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The day I sold my ENTIRE Retro Gaming Collection (TheGebs24)

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Adán Ugarte (21 days ago)
Se nececitan un par de cojones bien puestos para hacer lo que ella hace 😲 Mis respetos para Gemma
MrMcrickyb1983 (1 month ago)
I did the same thing with my dreamcast collection, regretted it and on buying it bk for a lot more money 😥 wont be selling ever again
Neo Rain (1 month ago)
Never had massive collections like you so it never bugged me selling off my previous gen consoles and games when the new generation would come out but recently been picking up all the gear I offloaded in my youth and am amazed that you can pick it up relatively cheaply if you look hard enough.
Ben Woodcock (2 months ago)
That is one massive sacrifice....... A shame you couldn't stay in the US too, although not that you smashed back onto our shores. I'm hoping to join some family in USA soon. Resident Evil has imparted in me a love for guns. (As well as for cranks, car batteries, and small potted plants...) Glad you could get right back into it, and seem not to be missing any important pieces. I thinned out my library a few years back, as was expecting more from downloadable and emulatirs, but did keep on to the essentials. I'm prob gonna have to get Tenchu 2 again, and No One Lives Forever is better with a control pad. Some massive games from my youth that absolutely must play again at some point, such as Zelda link to the past, Soul Blazer, and Gaemon on n64. Doom, first thing did when first got a pc, is not quite up to browser streaming yet. But Underneath a Steel Sky, Dungeon Master and Prince of Persia are lined up for Christmas holidays. So many more from Atari and commodore that Nintendo has kindly sent back into the bin of history. Thanks go to all of you on youtube for being our voice in modern market, and for keeping the old titles alive.
Ann Takamaki (2 months ago)
Reminds me of the time i lost my job and was running out of money so i had no choice but to sell my entire collection ps 1 thru 3, my n64, gamecube even my genesis and had quite a bit of games for each but at the end of the day its either have a roof over my head or be out in the streets so i did what i had to do.
jai mal au derrier (2 months ago)
Iv sold my collection off lots of times and had to start again when the hunger has kicked in! I have managed to wean myself of collecting by accepting that with a wife and 3 kids there's better things I can spend our cash on plus I now emulate anything I want to play on my modded Xbox, I have a 500GB drive in it stuffed with Nostalgia. Its much more satisfying as I find collecting and having a collection actually causes me anxiety and now I feel free from that burden. Sell it all and emulate and I promise you will never look back and you may even find you play the games more emulated than you did when you owned the original hardware and/or games!
Atom -88 (2 months ago)
Just over A year ago I found your channel when I stumbled across this video. 👍On all the amazing content that you have created ever since🤘. 👍🤘❤️
TheGebs24 (2 months ago)
Atom -88 Thnk you so much Atom
Michael Anderson (5 months ago)
Sell the consoles yes and the games that are not of interest to you but never sell those games that are near and dear to your heart
NintendoFainter (6 months ago)
This would kill me if i sold my games i have never sold a game
Nathan Hannan (7 months ago)
Richard Rico (7 months ago)
All that and you don't tell us how much you sold it all for????
atomiswave1971 (8 months ago)
I have a fair collection. I would lose my identity if I sold it. What would I do with the money? Your a unique kind of gal talking the way you do, buying all the stuff that I would love to have myself. My friend traded in a Japanese Saturn collection against a brand new PSP at launch. I think his collection would be worth 5k now lol. I doubt the PSP he had is worth 50p.
Retro Tech Select (8 months ago)
As a kid, I had to sell all my old games every time a new one came out. As I grew into an adult, I continued the practice of selling or trading any console/collection I hadn't touched in more than a month. I wouldn't call myself a collector now, as I still buy games with a focus of what I want to play, but I've stopped trading or selling anything that I have interest in. If the game is hot garbage, sure - away it goes. I just found myself missing old consoles and games too often and decided to break the cycle of buy, sell, and rebuy.
Richard Berry (8 months ago)
I'm a bit befuddled at why you're getting thumbs down marks... Meh, whatever.
