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Hey guys! Today I'm sharing what I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & I'm showing you how I would style each item! What did you get in the sale? Let me know in the comments & subscribe/hit the bell so you're notified when I upload another video just like this one! :) http://goo.gl/fEKBAH Subscribe to my second channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqDiK6LWAbYipZYDeslCz8g Let's be friends! • INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/briannafoxmakeup • TWITTER: http://twitter.com/brimariefox • FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/briannafoxmakeup ►Business Inquiries: [email protected] DISCOUNT CODES- (I am compensated from your purchase) •Makeup Geek- use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off https://mkgk.co/VIP-BriannaFox •Miranda Frye jewelry- use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off https://goo.gl/CMwMi1 •Esqido lashes- use BRIANNAF for 15% off https://goo.gl/MnXG83 Links provided are affiliated links so I receive a commission when you purchase through the link. You can always shop online without using the links that I provide. Either way, thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel! NORDSTROM SALE- (I know a lot of these are sold out I'm sorry ☹ ) AG Jeans http://bit.ly/2O4tYB7 Lush Tank (rose & grey) http://bit.ly/2O3kuGi Treasure & Bond Navy Cardigan http://bit.ly/2O8rhPd Lush Fitted long sleeve (Olive & black) http://bit.ly/2NBr6L3 Spanx leather leggings http://bit.ly/2ObprNw BP V-Neck Pullover (mauve & charcoal) http://bit.ly/2O8r12H Mural Brown Blazer http://bit.ly/2Nzzqel Barefoot Dreams cardigan http://bit.ly/2NvLQ71 Nike sweatpants http://bit.ly/2O6ja5D Make & Model Grey Sweatpants http://bit.ly/2NzwBtB Make & Model Grey Sweatpants (with string) http://bit.ly/2NBXtJN Make & Model Navy Star Sweatpants http://bit.ly/2O8EmIm Zella Live In Crop Leggings http://bit.ly/2NxhrVO Halogen Seamless Day Bra http://bit.ly/2NvLQUz Natori bra http://bit.ly/2NAuUMC OTHER STUFF NOT IN THE SALE- Miranda Frye necklaces: (use "BRIANNAFOX" for 10% off) - Peach charm on Blake chain https://goo.gl/BrGVbd - Nativity charm on Mila chain https://goo.gl/txbbZS - Agape charm on Alex chain https://goo.gl/GFdtbz Target heels (can't find them online anymore but here are some that are similar from the Nordstrom sale- http://bit.ly/2O72Mle ) Ralph Lauren Booties (can't find them online anymore but here are some that are similar from the Nordstrom sale- http://bit.ly/2O585BM ) Unisa over the knee boots http://bit.ly/2NBZ0j1 (they're huge dupes for these that are normally $800! http://bit.ly/2NB6fHE ) Old Navy t-shirt http://bit.ly/2O6tLxm Ell and Emm grey t-shirt https://goo.gl/sgQQEj HOW TO APPLY EYESHADOW https://youtu.be/BuPZjBlmyD4?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5 HOW TO APPLY EYELINER https://youtu.be/SKqa1Fa6Gto?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5 HOW TO APPLY LASHES https://youtu.be/RHzsWy7Fxbo?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5 HOW TO EASY NATURAL BROWS https://youtu.be/yO0GKOBs0sc EVERYDAY SLAY TUTORIALS https://youtu.be/CLtE5yemzh4?list=PLet8_csOZV7FyFYdtSuPZL93_gH4NpEpf HOW TO CONTOUR ROUND FACE https://youtu.be/bwuVuDzH3hY?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5 HOW I LOST 23LBS https://youtu.be/1K3AhA-eBCU CAMERA EQUIPMENT Camera Used- http://bit.ly/1NR2au0 Vlog camera- http://bit.ly/1Rx4GGU Ring Light- http://bit.ly/1OpTMot Softbox Lights- http://bit.ly/1MQ0jss New Mic- http://bit.ly/2nxhpR3 External Recorder- http://bit.ly/2nxdm7A The cord to connect the two- http://bit.ly/2nx9BPu Edited with Final Cut Pro X #Nordstrom #Haul #tryon #anniversarysale #fashion #style #howto
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Brianna Fox (5 months ago)
Hey guys!! The sale ends on the 5th so don't forget to check out the site before everything's sold out! That Barefoot Dreams cardigan is almost gone but heres another one that's VERY similar and still at an amazing deal http://bit.ly/2KdFwz5 and those Zella leggings are available in full length in most sizes as well http://bit.ly/2v5oZbI
Don't know if you realized, but when you buy most any type of piece of clothing, the black and the grey/gray is always smaller. It has something to do with the color, it makes the material different, especially if they are prewashed. I know when I buy sweaters, sweat pants, t shirts, mine are always smaller in those colors. So I size up.
