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16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

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Text Comments (1112)
Jewel Grier (9 hours ago)
Join army.. flight attendant..missionary work
Jewel Grier (9 hours ago)
Benji Edwards (1 day ago)
Auckland nz is expensive what are you talking about
Paree Heyliger (2 days ago)
The way he pronounced Medellín 😂😂😂😂 meh da lin😂😂😂😂
karlos palacio (3 days ago)
Hahahaghah New Zealand is very expensive
violadash (3 days ago)
all 3rd4rth world countries r off my list though
frontosa68 (3 days ago)
Wayne Davis (3 days ago)
1.Auckland????? really , not sure who's giving you your intel.... Lived there for 38 years and it's not what you say at all! and Marrakesh is is not to be confused with Marachech (as pronounced) .... Number 3. Machu Picchu..... Are you for real???? this was the MOST expensive place we visited in 2.5 months of traveling South America....visiting for free, the ruins.... nope .... fekin expensive.... Number 5 Medellin, Colombia.... Pronunciation here two L's in Spanish is pronounced with a "Y" sound (for an American you should know your neighbours) .... Madrid.... ummm ....Plaza de España is in the city is Seville (so even the pictures are not correct)..... Suggest a little more research and travel there yourself before using so many Goggle images to make a video.
Pjh 31102 (4 days ago)
Why only show pictures of Santorini and not Crete, the destination you are recommending? And the ferry is only about 2-3 hours. Lazy work.
Erica Ojeda (5 days ago)
uhhhh no auckland is super expensive
Thiagu Raja (6 days ago)
Thank God... No India... As an Indian citizen, I advise you guys to rethink before touring to India... India now is not a cheap tourist country an y more... Its the costliest tourist country with little tourist spots, located thousands of miles away and need more than million dollar to tour India....
DJ Bavmorda (8 days ago)
Awful video, clearly not researched at all. I simply used Booking.com to search for Aukland and Marrakech and would have a better chance at finding cheap accommodation by dipping my hand into a hat full of names.
Layla Bertoune (10 days ago)
If you’re broke you stay home! Also all these are for upper middle class
Kimberly Walbridge (13 days ago)
Actually if you are actually broke you can only travel via you tube or tv lol if you are not rich but have a little extra then yes maybe lol but I get they are trying to show us more of what is more budget friendly:)thank you for letting us know
Jehoash (13 days ago)
I laughed when you said food is cheap in Auckland. You're joking mate
Juiceman Jones Games (14 days ago)
You don't know what broke is apparently.
John 117 (14 days ago)
Travel to supermarket but don't buy anything
GoldenWolf DJ (15 days ago)
Lisbon was shipper before, now go to england or portugal its almost the same to stay, if you go a week yah you dont feek much but a longer time well you will feel it
Chekazo (16 days ago)
Puts an LA picture on arizona 😂😂😂 nope aint trusting this video for shit
12Inch Rasta Spliff (16 days ago)
Tourist or Foreigner in another country I don't think you're getting a discount
Jon Astrope (17 days ago)
Auckland NZ??? NZ has a huge cost of living! Who was smoking crack when they thought Auckland is cheap!?
O. 42 (18 days ago)
just to let you know that Varna is not so cheap. One trip to there is the same price like Greece/ Turkey/ Italy and so on ... anyway- nice video
zadose (18 days ago)
I want to go to all these places, but I gotta work and go to school ;( fuck my life fuck it!
Cry Rose (19 days ago)
What? Medellin is not pronounced however he did it smh
Lucky Strike (19 days ago)
How can you travel if you're broke that means you travel for free dosen't make sense
ken wesaw (19 days ago)
Mississippi !!!
Tihema Stewart (19 days ago)
No way nz is fkng exspensive
H S (20 days ago)
POrto in Portugal is much more cheapper than Lisbon, around 20% cheaper
Lillithe Noir Muahdib (20 days ago)
Cuba, Crete Greece, Bali, I need to get to🤗
blackpool321 (21 days ago)
Don't go to Marrakech if you're gay ,you'll end up arrested and put in jail .
George Evangel (21 days ago)
I was in Aruba and warned not to go to Columbia by my travel agent because of the crime
Alexander Voltaire (21 days ago)
People so broke can’t afford food, they beg to buy a maroochan soup in Brooklyn and can’t even afford a train ride for $2. How they gonna afford a $2000 airline ticket to Auckland? Some stupidity just never goes away.
Jaxx Brat (22 days ago)
Still gonna avoid Columbia
Kimberly McCloud (22 days ago)
awesome video!!!! I just traveled to Japan from America for under $100!!!!! Use this awesome video to help you learn how to do it too!!!!!! https://bit.ly/2JNzYuP What do you have to lose?? Why not save the money if your looking to travel anyway!
g.e. g.e. (23 days ago)
Medellin not Medelin. Oh Ahhhhhhhrizona, I love Arizona.