CJWarlock (8 months ago)
AFAIR I didn't sell anything retrocomputer-ish I got except 2 Amiga accelerators (1 Blizzard 040/50 and 1 Apollo 040/40) ca.15 years ago. My first C64 after it got broken to the FBR state - got desoldered and its PCB was hanging displayed on my wall. Components were stored. Nowadays I see it was a smart move to keep and store these items "because one day I might wanna use it or help my friend with it and I might need it ad hoc". I like the comfort of just picking up a joystick I like etc. :)
Adrian Oneil (8 months ago)
Interesting story I sold a n64 for £15 because I thought the picture was terrible little did I know that it was because I was using RF 🤣 nice too see a YouTuber from my neck of the woods (Lake District)👍
Craig Glover (9 months ago)
Sacrilege 😣 but I've done it too and regret it.
nate (9 months ago)
i've never heard about anyone selling their retro gaming collection and not getting back into it eventually. Its a terrible decision every time. Just keep it because its guaranteed that you will want it back eventually.
lil j (9 months ago)
Is jess female?
Greg Morton (9 months ago)
Selling everything is the best way to move.  If you really want something, you can get it again.  Sometimes I miss my Dreamcast but, when you let go, you can create new memories!  Watching channels like yours is good therapy!
RoryZ23 (9 months ago)
Gorgeous collection and gorgeous collector!
Justin Boza (9 months ago)
Sold my collection a while back to buy a 360 and totally regret it. My collection now is bigger now, but there are still a few games I haven't yet replaced. Also, sorry about our county's backwards ways over here regarding same sex couples and green cards.
Dr D-PAD (9 months ago)
I had a large collection of nes, SNES, n64, Dreamcast and gameboy stuff. Sold it all when I was around 19 when I stopped playing and would rather go out drinking. Now I’m 35 and miss it all. I collect slowly now and just build up nostalgia. Have a good collection but not as big.
zombee38 (10 months ago)
Sold my N64 games (50+ games), sold my PSP games 20 games and some fillers on other systems...more to come I dont miss what so far I had sold...so Im fine !
Overlord Alfredo (10 months ago)
Wow all the stuff poping up and flying around is like a selling TV channel... so annoying! And I honestly would never trust someone you decided to sell ones entire collection of games and "suddenly started to miss it". *What did she expect to happen?!* For me this is very suspicious: someone selling everything and rebuilding it even bigger in less than 5 years...? There seems to be a lot more of the finacial aspect involved into video game collectiong here than true passion about collecting itself and actually love to play the games...
Richard Rico (7 months ago)
Same here...something about just having them now as an adult because I didn't have all of the stuff in my collection as a kid.. Don't play them at all really but I enjoy seeing them and just having them. Anyone that goes into my little office/gameroom is always like "wow, awesome" when they see my small collection of Sega, Nintendo, Jason Voorhees and bartop arcade.
LE REDDIT COMMANDER (8 months ago)
I collect but barely play anything that is not fire emblem. Yes, i play the occasional mario, dk, sonic, pokemon, but never go back to my old games. I dont even know why i collect, maybe its just a trauma of getting everything i couldnt get when i was a kid? I donno man.
Michael Bowen (10 months ago)
I just love watching these channels thank you for sharing maybe one day I'll have to send you photos of what consoles and their games I have.
JasonVoorhees10100 (10 months ago)
in a sense the impressiveness of some1s collection comes down too time. when they have it how long they put into building it. the value then vs the value now etc. how much invested. never sell ur collections too a store ffs sell too collectors.
MC Zappa (10 months ago)
Can you sub to me, please?
Sociopathos (10 months ago)
If you're an arcade collector, you can sell it with no problems because these days we have groovymame...
Paul Deakin (11 months ago)
Gemma, great story and I feel your pain :-( Are you still hoping to end up in the US eventually then? Never forget when my brothers somehow talked me into selling almost all of my old games etc for a pittance. Haven't looked at what's left since as I can't bare to discover what gems I lost. Crazy I know but one day I'll pluck up the courage and rediscover what's left of my collection.
WorldWalker23 (11 months ago)
in 2004 sold my Atari jag, Philips cdi. factory condition complete amiga cd32, Panasonic 3do, a mess load of snes and nes, Dreamcast, megadrives, master systems, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800. Steel Battalion on xbox, Projector and loads more things I cant remember. I lost my job in the games industry when it was so expensive to make games in the UK compared to the USA. The weak pound is better for some things than a strong one that we had back then. So fab to see another girl collector on here. My new collection is tiny but the PSP side is building fast. Its so cheep right now xx
Never selling my shit, especially now thanks for the video!