Kendra Morgan (3 months ago)
I kinda feel like Brianna has a really good figure and almost things would look good on her. Unlike my big large fat stomach with size 4 legs ha ha ha! Pretty much nothing is flattering for me
laveena rodrigues (4 months ago)
Briana all outfits look good on you . Colour choice compliments your skin tone very well . I am first time subscriber
Paige hauler (4 months ago)
Keep the pants 👖 plz
Yenny bermudez (4 months ago)
Omg please do more try on hauls!! You are amazing
Ashley Sims (5 months ago)
Your body is so nice looking!
Bonnie Mahon (5 months ago)
I know you're losing weight, and you look great. But can I just tell you how refreshing it is to watch a try-on where the girl isn't like "the size zero is too roomy. I should have got the double zero." Most viewers can't relate to that.
jessah armita (5 months ago)
You look like Margo Robbie
Kayla Garcia (5 months ago)
You look so much like the actress Margot Robbie!
Amber Grimm (5 months ago)
First off, HOW am I JUST finding you?! #newsubbie Secondly, we literally have the SAME EXACT body shape (size 27, 28, curvy, big calves, short) ANNNDDD I'm on keto (3 months now)! This video is perfect! I'm jealous though, whenever I go shopping, NOTHING fits me right! Everything looks so good on you!! Video suggestion, Shein Haul from someone that's not a size 0!
Mary Longo (5 months ago)
I love this video. Keep them coming .
JA9ify (5 months ago)
This was one of my favorite Nordstrom hauls. It was very helpful. I hope you continue to make videos like this 😊
A Karlin (5 months ago)
Love this video. Really great purchases!
Katie Jo Seiber (5 months ago)
I think the small on the black looked better on your body. Size down babe! 😍
Janey Arredondo (5 months ago)
Love try on hauls! Loved the jeans! we were the same height and size. Love being curvy! More try on hauls for sure.
Jacquelyn Schultz (5 months ago)
5’0 curvy girl here too and honeydew is a GREAT brand for comfy lounge wear . I wear mediums. They are heaven !!!
czalala (5 months ago)
I subscribed as soon as you said your size. FINALLY someone who isn’t xxs or 0. I also love that you’re telling us your honest opinion about the items and not just saying how everything is amazing. Love your style and you look great! Whatever you’re doing, keep up the good work! Gonna go watch your other videos now
Linda Smith (5 months ago)
I loved your little try-on haul. You are really cute.
VWilliams411 (5 months ago)
Love the burgundy blazer on you. Fits good!
Bridget Hillick (5 months ago)
Omg your body is goals 😍
Krystle Sarwar (5 months ago)
"Show off your tits kinda gal" OMG I'm dying!! LMAO! This is why I love you! You look bomb btw!
Samantha Ferrell (5 months ago)
Always make an appointment with your favorite sales person at Nordstrom. Make a wish list ahead of time from the catalog and they will help you find all of your favorite items. #ProTip
Jennifer Smith (5 months ago)
Love this video!! Your so adorable!
Melissa Berge (5 months ago)
Costco has some cute under armour men’s sweats just like those cute Nike ones for 20 or 25 online...worth checking out too!
Susan Spight (5 months ago)
You look great and need to start wearing things that are more fitted that show off your awesome shape. The fitted tops looked amazing on you and showed of your shape way more than the over sized items. Keep looking beautiful girl!!!!
Chelsea Jordan (5 months ago)
You have such a classy, sophisticated, feminine look! LOVE THIS HAUL!
ShellTay32 (5 months ago)
Marylin Monroe vibes. Beautiful! Love your sale choices. I bought way too much crap myself. =)
Mindy Miller (5 months ago)
Finally, a try on Haul with someone the same size as me! Yay! This helps tons!!
Camille Tolentino (5 months ago)
what size did you get in the. nike sweats?? love this!!! I'm new to your channel. Subscribed!!! :)
jenny koppy (5 months ago)
That outfit at the 6:40 mark is awesome! KEEP THE JEANS!
jenny koppy (5 months ago)
Dude- you have a BANGING body!! All your Keto talk made me think you might be a little chubby, but you have all the right curves in all the right place!
jenny koppy (5 months ago)
Wear the jeans the way you like, and cut your own little V!