Swnsasy _ (23 days ago)
Did he say Medellin haha... Too cute.. Medayeen!
Omari Shields (25 days ago)
If you are really broke you have to keep your ass at home.
Liliana Garcia (26 days ago)
If you broke, you should not be worried about traveling. Get it together first.
David Legge (27 days ago)
Auckland is stupid on steroids for prices
Tomnator Tomnator (28 days ago)
Broke people don’t travel. Airfare ain’t cheap
Angry Beavor (28 days ago)
In a van down by the river!!!!
Carmen Peters (29 days ago)
Who the hell wants to go to Machu Picchu?
Kouki Kawta (30 days ago)
For us Moroccan Marrakech is more expensive than Spain 😂😂 bulshit
Dax Stevens (1 month ago)
Learn to pronounce things And include some general prices, otherwise this list is useless
W Benn (1 month ago)
No way I’m going to morocco
stephanie ellis (1 month ago)
Auckland isn’t cheap at all this video is bullshit
Victor Vasconcelos (1 month ago)
That photo is from North Korea, Ryu-Gyong Hotel is right there on the left.
Tech49 (1 month ago)
“Broke” more like Not a Millionaire Ye.. but still have a lot of money
Kimmy The Coffee Cat! (1 month ago)
ayyyye Cuba 💛
Nextdoor Native (1 month ago)
Don’t come to Auckland if you’re broke.. especially not Auckland
Ari W (1 month ago)
Really need to work on enunciation
freakyflow (1 month ago)
Palawan Phillippines is not cheap If your a westerner prepare to be charged more money because you will automatically be seen as a rich American that does not know the rates of food, hotel and Cab/trike/jeepney You need to fly to Manila then a flight to the Island and then a bus to your hotel If you are staying in Manila you run the risk of being robbed While holding a cell phone, gold rings/ chains Brand name shoes shirts sun glasses Hotel cost in Palawan have raised over the last few years Phillippines has over 7,000 islands Why go to one that cost the most next to Boracay Cebu is cheaper and less money to get to Food is cheap and hotels not as much ..When in Phillippines People from the west Need to stay in the central and northern parts Heading south into ISIS land is not advised Your best bet is go with someone from there to show you around and watch videos of places you would like to see
Aman phanju (1 month ago)
im not superman and im broke couldnt afford flight too ?
jack creley (1 month ago)
I find it difficult to take travel advice about cities the person giving the advise can't pronounce.
theglobalsoul k1 A (1 month ago)
What big bs,,, I been to all of the, and there is nothing ever for free
yukisuperstylish (1 month ago)
South Korean isn't cheap nor expensive like Europe but you can't dine in a 5 star dinner for cheap xD
Lisa Williams (1 month ago)
To work. You travel to work when you are broke.
Pamela Travis (1 month ago)
Are they forgetting how expensive the flights are? This is considered part of the vaca money. A HUGE part!
Larry Reyes (1 month ago)
It’s not med-Lin Smfh it’s med-g -ene pronunciation
Laki Faamamafa (1 month ago)
go broke in Auckland and you will end up on the street begging for money haha
Abanda Gypsy (1 month ago)
I’m a traveler and have been for years and not too many places are cheap to travel to... Unless you have a friend who’s let you share their space.
Steve Myers (1 month ago)
Sarah I. (1 month ago)
Sure buddy! Just pay for my plane tickets and I’m good to go 😝
Gary Williams (1 month ago)
If you are broke, you shouldn't be traveling.
fireson23 (1 month ago)
I would never go to Arizona in the summer. That place is hoter than Hell.
Ash C (1 month ago)
You might be broke but looking up the correct pronunciation of Marrakech, Medellin and Angkor Wat is free. I omitted Auckland because I've given up hope that Americans will ever learn to say Auckland properly.
Jenny Molina (1 month ago)
Medellin is pronounced MedeGin
Island Hopper TV (1 month ago)
Auckland is so expensive is this a joke?
Island Hopper TV (1 month ago)
Auckland is so expensive is this a joke?
Stephanie Judah (1 month ago)
Cuba is expensive. Their currency that tourist have to use is the same value as the Euro.
thomas (1 month ago)
LoL your tittle is broke or broken.
daughterofKing1 (1 month ago)
C'mon yanks, chill! Propaganda by trump against n. Korea!
daughterofKing1 (1 month ago)
Bali cheap??? Morons! Especially with their fraud filthy greedy taxi drivers!
Michelle Phillip (1 month ago)
I think the title should be " 16 affordable places to travel if you're on a budget" because you cant travel if you're broke!! unless there are different levels of brokeness!