TheCybernatoruk (11 months ago)
I sold all my Mega Drive/SNES/Master System and Neo Geo collection to pay off my credit card so I could move to Germany. I am still kicking myself. Had some great titles like Splatterhouse 2 and turtles in time. At the time 2005 it was the right thing to do. I picked up a foreign language, lived abroad etc. But now the prices have gone up so much I don't bother collecting for them. Well Super Famicom imports. Mostly emulate them now.
Space Monkey (11 months ago)
I lost £2000 on a bet a couple of years ago and had to sell off a good part of my CIB SNES collection to regain some cash, there was a mint condition chrono trigger, breath of fire 3 and many many other gems, it was very upsetting but had too be done. Since then I've vowed never to sell any of my games. My collection is now bigger and better than ever, the rarest games I now own now are CIB Demons Crest and a very rare UK copy of Super Metroid in a small box with typo printing error on the back.
Hetkanookanders (1 year ago)
i stlill have my collection but don,t play that often because iam married and have two kids. but i save my retro collection for my kids, you should do this to!
iamjedi06 (1 year ago)
...i clicked the vid to hear about video games being sold! --> but instead i get a plug about same sex who gives a fuck!? really? smh, thumbs down
Paul Carden (1 year ago)
I've had and sold a few consoles over the years but I regretted selling my Atari Jaguar most. I recently got one again and absolutely love it. There were a lot of bad games made for it but the good games like Doom, Tempest 2000 and Iron Soldier are awesome. I miss the odd game from the Sega Saturn, Game Gear, CD32 and SNES, but the Jaguar was the system I really loved.
Jose the artist (1 year ago)
I had to sell my copy of Pokemon pearl(my mom made me) I had gotten all the legendary Pokemon and my entire team had been in their late 70s level wise. It was so I could buy Lego batman which I world on for the next 3 years and got 100 % completion. God opens doors!
Fair play to Jess for ensuring you got back into what you loved apart from her company.
P Ferreira (1 year ago)
My dad sold our Amiga 500+ back in the late 90s. It proved to be a mistake he later regretted as it was in really good condition.
Andreas Parker (1 year ago)
This story warms my heart! When love is right, when love is true, we do what we gotta do. ❤️ As far as collecting goes... I did have quite a few unboxed NES-games. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to hang on to for dear life, so I sold 'em for 400 euro. Pretty good deal, as most games were given to me for free... I do have a decent CD collection. Again, nothing extraordinary but the amount of time I put in getting the albums prevents me from ever parting with them. I'll get buried with them! Again, awesome story, Gemma! Thanks for sharing.
Alex Williams (1 year ago)
Wow you love games and your a lesbian! I'm in heaven
Andre Eichstedt (1 year ago)
Hi, Great Video and Story. I am good, I never sold anything from my Games. 85% of my Retro Games, I own still from my childhood. If you like check my channel out for some game collection Video for snes etc. Thank you Andre ;-)
djdeus (1 year ago)
I had to rebuild my collection three times before my current one. The first collection which was Atari, Vectrex, Game N Watches and other stuff from the early eighties was lost in a storage unit which my mom didn't pay for. I was a kid in middle school at the time in the mid eighties. The second collection which was all Nintendo, TurboGrafx, Sega, I sold to pay my way through college. Third was primarily Sony PSP, PS1 PS2 PS3 and a mixture of the two previous collections which I sold to move my family out to Colorado. My fourth collection still exists, although I pared down a TON of common carts for Nintendo and Sega. I still have a basement and a master bedroom full of games downstairs. Rebuilding is always fun because each journey is different from the rest. This fourth one so far is the best journey yet, as I was able to find a TON of stuff I grew up on.
TheAshevillian (1 year ago)
Gave my SNES & my entire game collection to a friend back when the Wii Virtual Console came out. Wish I never did that!
Bonus B Music (1 year ago)
Awesome video, I really enjoyed your story :)
Rando Logic (1 year ago)
Kind of goes against the message when you have a green screen showing a game collection...