Joanna Hughes (5 months ago)
Loved this video!!!! Please do more fashion xxxxx
samantha hatfield (5 months ago)
Definitely want to see more!! I love your style! 😍
Elizabeth Gregory (5 months ago)
They're outta them sweats in my size:(
Crystal S (5 months ago)
I LOVE your style! Similar to my own. I'm not trying to come off as weird/creepy but your body is great! (sorry if that's creepy. not my intent) Love everything you got!
Jamie (5 months ago)
I bought the faux leather leggings too! I agree they are a pain in the ass to get on but man they are amazing! I ordered the Zella leggings too (but in the full length) and can't wait for them to come in!! Now I want to get them in the crop also!
alivimia (5 months ago)
I am 4'9", so I can totally relate to the length issues!! It's so annoying! I sometimes end up hemming them myself and they never turn out even on both legs!! lol. You got beautiful taste in clothes by the way and you look amazing in them!!
mscarmen9342 (5 months ago)
i think you should exchange the blazer for a small-the black blazer in small looks much cleaner and smooth lines all the way down. I also prefer the jeans uncuffed, makes your leg look MUCH longer!!
LouisVuittonCoffeeLver (5 months ago)
Had to subscribe. Your personality is so fun. You talking about doing things in the leather leggings was so funny. Ps you're so gorgeous 💜💜💜
Roxy K (5 months ago)
Where did you purchase the shoes you had on while showing your jeans?
Theresa Keh (5 months ago)
I am SO glad that I found you! I’m curvier on my bottom half too and I’m definitely checking out those boot dupes you recommended! Love all your looks!!
deedee lebowski (5 months ago)
love your style!!!
Lauri Wood (5 months ago)
I hated the Spanx leggings! Took mine back and I live in leggings usually! Lol
BRANDI (5 months ago)
Love haul videos
Carol Garcia (5 months ago)
LOVE your style!
Erika Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Loved... LOVED the video, can't wait for more videos like this! You're beautiful btw, everything fit you perfect 💜
Ashley Deyo (5 months ago)
ana juarez (5 months ago)
You are pretty much my exact measurements and body shape lol helpful to see what clothes could look like on me. Please do more try on hauls!
Natalia Li (5 months ago)
You look amazing in bluish gray
cheri b (5 months ago)
I got the jeans too! Personally I like the jeans uncuffed on you better because it makes your legs look longer!!
ablinder94 (5 months ago)
Love your video! Super helpful. Subscribed :) I also got the leather leggings and love them! I am awaiting the barefoot dreams circle cardigan but it still says preparing to ship since the first day the sale opened! I also got the ripped AG jeans which I love so still debating if worth the price! Check out the Frame denim, so beyond soft it’s crazy! I did return the Zella’s bc I have two pairs of the aligns and I just didn’t think they were anything extra :/ they were soft though!
kyeoptawerk93 (5 months ago)
for sweatpants, mens are sooo much better than womens. they might be too long for you since you are so tiny (im about 6 inches taller than you) but i just feel all my mens sweatpants have always been way more comfy than womens sweats
Diane Argentino (5 months ago)
Not a fan of the fit of jeans on you, love everything else
Susan Bartley (5 months ago)
Faux leather stretch leggings with suede over the knee boots is everything!!!!!!😍
Monica Son (5 months ago)
Those jeans are super cute!! I know the struggle of being short, I’m only 5”1 so I have problems with jeans!! I love pockets my wedding dress had pockets 🤗
MarissaHurst2 (5 months ago)
Thanks for doing a great fashion video!!!!! Love fashion!
Hoshiko (5 months ago)
I need more blazers I love them too :D
M Franco (5 months ago)
Do your necklaces get tangled as the day goes on? Mine always do.
Natalie C (5 months ago)
I loved this try on video ♥️ you look great! Can’t wait to see more
ablair1974 (5 months ago)
Love your style! Please continue to do fashion videos. Also your home is so cute! Would love to see more of your home style as well ☺️
taylorbrooke62 (5 months ago)
love this video
Wishful Amy (5 months ago)
Definitely more fashion videos. We are very similar sizes and this was so helpful!!
