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Oracle - Hot Backups

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Oracle - Hot Backups
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Mon Day (11 months ago)
Backup up separate tablespaces only works if you are prepared to restore tablespaces separately, which is not an obvious thing since you will need to be aware of dependencies between tablespaces. I'm wondering why you didn't mention RMAN, the Oracle backup utility. SQL Developer is nice, but it is not an Oracle backup application.
Naty T. (1 year ago)
Checked out your other video on cold backups and had no trouble, but i seem to get an error when i try to get to archive mode...ORA-01031: insufficient privileges...can you please help.
Ajeet Kumar (1 year ago)
you dont have permission, connect with admin user(sys), or get admin rights from system user.
Kabil (2 years ago)
Awesome video!! Thank you!
Murthy Ravula (5 years ago)
video byte is good,but keeping tablespace in begin backup mode doesn't mean taking them in to offline.it will just block the headers of datafiles.

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