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Exclusive Interview! Corey Feldman Talks Acting & Directing @ HorrorCon UK's 'Something Wicked' 2019

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Corey Feldman Talks Acting & Directing @ HorrorCon UK's 'Something Wicked' 2019 Our final exclusive guest interview from this year's HorrorConUk 'Something Wicked' needs no Introduction. From The Lost Boys & The Burbs, to The Goonies, Stand By Me & Gremlins, Corey Feldman is one of the most recognisable faces in 80's cinema. Having worked with the best of the best, and appearing in some of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, we were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with Corey and ask him a few questions about the industry, acting, what makes a good director and ofcorse HorrorConUK! As always a massive thank you goes out to the incredible management at HorrorConUK for making this once in a lifetime opportunity possible. Follow Slimehouse on Instagram @theo_cane_slimehouse http:www.facebook.com/slimehousetv
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Text Comments (11)
Miley kentta (25 days ago)
I went where stand by me was filmed at. And you and gordie are my favorite characters stll IM OBSESSED WITH THE MOVIE
Terrorpixels (29 days ago)
Top questions and nice edits, kept my eyes happy.🙌
Terrorpixels (29 days ago)
Big ups.🔥🙌👑
Iwon (1 month ago)
Con artist! Where is all the money corey? Where is the money???? Corny Fraudman! King of Poop 💩
katy bangert (1 month ago)
Brilliant questions and answers 👏👏👏
MrJpb2000 (1 month ago)
This is absolutely amazing...well done for asking some quality questions Theo. Still cannot believe it! Corey Feldman!! 😵😵😵
SLIME HOUSE (1 month ago)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
Pizarro's Pieces (1 month ago)
Love it bro...quality!
SLIME HOUSE (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching bro glad you like it!
jackc1992 (1 month ago)
Legendary actor right there! Actually seemed like he gave a shit even tho he had a mad busy day by looks of it! Big up theo on the hard graft.
SLIME HOUSE (1 month ago)
Respect bro, yes was not easy to get with such a busy schedule so we felt extremely lucky to be able to speak with him. Absolute legend!

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