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
LMFAO! Jealous of my insane gaming collection? *Hands you the tissues XD XD XD
tomtom vicky (1 year ago)
Yep, way back I  sold my cib Atari VCS collection (300 games), 2 games included were worth $2500 each, but I didn't know. Mind you, the  collection went for GBP 1500 in 2004, so not bad really.
Rich lePik (1 year ago)
I sold my childhood gaming collection - megadrive, game boy original and colour, saturn, ps2, (my ps1 got borrowed and subsequently disappeared off the face of the earth), and N64 - all with loads of games, about a year or so ago. I do wish I had them still but I found playing them on flat screen hd tvs just made them look awful and I didn't have the space at the time for crt tvs. I'm now holding onto my ps3 and xbox one but really miss the nintendo and sega gaming I grew up with, so I may potentially build a small retro collection dedicated to those (dreamcast, gamecube etc) :)
Sal khan (1 year ago)
Do you have a sony bvm?
furballbear (1 year ago)
Grow up, sell your game collections, embrace emulation and get a real job. Making monetized YouTube videos about old video games isn't much of a future.
Ryuko Chan! (1 year ago)
you should have ran away with someone from Japan, retro games are so cheap there, mostly loose though but hey, games are games, it's all fun to me
Ryuko Chan! (1 year ago)
you should, there are so many games we never got here, and some are even translated in english for the chinese market, rare finds now but they are out there
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Simon Senpai Alternatively I could pay a visit to Japan 😂
Paul Bj (1 year ago)
My wife says your the perfect match for me, calls me a holder lol, feel for you and the lost
Social Justice Goblin (1 year ago)
I know that feeling. I had been collecting since 1994, had a huge collection (3000+ pieces). My ex wife and I broke up so I had to sell the game collection to pay for a new roof and flooded bathroom, so we could sell the house to move on in the relationship. I don't regret it. I have since rebuilt the collection including two arcade machines. your story help me realize I wasn't the only one.
Joel Andrews (1 year ago)
i watched the video entirely, tell me your best price i will buy your entire collection
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Joel Andrews Not a chance
handheld gamer78 (1 year ago)
gema good video a few year s back I was having financial problems I sold my entire collection of PSP games and game boy advance games just keep one gba game that was metroid fusion I m trying to get my collection back where it was some games I can't find and if I finded it's expensive I regret that but life goes on good video and topic too.
Chrismo Chewa (1 year ago)
Hey @TheGebs24, what's that sick intro beat? I know it's from youtube made for youtubers to use... thx
beezor69 (1 year ago)
I am 53 years old so every OG Nintendo I traded or sold could have been my retirement not to mention games from every other system in the past 40 years that got rid of for "the next big thing ". By the way I'm glad you have your hobby back and i looooove your videos! Cheers you foxy bird!!
BronzeBullBalls (1 year ago)
Same sex couples are not allowed to get green cards?....in 2017. Meanwhile, the 55 year old millionaire can bring his 19 year old Ukrainian mail order bride over with no problems. Yeah, America is the shining beacon of liberty all right.
BronzeBullBalls (1 year ago)
Oh, I guess that makes much much more sense then... lol Like, I can understand not letting black people use public washrooms in the 1950s.. that makes sense too.
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
BronzeBullBalls This story was from 2011.
ll Ridley ll (1 year ago)
I also sold my collection in 2011. For 15,000 dollars
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Sweet. I'd never sell anything of mine again after I sold my first collection in 2011
Crimson Ghost (1 year ago)
I had to sell off most of my collection before my son was born. We didn't have the room. Luckily I have been slowly getting it back. I was thrilled when I re-purchased Crusader of Centy. It was my original copy and had my save games still on it.
lumpy368 wrath (1 year ago)
Back when Mortal Kombat 10 came out, I got rid of my most of my games except NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.  I'm not a collector, but was a little bit of a gamer.  They made MK 10 for only the newest systems, and I only had the Xbox console before the newer system.  Needless to say I wasn't too pleased with the gaming industry forcing people to buy the new systems in order to play MK 10 or other titles.  Took my Playstation and Xbox games and consoles to 2nd and Charles and sold everything.  Don't regret it one bit.  Staying with the older titles, and that is it.
Lillie Thai (1 year ago)
I sold some of my favorite expenses megaman games collection of x1,x2,x3 super nes. I miss its.