Mellissa Yutzy (5 months ago)
I loved it all girl!!!! I can’t get on Nordstrom’s website!
amy williams (5 months ago)
Keep the ag jeans! They look great! I personally like them better not cuffed, but you do you 😃
taylorsfunworld (5 months ago)
Girl, you are not super short. Try being 4’10 and finding pants that fit
Iridia Chevez (5 months ago)
I mean, I wasn't planning on getting anything, until I came across YOUR channel. Wow, loooooveeeee your personality that give off and how bubbly! Definitely got a new subbie <3
Arabella C (5 months ago)
You know you have $100 credit for alterations at Nordstrom with your card so you can get all your jeans hemmed😘
Gaby Salazar (5 months ago)
Hi! Treasure and Bond sweater in brown is available in an XS right now! I remember you mentioned in this video that was the color you wanted!
Michelle Kaplan (5 months ago)
We both live in Chicago + we're the same size, I think I found my new fave YouTuber!!!
Nieves E (5 months ago)
I literally watched this yesterday and then went to nordstrom last night to shop!!!! :) LOVE<3
Lori Brooks (5 months ago)
Those black leggings are amazing!
Robin Uldrick (5 months ago)
I was about to send back my leggings until I saw your video... 😍😍.. love how u styled them🙌🏻🙌🏻
Kris Opal (5 months ago)
Love the try-on video!!!!
Chelsea (5 months ago)
WOW I love all of your content SO SO much but holy shit this is one of the best videos you've ever done. Your style is literally so perfect.
Caths World (5 months ago)
Yaas short girls represent amiright??
Kelly Fonseca (5 months ago)
Love these videos hoping you do more❤️
Vicariously Claud (5 months ago)
I need those leggings !!!
Dania Whyte (5 months ago)
Your body is gorgeous, i love it! ❤️🇯🇲
Amy Graham (5 months ago)
You looked so AMAZING and put together in the spanx leggings and blazers! I'm totally going to try and recreate that look!
Maria Baca (5 months ago)
Beautiful body!!!! I finally got my leather Spanx leggings and I had to order the moto ones as well!!!! They are all n stock!!!
Carol Cruz (5 months ago)
So loved the haul.....everything looked great on you! Moorreeee hauls!!
Jennifer Cody (5 months ago)
You look great!! Love the blazer on you..super flattering ♡. Your like shopping with a fun friend..your so real:)))
Niccho Johnson Maione (5 months ago)
I loved this video.....u chose really cute items....I really loved the jeans and the leather leggings..... especially with suede over the knee boots.....I gotta try the leather leggings 💕💕
Katelyn Binns (5 months ago)
Ughhhh your so gorgeous😍😍😍😍
Genie Pokitko (5 months ago)
Please do more fashion videos you have great style!
Michelle Enriquez (5 months ago)
When I saw the thumbnail! I was like omg YAS Bri!!!! You look soooo good! Keep up the amazing work!
Inanna. J (5 months ago)
Love your fashion style!
AddyRose23 (5 months ago)
Omg didn't know you live in Chicago!!!!! Fellow Chicagoan here 🤗
Steph Willis (5 months ago)
My cart was a hot mess!! Lol I ended up losing 4 pieces and ordering the same sweater 3 times 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
Kimberly Cordova (5 months ago)
You look great and I love your style. I recently found your channel and its so nice to be seeing Chicago represented. Obsessed with your videos already! xoxo
Kristina Marshaus (5 months ago)
Love this type of video! Everything looked great on you (:
Karin Boonstra (5 months ago)
Loved the video! And love everything you got. The very last cardigan I loved the most. Oh my gosh it looks sooo soft and comfy yet so stylish!! And the medium blazer looks just right. I actually like it better than the black one in small.
Sadie Rose Beauty (5 months ago)
This is probably one of my favorite videos from you !! I love your style
Elisabeth McCallister (5 months ago)
OBSESSING over the blazers! Omg 😍😍
Loie Faulkner (5 months ago)
you look so happy and comfortable in your own skin in this video! Love seeing fashion on your channel, you look so cute in everything!
Amy M (5 months ago)
I want to try the AG jeans, but I too, am only 5'3" and they don't come in a short/petite length. :(
cayla deanne (5 months ago)
We're the same size! You got some really cute stuff. Made me realize that I need new workout leggings and I need new clothes 😁
Maria Campos (5 months ago)
Loved this video i think you should take us shopping i think that would be nice to see you in action

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