ago)
That sade hat :D
Freaky (10 days ago)
This guy should open up a store
Will Key (10 days ago)
Seeing him stretch out the collars even more by putting the hanger thru the top of the tshirts instead of the bottom makes me think know one knows anything but I guess he does.wheres the respect for the collars? Ahhhhh
The people's Eyebrow (11 days ago)
This goes to show you it can suck being a celebrity because as much as they can just walk into a thrift store and look themselves and find something for little to nothing compared to this, they can't.
Pool's Closed (11 days ago)
Luis Angel Sanchez (11 days ago)
fight club. how?
zadegets faded (12 days ago)
lmao when he tried to sell buddy on the crop top acting like the chubby guy was in better shape than him 😂😂😂
Ricky Bobby (13 days ago)
I don't get why people want an old t-shirt.
Uriah Abeita (14 days ago)
Don't use wire hangers
Kyle Overland (14 days ago)
To everyone wondering why people by expensive old shirts/clothes I'm going to do my best to explain it. People will spend a ridiculous amount of money on a old painting or old antiques. For people into the fashion world. It's like having a piece of vintage art. Its something that is limited and it's very unlikely that anyone else will have the same item. Also the history of the shirt. For example if it has your favorite artist from a kid or just an artist who you currently enjoy. Also vintage clothing tends to have a much higher quality than items produced nowadays. These t shirts are functional pieces of art and our culture.
DonPapi (14 days ago)
this dude buys old booty ass shits at a high price and people buy them lol.
Liam (14 days ago)
Fuck this guy. Says he started selling and no one was buying. Then he proceeds to say that they were being sold for a few hundred each. What did he expect?
falloutgirl902 (15 days ago)
Looking for a vintage Lauryn Hill or Foogies tee- much appreciated x
Johnathan Clark (15 days ago)
I might ruin this guys business but why spend $300 for a t-shirt when you can take a picture of a shirt on your smart phone and then go to a t-shirt print shop for $25?
Zagreb Dementor (16 days ago)
every way? suck dick?
Cody O (16 days ago)
low key stylist for kanye too lol
The WhiteWOlf (16 days ago)
Well he does look like a jew so i cant blame him
domo535 (17 days ago)
Brodie a bitch since he aint release where he get his shirt. Bitch ass foo
Tyler 1123 (17 days ago)
Let people who actually listen to the bands have them
Aking213 (17 days ago)
Kristian Gameplay (18 days ago)
only in usa
3lectroPC (18 days ago)
"Some are in it for money" at least he's honest
Sandy 488 (18 days ago)
okiiii ya’ll stay hating working your 9-5
Mike No (19 days ago)
Dude is selling dumpster clothes lol
FUEGO City (19 days ago)
In the market for vintage esc t shirts. That don’t have to actually be vintage but have the look. Anyone know any good sites (excluding forever 21s, UO, ASOS etc)
That’s why I go to charity stores, you are able to donate and may even earn money for the things people discard. Yehey! Old clothes are becoming collectibles too! :)
MAD MAX (19 days ago)
Every one says he is fake ...but i see he is a great business man... looks like drug dealer and makes millions.....he can turn 5$ to 5k$
Knight (19 days ago)
that curt cobain long sleeve🔥
Richard Sweetman (19 days ago)
Wow!! A person that is Irrelevant doing an Irrelevant thing.... we are surely doomed when the hipsters learn capitalism
Andres Bedoya (20 days ago)
oh California, the land of pretentious idiots.
milan b (20 days ago)
Hey scumbag I got some workclothes I can sell you for $85 million dorrars HMU

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