Paul Holt (1 year ago)
Just came across your channel gave ya a sub yes I sold my mega drive collection and mega CD for modern gaming stuff big regret I hate call of duty and halo never got it back but do have a emulation Xbox with all the old arcade games like aliens and xmen mega drive and SNES stuff on it
Cel 80 (1 year ago)
I love you
Chad Pike (1 year ago)
how much did you get from sell all your game's?
Chad Pike (1 year ago)
how much did you get from sell all your game's?
Chris Davis (1 year ago)
damn she's a milf ;)
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
You should be offended yourself for showing ridiculous immaturity. Honestly grow up and makes your comments count if you want to interact with a YouTuber!!
Chris Davis (1 year ago)
TheGebs24 geez someone had hatorade today. all I ment was that you are very pretty, sorry if I offended you.
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Chris Davis It's "compliments". 😂😂 You can't spell
Chris Davis (1 year ago)
TheGebs24 I guess someone can't take complements
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Chris Davis Get fucked
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
My wife divorsed me in 2012, I spent all our savings on a boxed virtual boy and a mint copy of Chrono trigger for snes, we had no money for christmas, I sold my daughters present (would of been her first bike) so the kids got nothing except tears that day... no regrets, Ive now completed my virtual boy set now.
Zardinen (1 year ago)
I sold of my older generation stuff to my sister when I went on to buy the new consoles, I'm regretting it so damn much. Selling nes to get snes, Alot of games for a fraction of what I could get now (And I had alot of uncommon to rare titles for European / SCN collectors) Same with n64 and PS1.... But after I sold the n64 games and bought gamecube I started looking back and realized I was a complete dumbass cause the nostalgia hit me hard. Also, I'm sorry that you couldn't get a greencard for staying in the US, is the laws any different now and would you concider it again?
Arcade Freak 2016 (1 year ago)
man I am so glad you met Jess if it weren't for her you may not be where you are and I love the channel so I'm happy
Arcade Freak 2016 (1 year ago)
TheGebs24 I actually watch every single episode I was just going through the backlog of I told you my real name you would possibly remember comments I have made in older vids
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
Thank you. Check out some newer videos :D
Arcade Freak 2016 (1 year ago)
TheGebs24 I agree I just thank God you came back to YouTube I love the content
TheGebs24 (1 year ago)
I would completely be where I am. Obviously I wont go in to personal details but both of us would be a lot further in life if we had not made dumb decisions to sell everything
acdc09 (1 year ago)
After my ex left me with bills that I did not know about and my car was falling apart and I needed to get a new one, I had to sell most of my small collection to make ends meet. Over time I have worked on a larger collection now but a few games that I had are too expensive to get again since they have gone up in price. Also, I have grown a nice size movie collection as well. I've never had a girlfriend since then either.
misfit2519 (1 year ago)
You should take your "rupee in the satchel" to India for some actual rupees. 🙂
SPBN0VA (1 year ago)
Since when do females have interest in other things besides their looks lol So far i remember, women think youre weird if u collects figures or games. I need to find me a woman like you.
Gotu Umraniya (2 years ago)
I do not know the mentality behind sealed collection and buying games but no interest to ever play it. I do not live in a country where new systems are under 500, here its 40k, but even if I was living in western country, the only reason I would buy games I would not play would be to let those games be played by my would be children. even if I was the richest man on world, I would not care about any system or game that I would not play or something that would not be played by the family.
HUYI1 (2 years ago)
been there done it and regret it, never again, my collection will stay with me forever :)
Dave Imagamegeek (2 years ago)
I'm always buying and selling stuff , usually when it's cheap and use the money for stuff I'm going to play . There only games . Always keep my favourite systems .
Heroic Defeat (2 years ago)
I could get rid of every title I own. But I would NEVER sell Bucky O'Hare for Nes. Its the rental copy I had as a child. When the store shut down my parents bought it as I would rent it every weekend.Luckily I never sold a thing...Unless the game sucked of course. No horror stories. Just buying everyone elses childhood games now lol.
