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Oracle SQL_TRACE - Beginner

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Oracle SQL_TRACE - Beginner
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doris tazi (1 year ago)
I am trying to take some certifications, do you know any training websites?
Nanda Nandan (3 years ago)
Thank You. 
Bharath Ram (2 years ago)
I am an Oracle DBA trying to create similar content. Just curious why were you searching for SQL tuning videos? If it is to help your career, what do you do and how long have you been doing your job?
Charlie Char-lie (5 years ago)
Perfect explanation and great job. Thank a million for your remarkable comments. Please continue your tutorials. We would like to see more. Thanks!
Saurabh Talwar (5 years ago)
Awesome explanation...Great Job
Anshuman Chowdhury (5 years ago)
Very good explanation. its very helpful. Thanks
shwettak (6 years ago)
This is awsome. I had been looking for something like this since a while. Thanks for sharing this.

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