Your Pal (1 month ago)
this is the dumbest video ever
Ross Potts (1 month ago)
@1:50, I believe its pronounced Me-de-yeen. 2 L's make a 'y" sound.
Fukurokuju (1 month ago)
This video is ridiculous. Starting at number 1... I have been to Auckland 5 times and it is VERY expensive.
Jazeapokergod A (1 month ago)
Travel your ass to the employment office...lol
Bruce V (1 month ago)
Angkor Wat is a HINDU temple, although both buddhism and Hinduism originate from India.
Carrie Moore (1 month ago)
If you are able to travel, I don't give a damn what anyone says, you ARE NOT broke. True broke means you don't even have the means to do more than pay your bills and food, if you're even lucky enough to do be able to do that, so there's no chance of saving. And I definitely don't want to hear "you're not trying hard enough, you can save a little bit here and there".
Tia Sofia (1 month ago)
How much is the food and travel in Morocco? Is it expensive Marrakech?
Stephanie Jenkins (1 month ago)
Auckland isn't that cheap by New Zealand standards
Clarice Amor (2 months ago)
Where can I travel to with $1.99?
Louie Boyes (2 months ago)
Are you for real?
Fly Ni (2 months ago)
This is bullshit.. How the fuck can you afford a 2,500 flight to New Zealand if your broke? 🖕🏻
Alina Jenkins (2 months ago)
Morocco is a cheap country period
MyMrRasta (2 months ago)
I live in NZ, it’s expensive here so stop Lying!!!
I can't decide betwixt Medullun and Maracheck.
Travel Richie (2 months ago)
Thanks. I need I check out the other 13 places.
Mike Ikeda (2 months ago)
As usual, these people don't know what they are talking about. He can't even pronounce some of the names of the destinations so I know he has never been there. Southeast Asia is great. Avoid Vietnam with it's rude, lying and cheating people. The food is really overrated too. Try, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia. A side trip to Myanmar is also great and although I don't drink beer, Myanmar makes the best beer by far. He mentioned crime in Thailand. Sure, do some drugs, get drunk and bring a hooker back to your room. You will get robbed or maybe killed. Or go to Thailand's Full Moon Party on Koh (Island) Phangan and accept a drink from a stranger. Wake up robbed, raped or never wake up. So the bottom line is this: to avoid crime, stay away from the drugs and sex scene and stay sober. There is a safe way to find sex so ask if curious. One last tip, if going to Myanmar (Burma), bring PRISTINE US dollars or Euros. No marks, folds, creases, not even a small pen mark. You can exchange money in Bangkok and get a visa there in 48 hours. Safe travels.
Johana Mejia (2 months ago)
People calm the fuck down with the whole "you don't know o what broke is...." shit like i understand the guy meant if you aren't rich. Like seriously people take everything up the ass.
Oregon's Lonewolf (2 months ago)
I hear people say they can't afford to travel and are broke. Think about that when you buy things you don't really need. I live very simply but have my priority on travel instead of keeping up with the Jones and do so every year. You can too if you just sacrifice a little and keep that simple cell phone that works instead of buying the newest on that came out just as an example.
Oregon's Lonewolf (2 months ago)
Crime isn't that bad in Bangkok but head to Chaing Mai for the most relaxing and Thai culture rich environment. Pattaya will blow your mind and is really FUN on New Years. My hotel for 14 days in a 4 star hotel in 3 cities was only $630 during peak season!! You can eat and live like a king for just $25 a day but you can do just fine of $15 if you are frugal. PI plane tickets are NOT cheap during peak season at $1500 RT. Rainy icky season can be had for $700 though. I went during peak season and my entire trip, doing it rock star style was $2200 for 14 days.
Jorge Cajas (2 months ago)
Korean food is expensive So if you go don't think you are going to save money. Lodgging might not be too expensive in some places. Not all of them.
Jennifer (2 months ago)
You need to stop showing the elephant in Cambodia because elephant are abused and made to give tourist rides. Elephants should be in the wild not rode on or feed by humans.
Matt Nelson (2 months ago)
If you are broke, don't travel, but work more. This is the problem. Everyone wants benefits but does not want to do the work.
koleab (2 months ago)
Auckland....what a joke. Airfare will cost you 1000s to get there from U.S. AND Machu Pcichu is one of the most expensive places to get to and visit...just check airfare and hotels!! !
JEET MEHTA (2 months ago)
Angkor wat is Hindu temple
Maria Bortnikova (2 months ago)
I live in Europe , do you even know how much tickets to Canada/Peru cost? pff
Haleemah Saida (2 months ago)
Madrid does not belong on the list

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