Linn Simms (2 years ago)
4 years ago I had 585 nes games, 376 atari games, the entire nintendo power collection along with untold amounts of other retro gaming items. I ended up selling it all to pay bills and Christmas for the children. It was definitely worth it to keep the family afloat! Today, I've been back in the game for 2 years and have restocked about 3/4 of it all. It's nice to be back but I would sell it all for the family again in a heart beat! ;)
R.G. Stentje (9 months ago)
Gaj B i think collecting is not necessarily about playing the games for the people that collect hardware. Maybe it's nostalgia too. Cause people collect records while they can get all music online
1sonyzz (9 months ago)
you had but now you dont so nobody interested anymore
Rodney Huang (11 months ago)
Emulation is near perfect for the 16/8bit systems. It is a waste of money to collect for those as emulators are practically 99% like the real thing. However for systems like the n64, og xbox, ps2 , and ps1, those systems dont have very good emulators. With the wii you can run games off a usb drive, and very easy to do, and also the wii has one of the worst disc drives that die easily, so collecting for it is risky. For the ps2 you can just soft mod and play your games off a hard drive, waste of money collecting for this system. For the n64 it is worth collecting because the emulators are still underdeveloped, still a lot of documentation that cant be obtained to make it work well, and also flash carts for the n64 has the wrong voltage for the n64, a mismatch that will eventually kill your system. Therefore, given these two reasons buying the real games for the n64 is really worth it and the n64 is probably the most reliable system ever made and since games are carts they will last pretty much forever. You can get a modded ps1 cheap or mod it yourself, so collecting for ps1 is also a waste of money. The dreamcast can play burned games without modding, for certain models so collecting for that is a waste of money also if you have the model that can play burned games. The og xbox can be soft modded to play burn games as well, so waste of money collecting for it. Ps3 and xbox 360 have many jailbreaking a modding options but it is more complicated for the general population so maybe it will suit more people to actually collect for these. You need soldering skills to mod your xbox 360 though, for the ps3 you can soft mod it. Dont know about the collectible aspects of the ps4 and xbox one yet. But the fact that these are all mostly disc based consoles collecting for them is not as valuable as with a cartridge system. I would say collecting disc based games are not as valuable as cartridge based games. Discs are cheap, not very durable and it is an element of a very flawed system, the optical disc drive. I believe, ps4 and xbox one maybe be the last gen to use disc based media. Digital is superior in many ways. In conclusion, the only system really worth collecting for is the n64 for these reasons: (1) emulators cant replace the n64, (2) n64 is the most reliable system ever made, (3) games are cart based not disc based, disc based consoles will all die due to the optical disc drive, carts are pretty much forever, (4) flash carts will kill your n64 eventually due to voltage mismatch, and (5) many games for the n64 age well, not even current gen or any gen for that matter can render a lot of n64 games obsolete. Dont collect just to collect, consider the true value of the thing you are collecting. These 5 reasons for the n64 is what makes collecting for the n64 all that much WORTH it compared to other systems. If you are collecting just to have a youtube channel and talk about your collection to get subscribers, patreon money and free stuff, that is a different story. These people are more youtubers than actual gamers in my opinion. If I owned a retro store, youtube would be the first place I would push product and drive up prices. Just saying... Metaljesusrocks has sponsors that send him things to push product, there are more youtubers that do this too, i dont know which others yet but i do know metaljesus is one of them. Comon these guys quit their day jobs for youtube, patreon money alone is not enough to support them, they do have sponsors. Gemma is pushing for a local retro store I think. Check the links she provides. In all honesty it doesnt take that much financial backing to produce a youtube video, they say this so they can get patreon money. It is not production for a movie, all these youtubers ever spent was for the camera and audio equipment and some time maybe like 1-2 hours of their free time. Don't be so naive guys! If you want to make easy money do the same thing. Also their links most likely is attached to affliate marketing sites which give them commission for each click. Youtube has made it accessible to anyone who want to be marketers for a variety of niche markets.
Michael King (1 year ago)
The way i look at it is like this. lets say gaming is a nice car. U see a car you want to drive but are too lazy to go out and buy one so you just borrow it. U can keep borrowing it as much as you want. You can still enjoy the car but you can never say you own it or wake up in the morning and see it in your drive way. People who buy the physical copies of the games and consoles just want to own the car and see it when they arent using it.
OG LOC (1 year ago)
Gaj B. I don't want an insane collection, but I do prefer to have my favorite consoles and games in physical form because I love the history and to play it in its original form.
Yes i have sold my collections before. I am on my third collection now! My 1st i sold to party and have fun (LOTS OF FUN)! My 2nd for a woman (BIG MISTAKE)! Didn't want them cluttering up the flat. Not long after that i decided i didn't want her cluttering up the flat and gave her the sack. I'm now rebuilding my 3rd collection (LESSON LEARNED)!! I've now subscribed as i like your passion for collecting!
Fuelfoxx (2 years ago)
Never sold any of my Consoles or Games but I traded my Amiga 500 (luckily at least without the Games) and I regret it. Since Yesterday I got an Amiga 500 again!! Yes!!
Dan Rose (2 years ago)
Fuelfoxx Nice one!
Philly Joe (2 years ago)
Hi Gemma, congratulations on getting a collection back together. I'm sure a lot of other gamers have got rid of their entire collection before due to circumstance, I know I've got rid of a lot of consoles and games that i used to own due to just being skint or when I travelled the world 9 years ago I flogged most of my retro games through gritted teeth to pay for the journey. But with hard work and determination I've managed to get back the games I enjoyed both as a kid and an adult. Really enjoying the videos, keep up the great work!
Lee Holland (2 years ago)
Your games room is amazing!! =D
TheGebs24 (2 years ago)
Thanks Lee
CommodoreMax (2 years ago)
I think I've mentioned this before but I never really had a choice when part of my collection was gone. My whole Sega CD collection, God of War red PSP bundle, and some other stuff were stolen from me while I was in the process of moving. Thankfully my Snatcher, Final Fight, Panzer Dragoons and Shinobi games were in another box and were spared. It was awful. These weren't the games you could just get out and buy anymore and besides all that, I've kept all my games in mint condition by habit so it was impossible for me to find them in such good condition again. I've managed to get part of my Sega CD collection back together again finding bargains and some in really good condition. I think when you lose a collection, something happens to you and you not only want to get a prized item back, but you get more than one. Sort of like being ready this time and having a back-up just in case.
Dan Mac (2 years ago)
I just sold 5 some good games that I regret: Shining force cd, shining force 2 megadrive, soleil megadrive and panzer dragoon saga saturn
LoboStream (2 years ago)
I was going through tough times about 3 years ago, and with a wife and 2 girls I had no choice but to sell my entire collection of retro games and systems. Sold it for close to nothing because I was desperate and needed money. My collection was worth about $11k and only got $3k for it. I am now starting form scratch and regret the sale every day. You have an awesome collection by the way!
Nexus (1 year ago)
I did the same not as big as yours but lots of Arcade systems, I'm happy just using everdrives now though.
Heroic Defeat (2 years ago)
I would sell so much shit before that. I plan on melting my collection down into my casket.
Sketch RFL (2 years ago)
i sold all my retro games to get the next consoles that were coming out up until about 2013. selling my snes and dreamcast lots were especially painful seeing the prices and rarity of a lot of those games now though im slowly finding them again. im amazed i've managed to come into 500+ games and 12 consoles as of yet for not a shockingly high amount of money.
jason entwistle (2 years ago)
sold my soul to the retro gaming gods :)
Heroic Defeat (2 years ago)
I think you made the right decision :)
MegaTurtlefan (2 years ago)
a lot  of  my  retro  games  in my collection  I'm  the  first  owner  of   got  a lot  of  them  when  I  was  little..  a lot  of  my  n64  stuff   I  got  brand new  when  I  was  in  high  school..  still  have  my  org  n64  in  box  so  no  never  would  sale  any  of  those   have  sold  wii  games  before  but  nothing  older  then  that..  some  of  my  games  theres  no way  I  could  buy  them  now  there  so  much  money..and  I would  miss  them..
Oblivion (2 years ago)
Nope I have never sold any part of my collection. It would damage my inner soul :). Nah, I just would feel very bad and sad :) Respect that you caught up with collection games again! And good that you moved from Brittain to the US. With that upcoming Brexit... Greetings from your fan in Belgium.
Lord Maximus (2 years ago)
collecting can become a bit of an unquenchable addiction, with quick hits each time you buy something but it doesn't satisfy you for long. I used to enjoy games far more when I was younger when I didn't have disposable income and a much smaller amount of games. sometimes less really is more! I don't really collect anymore (anything), and if I must play an old game I don't or no longer own, i just emulate it. Feels quite liberating. I now just do copious amounts of crack to fill the void with the money I would have spent on old games.
Space Monkey (11 months ago)
Bob Cornhole Mmmmmm Crack
ll Ridley ll (1 year ago)
Lord Maximus well said my friend. Well said
The Juggler (2 years ago)
You do have a point. But I'm still a gamer. I play more ps4 and ps3 than retro. But I love playing games from my childhood. And Im glad I still own them. Collecting is an addiction. No matter what. But its still better than smoking weed every day
Bob Cornhole (2 years ago)
That's the thing with crack, it is rather moreish
Patrick Crone (2 years ago)
After being laid off in 2010, I was in dire straights. After going through all my savings, I was about to miss my mortgage payment. I didn't have a huge retro collection, not by some YouTubers standards anyway. But I had a total of 200+ games from NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 and PSOne. In a desperate move, I sold a large part of it on Ebay and Amazon. It gave me enough money to pay my bills for the month. While I lamented the loss of my collection, it wasn't something I missed too much. However, in the last few years I've been slowly buying back some of the games. It's actually been fun going to retro stores in my area and talking to other gamers about their experiences with older games. This last week I was at Game On Expo here in Arizona and was able to pic up my first couple Super Famicom games. I was also able to meet several YouTube personalities like Gamester81and Happy Console Gamer. I think if I hadn't sold so much of my collection six years ago, I would've missed out on so much of the Retro craze that seems to be going on now.
electricadventures (2 years ago)
Not so much a collection, but more items along the way eg my Jaguar, Secret of Mana for the SNES and few computers as I upgraded.
electricadventures (2 years ago)
Most definitely, but other than the Secret of Mana for the SNES (although I do have the Japanese version), I have them mostly all back again now. I think a lot of my collecting has been to get back things I let go in the past and of course the experience titles on the same systems that I never got to try back then when I had the machine originally.
TheGebs24 (2 years ago)
Do you miss them?
Eissari4 (2 years ago)
Before I started really collecting I gave most of my original consoles and games away. I didn't have massive amount of games back then but still. I regret getting rid of some of the things.
The Juggler (2 years ago)
I sold all my hip hop cds. But I kept my nes games. I really needed money back then. Luckily I wasn't not stoned enough to sell my nes games. hip hop cds aren't worth a gaddamm thing
TheGebs24 (2 years ago)
Regret is a horrible thing to feel
Xpload1989 (2 years ago)
Many many years ago we owned a SNES with many games. At some point, we 'grew out' of it (yeah, like that ever happens...) and handed it over to my younger cousins. Some years later, when I asked about it, it turned out they sold it all! That was so disappointing. Luckily, for my recent 27th birthday, my GF decided to gather some money within the family and they gave me a SNES in good condition with several of the classic games! So yeah, I'm starting my own SNES collection with all the games I remember from back in the days. =)
southover (2 years ago)
I sold Maximum force, swagman and mr bones for the saturn for a fiver each back in 1999 or so :(
TheGebs24 (2 years ago)
BoneCollector (2 years ago)
So you sold your entire collection? What will you make videos of now?
BoneCollector (2 years ago)
Yes, I based the comment before watching the video....and to get a reaction! :D
ReidCircuits (2 years ago)
back in 2011 you never watch it? was at the beginning of video.
TheGebs24 (2 years ago)
Haha no. Watch the video. I sold my FIRST COLLECTION. Yikes watch the video
slayerofthend (2 years ago)
yeah, i had to sell a skylander which i never played with before which randomly became rare. It was the most expensive thing in my collection and i never knew it. I am happy i sold it to, cause i HATE skylanders
wantsome480 (2 years ago)
I became disabled and had to sell everything I own. I sold stuff that I will never get back and it eats me up inside. I don't just collect video games. I also collect fishing lures and other stuff. I've replaced a great deal of what though.
Echobase71 (2 years ago)
I've never sold my collection as an adult, but as a kid I traded in all my Sega Genesis games to make the jump to ps1 since my parents weren't crazy about me playing video games and wouldn't get one for me. I've regretted that ever since (I had a lot of games including some pretty valuable ones like bloodlines, hyper stone heist and contra hard corps)

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